Boca ecology week observation: when can the first parallel chain be upgraded to statemine?

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boca ecology week observation parallel

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Boca observes for a week , It's a sort out of what happened to the whole ecology of Boca last week , At the same time, we will share some of our observations on these events in the form of vernacular . This article aims to provide information and opinions , No endorsements for any project . Any item mentioned , No investment recommendation , Just for information .

1、 Observation and viewpoint

One 、 Why Boca is so late to go online Statemine?

Last week, , According to the plan , It should have been the first parallel chain Shell Will be upgraded to Statemine. however , It's too late to upgrade , You must be in a hurry . In fact, there was a little incident ,5 month 24 Japan ,Polkadot Nodes are due to blocks 5202216 Out of memory (OOM) Wrong and fail , The authorities have taken a little time to fix the problem . We need to understand the official , After all What Boca is doing now is more complex than all blockchains in the past , And no one has ever done . Poca spent 20-50 individual ( It depends on how to calculate ) It took three years for an expert developer to come to the version with full function parallel chain , And Ethereum's full functionality costs just Gavin and Jeff For a couple of weeks .

therefore , It's like building a small house with brick concrete structure before , Now we're going to build a building out of reinforced concrete , And it's the first time that a building has been built with reinforced concrete structure , therefore The difficulty is conceivable . On the other hand , We should look at Boca's current schedule with an inclusive attitude , Because what Boca is doing is something she's never done before , So for Boca , Every step must be taken with care , Naturally, the schedule is not as accurate as the time limit for building a house , Because in reality, building is a very mature technology , There are plans and methods in advance for how to solve the situation . But Boca is different , Its update iteration , Every step needs to go through the actual installation , Then observe if Boca is working properly , If it works well , Next update , Of course, this is an ideal state . But more often , There's a little bit of a problem running , Need to improve , And then see if it works , If there is a problem, adjust it , Until it works well .

therefore , Boca officials didn't mean to delay the pace , But out of rigor , We must have no problem before we launch the function , It's also for all those involved in Boca .

Last week was also the first anniversary of Boca's main network , It's still very young , Compared with other mature projects , Its rhythm is different , Still in the process of building momentum , One year after Ethereum was launched, it was still in its infancy , therefore , There's no need to worry . at present ,Shell The chain works well ,Shell Upgrade to Statemine It should be soon , Just be patient .

Two 、 Ethereal EVM With Boca WebAssembly It's not either

Last week, , The founder of Boca Gavin The doctor was invited to attend CoinDesk Of 2021 The consensus conference , He admitted that EVM In today's blockchain development status , But it also shows that EVM and WebAssembly It's not either , We should admit that EVM The historical position and role of the Chinese Communist Party , We have to explore the possibility of the next step , And this may be for him WebAssembly.

EVM full name ,The Ethereum Virtual Machine, That's the Ethereum virtual machine , It's part of the smart contract . And the current DeFi Most of the popular applications are around EVM To build smart contracts , therefore , Many emerging public chains , such as BSC,Heco,OKExChain,NEAR etc. , And by supporting EVM To attract Ethereum developers to their own Ecology .

however EVM It's not the best solution , It is itself Gavin A basic solution developed by doctor during his stay in Ethereum , There was no proper and mature solution at that time , You can only invent one yourself EVM. But now ,WebAssembly Technology has matured (WebAssembly It's a software format , abbreviation WASM), Some mainstream public chains also began to support WASM 了 ( such as EOS).WASM comparison EVM There are many advantages , Speed and efficiency have been significantly improved , Reduce or even eliminate precompiling , This can reduce gas cost , More languages will be supported , Comparable ratio EVM A broader toolset .

Even now EVM There are a lot of first mover advantages , But Ethereum also knows that EVM The shortcomings and WASM The advantages of , therefore , Ethereum will also be EVM Upgrade to eWASM( Ethereum version of WASM), So it seems , It's the Boca layout that comes first .

