Blockchain + Guochao art exhibition, the dream linkage of technology and art is also very beautiful!

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blockchain guochao art exhibition dream

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May 4th Youth Day ,“ Tidal power ·2021 Contemporary art and Design Exhibition ” Opened in Chaozhou Art Museum .

The exhibition invited Mr. Lu Rongzhi, an internationally renowned curator 、 Director Zhao Bozuo and curator Zhang Yi 、 Cai huanbin and others formed a comprehensive curating team , Also invited 54 Artists from all over the country show their new works in various forms through this exhibition . This is not an ordinary Guochao art exhibition , All exhibits of the exhibition are encrypted by blockchain encryption technology . Blockchain + What kind of sparks can Guochao produce ?


Never ending Exhibition


“ National tide ” It is a new design fashion that integrates traditional Chinese aesthetic elements into modern art , Integrate traditional cultural elements with modern art forms favored by young people , It can not only make the culture with profound history radiate new vitality , Through such innovative combination, new generation of art brands can be derived and created .

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In the context of the new era of digitization , Art is no longer confined to traditional physical forms , A decentralized global perspective brings new inspiration to the creators .


Some people in the industry think , Art exhibitions can have more diversified forms , It can even break through the physical limitations of the work 、 Time and space limitation, etc , In traditional art exhibitions , It better reflects the author's thinking on infinite art issues . 

Picture source :《 Yangcheng Evening News · Yangcheng sect 》 

Chaozhou Art Museum “ Trendy power —— Contemporary art and Design Exhibition ” It is a new attempt to explore how the local regional culture and contemporary art ecology develop and integrate . All the works on display are encrypted with blockchain technology , Launched a new exhibition form of blockchain encryption Guochao art .


Build a detailed description of the physical existence of art through blockchain technology 、 Photography 、 Measure 、 modeling …… etc. , Create a separate digital folder . This folder is based on the distributed ledger of blockchain , It can also be tamperable 、 There is a consensus 、 A unique archive of certificates , So the owner is allowed to have a series of tracking records , To confirm the ownership of the work and its purchasers .


Specially invited curators of this exhibition —— Zhao Bozuo said ,“ Art worker bee ” The platform binds fashion works of art with artists in a tamperable blockchain , It makes the works obtain the only identity authentication in the digital world , thus ,“ Trendy power ” It will also become an exhibition that will never end .


With blockchain , The art industry is reborn


Based on blockchain Technology , Give the work of art a unique “ Brand ”, There have been rich attempts and applications for a long time , By building blockchain information for physical works , Can be on the art of “ All men are mortal ” Follow up , Solve the problem of authenticity identification of artworks .


Digital works with NFT In the market , Breaking through the boundaries of physical media , In a trendy way, it has caused young investors to be more idealistic .


NFT Now it's working with images 、 Digital content, like music and games, blends together , At auctions, tens of millions of dollars were frequently sold , Grabbing the headlines of all kinds of news media .


In this way NFT In the heat , Celebrities and brand enterprises from all walks of life have launched their own NFT . meanwhile ,NFT The standards of value are not the same , Some people think that ,NFT It can give art works deeper value and life , Some people think that , As long as it's on NFT, Let the original worthless things also have “ Brag about ” Gimmick .


But anyway , When blockchain technology is applied to the art industry , Let people see the contemporary “ technology ” And Contemporary “ art ” The dream linkage of 、“ rational ” And “ perceptual ” The pattern of collision , At the same time, we can see that tradition and art are not confined to the past exhibition forms , It's a combination of modern thinking and new technology , Actively explore and think about more possibilities in the future .


Such a unique artistic feast , Would you like to see ? Welcome to the comments section to share with us ~

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