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Angel Token, abbreviation ANG, Is based on ETH A decentralized digital trading platform for tokens .

Industry status

By 2017 year 12 month , The total market value of global digital currency has reached 6000 Billion dollars . and 2016 year 12 month 31 Japan , That's the only number 177 Billion dollars . In less than a year , The scale has expanded nearly 3300%,6000 Billion dollars , A whole year QE2 The scale of !

According to the industry website Coinmarketcap Statistics display of , There are more than 1300 Two different cryptocurrencies , Including the most famous bitcoin and Ethernet . No matter in terms of the total market value or the number of currencies , All of them have achieved explosive growth .


2017 year The total market value of global digital currency 、 Total currency

According to foreign media reports , One of the world's largest digital currency platforms Blockchain CEO Peter Smith In an interview with CNBC In an interview , Blockchain and digital assets are hot spots in the development of financial technology , Very promising ,2018 The annual scale will reach 1 Trillions of dollars , It is estimated that the scale of digital asset transactions will reach 1.5 Trillions of dollars .

Strategic positioning

• WHO - Who are we ?

•  We are the most valuable blockchain digital trading platform .

• WHERE - Where are we going ?

• Angel Token We are committed to solving the regulatory problems of traditional centralized exchanges 、 Security 、 Trust and so on , Build the most secure and reliable digital trading platform in blockchain .

The economic model

Angel Token Designed and launched ANG Pass card .

Anyone can use a computer to participate in currency issuance , It's just like anyone can go for gold under the gold standard , Through decentralization, we can avoid the control of the whole distribution system by a single person or individual organization .

ANG A prominent feature of pass is that it protects the privacy of both parties .

Besides ANG Pass payment is also very convenient and fast , The cost is low , Reduce the unnecessary service charge caused by the platform borrowing from the third party , Truly form a big platform for sharing .

stay Angel Token On the platform ,ANG As a medium of trade , Can carry on each kind of transaction and the settlement , Including foreign exchange hedging 、 Purchase of financial products, etc .

Core services

(1) Robots move bricks

Angel Token The smart wallet has the function of an intelligent robot , Just trust the digital assets to this robot , The robot will help users generate profits through a high-frequency quantitative brick moving method .

Direct push users can get the daily brick moving experience 100%, 2-10 Acting member , Then you get the opportunity to move bricks 10%. meanwhile , Push one person to get one generation , Get the most of 10 generation .

(2) Pets

stay Angel Token in , The user can adopt a pet in the pet park, and the pet will be fed according to the total feed amount of the user 1‰-4‰ Feed back , When users feed their pets big enough , You can choose to sell your pet , The sale of pets is calculated according to the total amount of pets you keep . for example , It took users 1000 individual ANG, Then sell and you get 1000 individual ANG.

(3) The growth of the pass is profitable

ANG Pass card It is the only token of the whole ecosystem , Any data interaction and asset exchange across sub chains needs to consume token of master chain , When the ecosystem comes into being , Cross link data interaction becomes a high-frequency event , At this time, all parties are faced with ANG There is a growing demand for .ANG The token holder has Angel Token The equity distribution right of the development direction of the mother chain , In this way, value added can be realized .

Organizational structure

The board of Directors

CEO:Marc van der Chijs

Graduated from the first university of Paris, France , A former Amazon Supply chain director with years of experience .Marc van der Chijs Accumulated rich experience 、 A solid market 、 Shared resources 、 Social relations and government resources , I have unique views on operation logic .


University of angers, France EMBA professor , Visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania , Financial analyst at Amazon Asia Pacific Research Institute ,Wish Former director of strategic cooperation ; Have an in-depth study of the international financial situation , He has helped many international financial companies plan financial products .

COO:Jake data

Graduated in economics from National University of Singapore , Previous appointment Amazon The Marketing Department CBO, He has a keen sense of market economy , With a lot of media 、 Economic resources , In brand promotion operations 、 Media has a high reputation and achievements .

CTO:Alex Petrov

Graduated from MIT with a master's degree in Computer Science , Good at big data processing 、 The Internet of things ; Chain technology preacher , software development , Senior engineer of virtual transaction technology , He has participated in the development of many large-scale blockchain underlying systems .

A team of consultants

Legal counsel :Amanda

Mainly responsible for Angel Token Legal counsel , yes SuperLawyers Award Winners , Mainly devoted to company law 、 negotiable securities 、VC And cryptocurrency law . He offers a lot of high-profile advice on token sales , Besides , He is still BitFin Capital Co founder of , This is a blockchain focused VC The foundation .

Strategic financial advisor :Steve Schoch

Steve Is a proven financial and operational leader in a large enterprise . He worked for the world's largest biotechnology company Amgen, Inc. As the controller and Department of the company CFO, Under his guidance , The company's revenue comes from 40 $billion to 150 Over US $100 million .Steve Previously also served as eToys,Inc. Of CFO And led the company to go public successfully .

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