Boca's thinking is clear , Both admit that EVM Achievements , therefore , Technically compatible EVM Of ( After all, originally EVM It's also Gavin Invented ), But looking to the future , So Boca is more supportive of WASM technology .

If you put EVM and WASM Think of it as a traditional oil-burning car , And new energy vehicles with electricity , So Boca's goal is to be Tesla , But it's the same as hybrid cars right now . And in Boca Ecology ,Patract Open platform , It's for Boca WASM The parallel chain of smart contract ecology and DApp Development provides solutions , We're trying to make Boca better “ tesla ” Efforts .

therefore , For the whole blockchain, the trend will start from EVM go to WASM when , How to grasp the opportunity , You can pay more attention to Patract Trend of .

3、 ... and 、 Domestic mining is under pressure , Good PoS?

Since the vice premier proposed last week to crack down on bitcoin mining and trading , Domestic miners are fleeing , Or consider moving to storage mining . And last week some mining related bans and investigations were underway , I believe there will be rain and wind in the back , Will storage and mining be spared , That's a problem . On the other hand , As we mentioned earlier , China has a legal license in Hong Kong , Funds and exchanges that can operate cryptocurrencies , But now there is also a tendency to allow only qualified investors to participate in the investment , Maybe there will be something like Hong Kong stock investment , For example, the total amount of securities account and capital account cannot be lower than RMB 50 Ten thousand yuan , How to specify , It is not known if it will be carried out , But we can feel the domestic policy tendency , It's not allowing retail investors to participate , Reduce the financial impact of cryptocurrency , At the same time, in order to achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization in China , Crackdown on power consuming bitcoin, etc PoW dig .

Is it not bright in the east , Bright in the West ,PoW It consumes a lot of energy , Basically no energy consumption PoS Would it be safer ? From the domestic policy tendency we just mentioned , Energy consumption , exactly PoS Will not be affected , for PoS It's good . But there's another level of tendency , In terms of reducing the financial impact , If the impact of cryptocurrency is still great , It is not ruled out that further detailed rules will be introduced in China , And it affects all cryptocurrencies , From this point of view PoS It's not immune . therefore , There are such expectations in , If there are further policies in the future , There's going to be more turbulence , We should make good psychological expectations .

Here are , Last week's introduction to Boca eco news , please Enjoy.

2、 Official news of Boca

【Gavin Wood:WebAssembly It's the future of smart contracts , but “ Tradition ” EVM Right in front of you 】

According to the CoinDesk news , The founder of Boca Gavin Wood stay 《2021 The consensus of 2005 》 Speaking at the conference , Admitted that EVM In today's blockchain development status .EVM There are a lot of developers and a lot of software tools , They can use them to simplify coding . Wood said , Other blockchains are catching up with those tools , therefore ,“ It's stupid to throw those away . But it's not stupid to start thinking about where the next goal is , To me, , This is going to be WebAssembly Used as a smart contract .”WebAssembly It's a software format , It can be used on the Internet , And can be easily used with a variety of software languages . It's built by big Internet companies , Available in all major browsers .

【Polkadot v0.9.3 The official launch 】

According to the official news ,Polkadot v0.9.3 The official launch , The official suggests upgrading the node as soon as possible . The upgrade introduces alternatives Polkadot On the chain wasm And code_substitute command . in addition , If it was downgraded to v0.8.30 Version of the verification node and use --execution=native command , Upgrade to v0.9.3 version --execution=native Will be removed .

【 Poca Polkadot node 5 month 24 The problem of the error of the day has been solved 】

According to the official news ,5 month 24 Japan ,Polkadot Nodes are due to blocks 5202216 Out of memory (OOM) Wrong and fail . This block contains an on chain solution for verifier election , The solution is usually calculated out of the chain , And only on the chain without submitting an off chain solution . Because of the large number of nominees , The election made Wasm Memory overflow allocated in the environment . In preparation for an update to address this issue , The verifier is required to temporarily demote its node software to include the runtime native ( Not Wasm) The previous version of the version . The native version is not affected by Wasm Constraints on memory allocators . After an hour and ten minutes of downtime , The network is back up . later , In the block 5203204 in , Several nodes due to “ Storage roots don't match ” Wrong and fail . After investigation , This is due to building the native runtime and on the chain Wasm Different compiler versions at runtime . This problem has been solved , And preventive measures have been taken to prevent recurrence in the future .

