Can blockchain cure piracy?

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blockchain cure piracy

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From the birth of the first copyright law in the early 18th century to now , It's been hundreds of years , But with the progress of the times , It's not just copyright law , And there's piracy that's not stopped .

The harm of piracy to the interests of content creators has been repeatedly mentioned , But the strange thing is , Piracy as a well-known “ Political mistakes ”, But it has become a part of our daily life .

Why is piracy rampant ?

There are two essential problems with piracy :

One is content copyright —— Infringement is easy, rights protection is difficult , The cost of piracy is low , Even if told of infringement , Delete at most , It's impossible to recover the profits that pirates have already made .

Second, content distribution —— You can't do without an intermediate mechanism , So there is always a market for piracy , Even if copyright awareness is strong enough , Even if the blow is strong enough , But because genuine is much more expensive than pirated , So many people are pregnant with “ I feel helpless ” Still use piracy .

These two questions , Because of the arrival of the blockchain wave , With the possibility of radical cure .

Blockchain : The countdown to the death of piracy

The unforgeability of blockchain , In fact, it can't complete the right confirmation , Because the content on the chain is not necessarily It's uploaded by the author himself .

however , Because blockchain is open and transparent , Every time piracy happens, it becomes “ The ostrich ”, The risk and cost of piracy will be higher , Let pirates dare not pirate . and , Even if piracy succeeds , The revenue is also clear on the blockchain , Once found , Eat as much as you can and spit as much as you can , The confirmation of copyright can be solved in disguise .

Even if the risk is high , As long as there's business , There will be a piracy market , For the benefit of , There are a lot of desperate people . The reason why piracy can't be killed and sealed , The key reason is the high price of content consumption , Keep consumers away .

One of the values of intermediary companies is to combat piracy , But it is also the intermediary companies that raise the cost of content products . Universal Music Publishing Group 1/3 Our employees are responsible for royalty and copyright management in the global market . The cost of combating piracy , In the end, it will be reflected in both ends of the supply chain , Content creators are forced to reduce their income , Content consumers are willing to pay more .

Blockchain smart contract technology , Can build a content automatic distribution platform , Automatically executed by the program , Not only can “ No middlemen to make the difference ”, And it can make “ Your content is up to you ”, A writer can price his work directly , Readers buy it directly , The system automatically distributes , Realize the point-to-point direct selling of creators and consumers , Achieve “ Creators earn more 、 Consumers spend less “.

A better way to eliminate piracy , Not to crack down on piracy , It's about making every consumer feel “ Piracy is not worth it ”. If you can enjoy the original for a small amount of money , Do you still want to use piracy at great risk ?

Everyone is responsible for cracking down on piracy

Before blockchain , Every piece of content is not strongly related to the consumer , After the sale , Content dissemination / Extension / report , It's all up to your taste , Although consumers are encouraged to help creators defend their rights , But it's not an obligation . actually , The second spread of consumers 、 Promotion and protection of copyright and so on , All contribute value, but no gain .

Because the value of these behaviors is hard to measure , So consumers can't get the value feedback they deserve . These behaviors that are difficult to measure value before , All right With Infinitely subdivided Token To carry get up , adopt Intelligent contract Automatic execution of , Realization “ A little effective cultivation , A precise harvest ”.

therefore , Everyone who contributes to original content , You can benefit from your contribution ,Token Bind everyone with the original , Everyone holds money and becomes a shareholder . Pirate , It's no longer something that doesn't matter to every consumer , It's something that would infringe on their earnings . such , Piracy really becomes “ Everyone shouts to beat the street mouse ”.


The tamper proof of blockchain facilitates copyright confirmation , The openness and transparency of blockchain increase the cost of piracy , Automatic distribution of smart contracts reduces intermediate costs ,Token Bundling content and consumers makes it everyone's responsibility to crack down on piracy .

Blockchain can't directly solve piracy , But it is expected that through technical means and incentive mechanism , Let piracy gradually withdraw from the market .

You think blockchain can “ A radical cure ” Piracy ? Why? ? Welcome to leave a message in the message area .

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