Is Microsoft's latest blockchain service ACL used to replace azure blockchain service?

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microsoft latest blockchain service acl

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5 month 25 Japan , Microsoft is in 2021 The security ledger based on blockchain was released at the developers conference Azure Confidential Ledger(ACL) service , And showed it at the conference ACL The preview .


Microsoft said , And Azure Blockchain Service equally ,ACL It is also a service based on blockchain distributed ledger technology , however Azure Confidential ledger adds an extra layer of security and expansion on the basis of blockchain .


And before that , Microsoft has issued an official statement saying that , Will be in 2021 year 9 month 10 It will be closed on May 21 Azure Blockchain Services , The existing deployment will be supported until it is officially shut down , At the same time, from this year 5 month 10 The date of , Any new deployment or member creation will no longer be supported .

  Shut down the Azure Blockchain Service, But there's another ACL, What's going on ?

ACL What are the functions ?


ACL Is a highly secure new service for managing sensitive data records , It is also a managed and decentralized ledger for data supported by blockchain .

ACL Running in a trusted execution environment TEE(Trusted Execution Environment) in , Authentication by certificate , And it has the tamper proof function supported by encryption verification evidence .ACL Through tamper proof storage technology , Prevent unauthorized or unexpected changes to maintain data integrity .


be-all ACL This example runs on dedicated and fully certified hardware supported Enclave in , Used to protect static 、 Data in transit and use .


ACL Based on the Confidential Consortium Framework(CCF) above , The framework was officially released by Microsoft in 2017 year . This is an enterprise level open source blockchain infrastructure platform , Used to build a large-scale blockchain network that conforms to enterprise standards .


Confidential Consortium(Coco) It's not related to the blockchain protocol , And compatible with most current blockchains , The goal is to extend its capabilities by adding key enterprise requirements . With the help of Coco frame , Enterprise developers can quickly launch large-scale distributed ledger Technology , This technology provides tamper proof history 、 Distributed governance and higher confidentiality .


This framework can help banks 、 Insurance companies and manufacturers, etc , Use Ethereum to build shared digital ledger and automatic intelligent contract , And solve the privacy in the process of business popularization 、 Speed and management issues .


Coco Framework by making full use of TEE, Create a trusted network . stay TEE Environment , The establishment of trust between network physical nodes , No mutual trust between node owners , And it can process all kinds of user requests while ensuring the confidentiality of blockchain state , In order to ensure the confidentiality of the key code and data of the blockchain protocol 、 integrity , So that the application of blockchain can run efficiently on the fully trusted member nodes .


therefore , stay Coco and TEE With the support of ,ACL It can help users to audit log records , And tracking highly sensitive management operations , Health care 、 Finance and retail 、 information technology 、 Supply chain monitoring and any business that needs to exchange contracts and contracts safely can choose ACL.


ACL The main use scenario of confidential ledger technology is that key metadata records cannot be modified , Including permanent data records for compliance and archiving purposes . such as :


· Records related to business transactions , Such as the editing of transfer records or confidential documents ;

· Updates of trusted assets , Such as core applications or contracts ;

· Manage or control records , Like granting access ;

· operation IT And security incidents , such as azure Security center alert .


ACL adopt REST API Open , Can be integrated into new or existing applications .ACL Can be used by administrators to manage API( Control plane ) Conduct management , It can also be used by application code through functions API( Data plane ) Call directly .


management API Support the creation of 、 to update 、 Get and delete basic operations . function API Allows direct interaction with the user's instantiated ledger , And to place and obtain data and other operations .


Now Microsoft just released ACL The preview , During the preview ACL The service is free , But there are also some limitations in operation :

  • Once a user creates a classified ledger , You can't change the ledger type .

  • Classified ledger currently does not support standards Azure disaster recovery . however ,Azure Classified ledger in Azure Built in redundancy in the area , Because the classified ledger runs on multiple independent nodes .

  • The operation of deleting confidential ledger is “ Hard delete ”, Therefore, the user's data cannot be recovered after deletion .

  • The confidential ledger name must be globally unique . Even different types of books are not allowed to use the same name .

ACL Will replace Azure Blockchain Service? Official reply : No !


Microsoft is an old blockchain player . As early as 2014 year , The international IT The giant Microsoft took the lead in laying out the blockchain . Since then , Microsoft has participated in and supported a number of blockchain projects , This includes Ethereum 、R3、 Little ants, etc .


2015 year 11 month , Soft start “Azure Blockchain Service” plan . The plan introduces blockchain technology into Azure, For the use of Azure Cloud services provide customers in the financial industry with BaaS service , So that they can quickly create private businesses 、 Public or mixed blockchain environment , It solves a large number of common problems of early cross industry blockchain users .Azure As a result, it has absorbed many blockchain participants from well-known enterprises or small-scale start-ups , Awareness is growing .


However, in the launch Azure Blockchain Service Of 6 Years later, , Microsoft announced that it was about to terminate its Azure Blockchain Services .


Microsoft did not explain why it made the decision , But it provides users with suggestions for alternative products . Microsoft directly recommended ConsenSys Of Quorum Blockchain Service Third party service , It goes with Azure Of Blockchain equally , Also used GoQuorum Ledger technology .


ConsenSys Web site said ,Quorum Blockchain Service(QBS) Service is a fully hosted blockchain service , It will provide seamless migration experience for Microsoft customers .


About whether or not ACL As Azure The issue of alternatives to blockchain Services , A Microsoft spokesman replied directly that :“Azure Confidential Ledger It will not replace Azure Blockchain Services , It's another kind of distributed ledger , For customers who want the highest level of privacy .”


More about ACL See :


What do you think of Microsoft's ACL? Please let us know in the comment area .

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