【Polkadot The network has been running for one year 】

In the last year 5 month 27 Japan , Boca starts the genesis block , After from PoA Network upgrade to PoS The Internet , It turns on the governance function , Removed sudo modular , Then the transfer function was turned on , And renamed the forehead . Now , One year has passed , We are also going to launch the most important functions of Polka , Let's look forward to the parallel chain slot auction .

【 Boca weekly :Kusama Runtime Successfully upgraded v9030, at present Shell Stable operation 】

Boca weekly shows ,Kusama The Council has voted 299 Number motion( take Kusama Of runtime Upgrade to 9030) And into a referendum , After that, the technical committee held an accelerated vote , The voting ended on Friday . at present Kusama Of runtime Has been upgraded to v9030. This upgrade adds some necessary changes to the parallel chain . After this version is upgraded ,Shell Parallel chains are stable .

3、 Ecological news

【Zenlink  Will be on-line machine gun pool products Zenlink SlotVault】

Official news , Boca ecological cross chain  DEX  agreement Zenlink On line machine gun pool products Zenlink SlotVault.Zenlink SlotVault yes Zenlink It is a machine gun like pool product designed to support more parallel chain project bidding slots and meet the needs of more non parallel chain projects participating in poca parallel chain slots . The product will allow users to choose the allocation of funds independently according to the income and participate in the crowd lending of parallel chain projects (Crowdloan), So as to obtain the multiple token income provided by the sponsor of crowdfunding and its supporting projects , Encourage more users to participate in the mass lending of parallel chain projects , Improve the success rate of parallel chain project bidding slot .

【Apron Network Release Kusama Parallel chain slot auction plan 】

Apron Network Announce that they will participate in Kusama Slot auction , Strive to provide infrastructure services for Poka ecology as soon as possible .

Kpron Network yes Apron Network Deployed in Kusama The test network on the network , Tokens, KPN,KPN Will be made by Apron Network Distribute a portion of the token in Kpron Network issue , And carry on 1:1 mapping , That is to say 1APN=1KPN,Apron Our token economy model will not change , The total amount remains the same .

【Cycan Join in Patract Open platform , Use Redspot Greatly promote the development progress of the project 】

Cycan Network And Patract Labs Achieve strategic cooperation , meanwhile Cycan Announce to join Patract Open Platform, Jointly promote public infrastructure construction and contract technology evolution , Development Wasm Contract development ecology .

【UniArts Ecological Applications Onigiri MikoShi Rice ball secret painting is officially launched 】

UniArts Launch Ecological Applications Onigiri MikoShi Rice ball painting , Will be provided based on NFT Digital dissemination of technology and derivatives trading services .

【OpenSquare Its paid Q & a community CoinAsk Fully open the high quality content incentive plan 】

OpenSquare Boca ecology is an applied blockchain product focusing on decentralized cooperation and credit construction .CoinAsk yes OpenSquare Its paid Q & a community , Support DOT/KSM Recharge .OpenSquare Welcome project parties and blockchain content creators to settle in And continue to output quality content ,OpenSquare There will be a lot of targeted incentives .

【Shiden Shell The chain has been deployed locally 】

Plasm Network The Canary network Shiden Network Tweet scale ,Shiden Shell The chain has been successfully deployed locally . Technically speaking , The team is ready to Kusama On the Internet Shiden Shell chain .

【OAK Network Won the Web3 Funding to build a quadratic voting module 】

OAK Network It's a blockchain technology company in San Francisco , Focus on the innovation of the underlying blockchain and smart contract engine . recently ,OAK Network Has successfully obtained Web3 Foundation A grant from the foundation , It is reported that this round of grants will be mainly used for Polkadot The network builds innovative crowdfunding modules , And has achieved OAK As Web3 The first milestone of the foundation's support project .

