In recent years, the popularity of bitcoin has led to the research of blockchain technology . Of course, we will not discuss the blockchain technology itself here , Instead, we'll talk about SHA Application of algorithm . about SHA We have explained a series of algorithms before , It's not going to be repeated here .

1、 In the blockchain SHA

Blockchain uses SHA, But where is it used SHA The algorithm ? To solve this problem , We must first understand the composition and structure of the blockchain . Each block contains a constant called magic number 、 The size of the block 、 Block head 、 The number of transactions contained in the block and some or all of the recent new transactions . The specific structure of the block is as follows :

Data item



Magic no( Magic number )

Always 0xD9B4BEF9

4 byte

Blocksize( Block size )

The length of bytes to the end of the block

4 byte

Blockheader( Block head )

contain 6 Data items

80 byte

Transaction counter( The number of deals )

Positive integer VI=VarInt

1-9 byte

Transactions( transaction )

Deal list ( Non empty )

<Transaction counter>- A lot of deals

From the above table we don't seem to find SHA The trace of . In the table above, except for the block , The meaning of other parts is very clear . So next we need to take a look at the block , See what it means . in fact , In each block , What determines the whole blockchain is the blockhead . In that case , What's the content of taking it ? Its specific structure is as follows :

Data item


Update time

size ( byte )

Version( edition )

Block version number

After updating the software , It specifies a new version number


hashPrevBlock( In the previous block Hash)

In the previous block 256 position Hash value

When new blocks come in


hashMerkleRoot Merkle( The root node Hash value )

Based on all transactions in a block 256 position Hash value

When accepting a deal


Time( Time stamp )

from 1970-01-01 00:00 UTC From now on , The current timestamp in seconds

Update every few seconds


Bits( Current target Hash value )

The current goal of compressed formats Hash value

When the mining difficulty is adjusted


Nonce( random number )

from 0 At the beginning 32 Bit random number

produce Hash when ( Every time there is Hash Random numbers always grow )


As shown in the table above , In the structure of this block , We finally saw it SHA The trace of , Namely hash value , It's through SHA Calculated by the algorithm .

2、 How blockchain is used SHA

In the last section , We get it SHA Location in the block , How to use it in blockchain SHA What about ? Let's take another look at the format of the front block , There are two 256 Bit Hash value :hashPrevBlock( In the previous block Hash) and hashMerkleRoot Merkle( Block Hash value ), these two items. Hash How do I get the value ?

In the previous block Hash The calculation formula for the value is : In the previous block Hash value =SHA256( The block head of the previous block ); And the block body Hash The calculation formula for the value is : Block Hash value =SHA256( The block body of this block ).

It is not difficult to infer from the above two formulas , A block is not only about its own content , It is also related to the content of the previous block . In other words, the content of a block not only affects itself , And it has an impact on subsequent blocks . Because of any change in content , Will lead to this block Hash Change in value , This leads to the change of the block . The change of block head will lead to chain reaction of block head change in subsequent blocks .

3、 Why blockchain is used SHA

We have explained how to use... In blockchain Hash value , Now let's talk about why we use SHA. This is related to the technical requirements of blockchain and SHA There is a direct relationship between the characteristics of the algorithm .

First , The blockchain itself should ensure that each one is unique . Because there must never be two pieces of the same data , and SHA256 A very low probability of collision guarantees that . Of each block Hash The capital is unique and can be used to identify the block .

secondly , Blockchain should ensure the security of each record , and SHA Algorithms can guarantee that even if there are only trivial differences , Can also produce very different results . Combined with the structure of blockchain , When any block changes , Will affect all subsequent blocks , So if you want to modify the contents of a block , You have to modify the contents of all blocks , And it's almost impossible , So as to ensure the security of block data .

also ,SHA The length of the result is fixed , It has nothing to do with the content of the original text , This can ensure that the format of each block in the blockchain and the size of the block header used to identify the block are completely consistent , But it will never be repeated .

in summary , Blockchain uses SHA Algorithm is an inevitable choice in technology , Even if you don't use SHA It has to be with SHA Other algorithms with similar properties .

Welcome to your attention :

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