Six consecutive quarters of profit, the next quarter can continue?

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consecutive quarters profit quarter continue

Ethereum was in the past 24 The volume of trading on the two-hour exchange has decreased 30%, Increased the scarcity of Ethereum . Whether in the short term or in the long term , It seems that Ethereum is full of bullish sentiment .

After the supply and balance of Ethereum's spot volume have declined in the past few weeks , Ethereum's trading price remains at 2433 Above the dollar level , The proportion of large holders has fallen to 41% The level of .

about Doge and Link Come on , The concentration of large holders drives prices up , and As far as Ethereum is concerned , Retail dealers are more important .

At the current price level , Ethereum owners are profitable , But the overall market sentiment on the chain is bearish . In the past week , The trading volume of Ethereum ecosystem has reached 1997.5 Billion dollars , The overall market growth is positive .


The impact of current market news on the price of Ethereum is largely positive . Expect Ethereum 7 The monthly update will increase its demand . be based on skew Data show that , In the last six quarters , Ethereum's quarterly returns are all positive .


Given the current trading volume on the spot and derivatives exchanges , Ethereum's return in the next quarter is likely to be basically positive as well .

Ethereum has lost the debate with bitcoin a few years ago , And retreat to a secondary position , because Layer2 Extended solutions and top-level DeFi Projects are becoming more and more important in online activities and exchanges , The discussion of these issues has gradually become a more eye-catching topic .

Ethereum's profitability largely depends on when the concentration of large holders declines , Can withstand sales pressure .

up to now , The price has been kept at 2400 Above the dollar level , Except for last weekend's fall . Volatility and market volume are directly proportional to price , The increase in social media references is one of the driving forces behind the profitability of Ethereum owners .


According to the chart above , The integration of Ethereum has begun , After this integration and sales phase, the holding address ranges from holding 10 A Ethereum to 1000 It doesn't matter if it's an Ethereum , The size of the configuration address ranges from 10000 ETH To 100,000 ETH Unequal .

We can find out , Large holders are accumulating Ethereum , Relatively small holders are selling , The smart contract address is not included here , This activity also supports the argument that Ethereum will continue to make profits in the next quarter .

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