The purpose of this grant is to implement the second-party voting , This is a constrained liberal radical algorithm ( Hereinafter referred to as CLR) The general abbreviation for .

【 Boca cross chain Oracle Paralink Network Integrate Polygon】

According to the official news , Boca cross chain Oracle Paralink Network Announced integrated Ethereum expansion solution Polygon, Will provide data feed price for its chain . By providing a multi chain Oracle solution ,Paralink Allow users to choose from their Polkadot Substrate Benefit from the on chain consensus algorithm running on .

【 privacy DeFi agreement Manta Network Join Boca DAO union 】

Manta Network It's a plug and play parallel chain of privacy protection , Designed for the whole DeFi The Internet provides privacy services . Poca DAO The alliance actively promotes the application of ecological decentralization and infrastructure construction in Boca and beyond , Keep exploring DAO The new path of governance , With “Web3.0 To truly decentralize ” For the ultimate goal .

【 Poka ecological project Continuum Finance: Lightning loans and liquidity pools have been tested successfully 】

Poka ecological project Continuum Finance Tweet scale , Lightning loans and liquidity pools have been tested successfully , The platform is coming soon .

【 Boca smart contract platform Moonbeam Release Moonbase Alpha v8 edition , New set minimum gas fee 】

According to the official news ,Polkadot It is compatible with Ethereum's smart contract platform on the Internet Moonbeam Announced that its developers TestNet To upgrade to Moonbase Alpha v8. This is “Moonriver”( namely Kusama Deploy Moonbeam) Before release ,Moonbase Alpha The last major update of . In this version update ,Moonbeam The team increased the stability of the debug and trace nodes , Set the minimum gas Price , Completed the initial realization of parallel chain pledge function , And includes Moonriver Multiple other components required for publishing .

【 Darwin first network Crab Announce that they will participate in Kusama Parallel chain auctions 】

According to the official news , Darwin first network Crab Announce that they will participate in Kusama Parallel chain auctions , And auction slots in the form of crowdsourcing , This requires participants to KSM Locked in Crowdloan in 48 Zhou . Participants will get CRING、RING、NFT、BTC As a reward , The prize pool 30% Will be released immediately after the auction , remainder 70% Will be in 48 Release within weeks .

【Polkamarkets And on chain incentive agreements DAFI cooperation , Support synthetic token incentives 】

According to the official news , Boca Ecology DeFi And forecast the market Polkamarkets And on chain incentive agreements DAFI Protocol Achieve cooperation , In order to achieve the composite token incentive . This partnership will help to explore in Polkamarkets Forecast market platform DAFI The possibility of synthetic tokens .Polkamarkets Will use DAFI Synthetic tokens as a reward system for long-term users .

According to the previous report ,DAFI Protocol The first synthetic application has been launched DAFI Simulate, Users can use existing encryption assets to create dToken.DAFI synthesis dToken The first iteration of enables users to take advantage of Metamask Wallet creation synthesis dBTC、dETH、dAAVE and dLINK. synthesis dToken Will be linked to the value and needs of these compatible networks , The number will change , To create a model linked to requirements . These features will allow users to simulate DAFI Will be in 6 Pledge and social reward scheme launched in June .

4、 Ecological investment and financing

【 Boca cross the chain NFT agreement DNFT Million dollars in financing ,LD Capital Wait for the vote 】

Boca cross the chain NFT agreement DNFT Announced the completion of the million dollar financing , This round of investment institutions include LD Capital、 Candaq Fintech Group、 Water drop capital 、7 Star Capital、GD Capital、 1PAR、InnCube Crypto Capital、Win Capital、ChainUp Capital And so on .

It is reported that ,DNFT It's a new generation of cross chain based on Boca NFT agreement , Committed to cross platform realization of data assets , The goal is to develop into NFT Cross chain infrastructure in the field .DNFT Have obtained Web3.0 The ninth batch of foundations Grant、BSC Grant、Filecoin Grant And so on .

