Beijing 40 million RMB red envelope! How? Poke here

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beijing million rmb red envelope

author : Bian Wanli

Beijing's second round of digital RMB red envelope is coming . According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of local financial supervision , Beijing will open “ Jingcai striver Digital Carnival ” Activities , By Beijing City Sub Center 、 Dongcheng District 、 Chaoyang District 、 Haidian District 、 Shijingshan District 、 Yanqing District co sponsored . This event will be distributed to consumers 20 Ten thousand digital RMB “ Jingcai ” Red envelopes , each 200 element , total 4000 Ten thousand yuan , It's near the city 2000 There is no threshold for consumption by a designated merchant .

according to the understanding of , This activity is a routine test in the research and development process of digital RMB , It's Beijing “ Two areas ” policy , It is a beneficial attempt to steadily promote the pilot application of legal digital currency . next step , Beijing will be around 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will intensify the pilot application and promotion of digital RMB , We will solidly promote the construction of digital RMB acceptance environment in key regions , Improve the service level of Beijing smart city , Make the Beijing Winter Olympics infinite “ Jingcai ”.

1、 When does the appointment start ? How to make an appointment ?

Time of appointment :2021 year 6 month 5 Japan 00:00——2021 year 6 month 7 Japan 23:59

Use your time :2021 year 6 month 11 Japan 09:00 Announce the winning result ,6 month 11 Japan 9 these 6 month 20 Japan 24 It can be consumed and used by designated merchants , The list of merchants can be found in “ Jingcai platform ” Look up . Beyond the validity period , Digital RMB “ Jingcai ” The red envelope will be recovered and returned to the fund provider .

Operation method : Individual consumers in Beijing ( Mobile phone GPS Positioning is the key ) No need to log in , Bank of China Mobile Banking APP、 ICBC mobile banking APP By clicking on the active page or searching “ Jingcai striver ”“ Beijing Digital RMB ” And so on “ Jingcai platform ” Appointment registration . After registration , Draw lots through the lottery system of Notary Office , Not on a first come, first served basis , There's no need to fight . Successful consumers can download digital RMB according to the SMS guidelines APP And open personal digital wallet , Get digital RMB “ Jingcai ” Red envelopes .

2、 Who can make an appointment ? Non registered residence in Beijing, OK? ?

Non registered residence in Beijing can make an appointment. . in addition , Personal appointment must meet two conditions at the same time : First, the geographical location of the appointment registration is in Beijing ( With GPS Positioning is the key ); Chinese mainland mobile phone number and second generation ID number are used to make registration for the two registration. . According to the activity rules , The same ID number or mobile phone number is considered the same user. . Each successful user has only one chance to draw lots . Each successful user has only one chance to win the lottery .

3、 Why can I open my personal digital wallet only at work 、 farmers 、 in 、 build 、 hand over 、 Choose from six postal savings banks ? If you don't have cards from six banks , Can I take part in this appointment ?

Can participate . Digital RMB “ Jingcai ” There is no need to bind a bank card to receive and use the red envelope . Eligible individuals do not need to log in , Through mobile banking of Bank of China APP、 ICBC mobile banking APP Get into “ Jingcai platform ” Make an appointment .2017 end of the year , With the approval of the State Council , The people's Bank of China has organized some commercial banks and relevant institutions to jointly develop the digital RMB system , According to the pilot preparation of this activity , Current work 、 farmers 、 in 、 build 、 hand over 、 Project team led by six postal savings operation agencies , Have the conditions to participate in this activity , Other participating institutions are actively carrying out research and development .

4、 How to correct the wrong mobile phone number when making an appointment ?

If the mobile phone number is wrong, the verification message will not be received , You can go back to the previous step , Or return to the registration page to register again . If you fill in the wrong personal information when making an appointment , Users need to re register . Users need to fill in real personal information when they make an appointment , If your personal information is not accurate, you may not be able to complete the registration . It is not allowed to forge personal information , The organizer of the activity confirms that the user is suspected of forging personal information to participate in the activity , Will have the right to cancel the user registration and winning the lottery , And reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility .

5、 How to query the winning result ?

Two ways to query . First, the organizer of the event will authorize the Bank of China to push the winning or not winning information to the successful users through SMS . Second, users can also access mobile banking through Bank of China APP、 ICBC mobile banking APP Get into “ Jingcai platform ” Query lottery results .

6、 If you don't win the lottery, you still want to experience the use of digital RMB , What do I do ?

21 The century economic report reporter understands , Some banks in Beijing ( Special workers 、 farmers 、 in 、 build 、 hand over 、 Postal savings ) Business hall has been able to accept digital RMB personal business . User brings ID card to business hall , You can apply to open the white list of digital RMB , After passing, you can download the digital RMB according to the salesman's Guide APP Recharge your wallet .

at present , Digital RMB is still in the pilot testing stage , The pilot area has been expanded to “10+1”. The first batch of pilot projects are mainly in Shenzhen 、 Suzhou 、 Chengdu 、 Xiong'an and Beijing Winter Olympic Games , The second batch of pilot cities added Shanghai 、 Changsha 、 hainan 、 Qingdao 、 dalian 、 Xi'an .

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