V God: the obstacle to eth2's progress is not a technical problem, but a human related problem

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Co founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin At a meeting in Hong Kong Eth2 The obstacles to the road map have been commented on .

Held this week 2021 year StartmeupHK Entrepreneurship Festival ,Buterin In the virtual Financial Technology Forum (Virtual Fintech Forum) It's in Mandarin , Technology is not the main problem facing Ethereum, the world's largest smart contract network .

He admitted , Building Ethereum took more time than he expected , In the early Eth1 The construction of blockchain starts from 3 Three months has become the actual 18 Months . It takes longer to build the upgraded version .

“ We thought we'd upgrade to proof of interest (Proof of Stake) It will take a year , But it actually takes six years . If you're doing something complicated , You think it's going to take a while , In fact, it's likely to take more time .”

Buterin Add , In the Ethereum development to today's 5 In the year , There was some conflict within the internal team . He said :“ I found that the biggest problem of our project is not the technology , It's about people .”

With Hong Kong blockchain investment and trading company Kenetic Co founder and managing partner Jehan Chu In the fireside conversation ,Buterin He made the above remarks .

Buterin Express , When rollup When combined with fragmentation ,Eth2 Will be able to have the kind of scalability that large-scale enterprise applications expect . However , Based on the latest roadmap estimates , How long does it take 2022 Only by the end of the year will it be possible .

According to official documents , according to Eth2 The roadmap , Two chains will be in 2021 Year-end or 2022 Merger or docking at the beginning of the year :

“ The original plan was to work on the fragmentation chain before the merger —— To address scalability issues . However , With the rise of tier 2 expansion solutions , By merging the workload to prove (Proof-of-Work) Conversion to proof of interest (Proof-of-Stake) Has become a priority .”

The first stage introduces scalability through fragmentation , It is expected to arrive 2022 It won't be finished until later this year .

Buterin Express , The current version of Ethereum has largely become a victim of its own success , Demand pushes network costs to record levels , It makes it difficult for ordinary users to afford most transactions economically .

Talking about Eth2 When it comes to this topic ,Buterin Express , They use the name less often , Because the team wants to emphasize ,“ This is not abandoning the existing Ethereum platform , And create a new platform . It's a series of more gradual changes .”

With the negative impact of bitcoin and its energy consumption and FUD Appearance , Ethereum's upgrade to proof of interest has become more urgent .

According to the Digiconomist call , The workload proves that the energy consumption of Ethereum blockchain is equivalent to that of Hong Kong . by comparison , The new proof of interest network will save about 99.95% Energy .

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