5、 Ecological cooperation

【Zenlink SlotVault Will work with  Bifrost SALP The depth of the integration , Provide the first liquidity derivatives mining product for slot auction 】

Zenlink To build the “PLO Mining ” Class machine gun pool products Zenlink SlotVault Will and Bifrost Slot auction derivatives solutions SALP The depth of the integration , Provide the first liquidity derivatives mining product for slot auction . When the , The user is in Zenlink SlotVault DApp pledge KSM/DOT Participate in Bifrost Crowdsourcing , Not only can we get a variety of benefits including parallel chain tokens , Can also release the auction lock KSM/DOT The liquidity of , To provide users with the largest crowd loan income !

【 Boca middleware platform Apron Network And Idavoll Network Achieve strategic cooperation 】

Apron Network And Idavoll Network We have reached strategic cooperation . As a service platform focusing on middleware , Use the image Idavoll Network Such decentralization across the chain DAO The agreement will enhance the community's ability to access its governance and upgrade the agreement .Idavoll Network Is the first and only cross chain DAO agreement , It allows users in different blockchain ecosystems , Token and dApp( Decentralized applications ) Interact with each other .Idavoll Network Provides a framework for real world organizations on the blockchain , To resolve disputes and act as the governing body .

【SubDAO And privacy AI Computing networks PlatON Achieve cooperation 】

SubDAO Announcement and privacy AI Computing networks PlatON Achieve cooperation , The two sides will cooperate through multi-dimensional technology and ecology , To achieve together SubDAO and PlatON The integration and intercommunication of the two ecological domains . Through this cooperation ,SubDAO Will be for PlatON Our ecological projects provide DAO The management tools of the organization , Provide member management 、 Vote management and asset management , adopt SubDAO Of Github OCW Help for offline machine PlatON Better done based on Github Of Grant Automation of audit process .

【 Boca Ecology NFTMart Reach strategic cooperation with Yinyi culture 】

In recent days, , Boca Ecology NFT trading platform NFTMart Announced strategic cooperation with Yinyi culture .NFTMart We will explore young directors together with Yinyi culture , With NFT+ Explore the innovative mode of science fiction film in the form of science fiction film . As a sponsor of cultural activities with the theme of sci-fi films, Yinyi culture is a kind of cultural activity , Have science fiction fantasy film and other art form works creation resources . and NFTMart user , Most of them are blockchain enthusiasts 、 investors , And a big fan of science fiction movies , The user groups of both sides are highly overlapped .NFTMart We will join hands with Yinyi culture to launch sci-fi images NFT Solicitation activities , Promoting science fiction IP And science fiction series NFT The development of assets , by NFTMart Users bring new science fiction and investment experience .

【 Boca middleware platform Apron Network And Evanesco Achieve strategic cooperation 】

Apron Network Decentralizing infrastructure services and Multi Chain full privacy platform Evanesco Integration of strategy and strategy , meanwhile Evanesco Will use the core layer0 Layer privacy protocol technology , by Apron Network Provide better privacy security solutions , With Multi Chain privacy protocol SDK In the form of , Provide full link privacy protocol technical support for each blockchain project ecosystem .

【 Boca Ecology NFT trading platform NFTMart Strategic cooperation with volcano image 】

Boca Ecology NFT trading platform NFTMart Announced with the domestic animation development team volcano map reached strategic cooperation .NFTMart It's going to be with the volcano , Through the latest blockchain Technology , For its large number of national style animation IP In depth development , To provide fans with more diversified ways of participation and customized services .

Volcano image is a film and animation development team with Chinese traditional culture and art combined with modern visual concept design as the core driving force , It also includes a large number of national style animation IP. The aim of volcano image is to present the original works of Chinese style in the world , And the works of the whole industry in-depth development .2015 The first anime was released in 《 A taste of sesame fox 》 Become a popular domestic animation IP, With millions of fans base .

【 Boca eco Oracle project Ares Protocol & Polkalokr Announce cooperation 】

Ares Protocol Will be for Polkalokr Offer our Oracle asset quotation , Strengthen their P2P Cross chain token exchange protocol . meanwhile Ares Protocol Integrate token distribution mechanism into their token locking function .

【Coinversation And Crust Achieve strategic cooperation of decentralized cloud storage 】

As based on Boca AMM and DEX The synthetic asset agreement for Coinversation Protocol And Crust Network Announce Strategic Cooperation .Coinversation Will be in Crust Deploy and run the website , It will also be based on Crust Distributed storage of user data .

【Crust Network and Manta Network Achieve decentralized storage privacy cooperation 】

Crust Network and Manta Network We have officially reached strategic cooperation .Manta Will be for Crust Constructing privacy layer in decentralized storage network .Crust Network Will be for Manta Providing decentralized storage services .

【 Stable currency agreement Standard Protocol And Plasm Reach a cooperation to build a smart contract version 】

According to the official news , Stable currency agreement Standard Protocol Announcement and Plasm Achieve cooperation ,Standard Will be in Plasm Build a smart contract version on ,Standard From its parallel chain to Plasm Provide Oracle information , To generate synthetic assets such as virtual stocks and virtual Commodities .

【Crust Network and Kaka Just NFT Decentralized storage of assets 】

Crust Network And the world's top NFT Vertical game value ecology DeFi platform Kaka Announce cooperation , For its game platform NFT Asset content provides a decentralized storage solution ,Kaka Will help more high quality IP With NFT In the form of Web3.0 In the world of games .

【 Boca synthetic asset agreement Coinversation With the customizable insurance market Tidal Achieve strategic cooperation 】

According to the official news , Based on Boca AMM and DEX The synthetic asset agreement for Coinversation Protocol With the customizable insurance market Tidal Finance Announce cooperation ,Tidal Will be for Coinversation Synthetic assets provide insurance services .

In addition to providing decentralized financial services for users ,Coinversation Will integrate Tidal Insurance services provide maximum security for users and traders . Users can create a vault by selecting one or more contracts . for example , The safe pool may be a mixture of different tokens on different platforms . Pool creators can choose any asset from any platform in the current market , And set the coverage period and leverage ratio, etc . Through this cooperation ,Tidal Finance Will expand coverage , Expand the income of users' savings assets .

【 privacy DeFi agreement Manta Network With poca privacy infrastructure Phala Achieve cooperation 】

According to the official news , privacy DeFi agreement Manta Network Announced with poca privacy infrastructure Phala Achieve cooperation , Build a comprehensive poca privacy ecosystem . This cooperation will provide privacy and computability for both the computing layer and the transaction layer of Boca .Manta Will provide private coins 、 Private transfers and private transactions, etc DeFi function ,Phala Exchange in a private environment will be provided 、 Lending and other functions .

6、 Activity Notice

【 The second summer Polkadot Hackathon The competition starts 】

Polkadot Hackathon It's Boca Eco's developer hacker marathon business competition , from Parity、PolkaWorld And OneBlock+ Co sponsored by the community .7 month 17 Japan -18 Young people should be the closest to challenges , Will recruit again 100 More than one developer will learn from Substrate The combination of framework theory knowledge and actual combat development , More innovative products can be created in Boca ecology . The winning team will get rich bonus and Technology 、 Resource support , To be a member of Boca ecology in a real sense .

Registration address : You need to register and log in to see the details )

Thank you Boca Chinese first community PolkaWorld And blockchain Knight's support for this article .

An important announcement , We're starting to build groups !

Given the proliferation of ecological projects in Boca , But poor quality projects , Scam projects are all over the place , Be wary of , On the other hand, it is very difficult to understand the overall picture of the whole ecological development of Boca only in the group of Boca project parties , Missed a lot of opportunities .

therefore , We decided to build a Boca ecosystem , It's open to all the Boca eco projects , You can share your views on each project objectively , Understand the development of various projects in Boca , We can exchange information and seize opportunities together .

Official account “Polkadot Institute of Ecology ”, reply “ Into the group of ”, Add friends to the group .

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