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blockchain grabbing people war

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“ All of a sudden, spring breeze comes , Blockchain is everywhere .”2020 This year is a year for the development of blockchain , Blockchain has been formally incorporated into “ New infrastructure ”, The first one in China “ Blockchain Engineering ” Officially opened as a undergraduate course into the university classroom , To promote the healthy and orderly development of blockchain financial applications , The state vigorously promotes the development of blockchain , The number of blockchain enterprises in China is increasing year by year , The demand for talents is also growing .

Big data of a recruitment website 《2020 China blockchain Talent Development Research Report 》 There is data in the database ,2019 The annual salary of blockchain practitioners in 20-40 The number of people in the 10000 yuan range is the largest , Accounted for as 43.3%.

among , Blockchain recruitment position annual salary TOP15 They are all technical posts , The average annual salary is 33-52 Ten thousand yuan , The average annual salary of system integration engineer is the highest , by 52.25 Ten thousand yuan .

Blockchain talents are in short supply

Data from a recruitment website points out that , Up to 2018 year 2 month , Blockchain related jobs account for... Of the total number of jobs in the Internet industry 0.41%, However, the supply and demand ratio of professional blockchain technical talents is only 1 0.15, There is a serious shortage of supply .

For demand side blockchain enterprises , The shortage of professionals is still huge , The current stock of blockchain talents is still unable to meet the demand of the incremental market .

From the specific needs of blockchain talent recruitment , Compared with the rumor that the blockchain industry used to make millions of annual salaries in the past , There is still a big gap in most jobs , Most of the salaries of ordinary technical posts are concentrated in 2 Ten thousand yuan to 5 Ten thousand yuan range , Only some organizations earn more than 5 Ten thousand yuan , exceed 10 Ten thousand yuan is very few . And other operations 、 Promotion, etc , Pay is more concentrated in 1 Ten thousand yuan or so , There is no obvious difference from other industries .

Judging from the current recruitment situation , Blockchain talent recruitment is more pragmatic than in previous years . From this point of view , In the future, the demand for blockchain technical talents will continue to expand .

Compared with a few years ago ,“ Blockchain researcher ” There are fewer and fewer jobs in China , It's because the popular science work on the business model and basic concepts of blockchain has been basically completed . When the bad news comes out , More and more enterprises have come to realize that technical personnel are the concept of blockchain 、 Industry and market supporter .“ With an annual salary of more than one million, he is also a top-level technical talent , Only the institutions with real demand for talents will make this part of investment .

For blockchain technical talents , Currently, there are certification standards . Ministry of human resources and social security 、 The Ministry of industry and information technology has 2 month 22 The national vocational and technical skills standards for blockchain engineering and technical personnel were released on May , It is clear that blockchain engineers and technicians are engaged in blockchain architecture design 、 The underlying technology 、 System application 、 The system test 、 System deployment 、 Engineering and technical personnel for operation and maintenance .

Besides , In terms of the imbalance between supply and demand of human resources , Currently in the recruitment of enterprises , There is no lack of organizations that have published recruitment information for a long time but are still updating , Some of them are printed in the recruitment information “ Urgent recruitment ” The words... .

To be exact, it's hard for institutions to find qualified 、 The ideal candidate , This is because although blockchain has developed so far , But its application scenarios are still not understood by the general public and job seekers , Even when scientific research institutes train talents , It is also difficult to accurately know the market demand .

At present, there is not a strong demand for general talent recruitment in the industry , The more contradictory point is that it is difficult to find middle and high-end talents .

overall , In the future, the blockchain talent market will present three characteristics :

  1. Blockchain industry returns to rationality , It will speed up the extrusion of the industry with unreasonably high salaries “ bubble ”;

  2. 2019 The focus of blockchain industry will turn to application in 2010 , The demand for talents in the application field is increasing ;

  3. As the brain drain rate of the industry increases , composite 、 The talent gap in mastering core technology will be even greater .

How to alleviate the shortage of talents

The sudden rise of blockchain has resulted in a shortage of talents , In the face of such a difficult form , Companies have come up with ideas to fill the gap .

1、 Internal training

It is estimated that , By 2025 The revenue of global enterprise blockchain applications will be generated from 25 Billion to 199 Billion . From today to 2025 This period of time is a great opportunity for companies to build up their technical strength in-house .

Some blockchain companies have set up their own training centers , To fill the huge demand for blockchain related jobs . They use their own team of high-tech professionals , Train blockchain developers quickly through personalized online training . At the end of the course , They will give certificates to the colleges that have acquired the technology .

2、 outsource

According to a well-known accounting firm 2017 Annual Electronics IQ The results of the questionnaire show that ,36% Most of the finance executives said that their company plans to be in the future 3 Major investment in blockchain technology in the middle of the year .

Of course , Many of them do not have the strong talent strength of some large blockchain enterprises ,86% Top executives in the finance department said that their company does not have the necessary blockchain Technology . Few companies have a dedicated team to ensure blockchain technology . therefore , These companies outsource the development of blockchain to professional agents and freelancers .

3、 New workers

A British market research company reported that ,57% Most of the big companies are actively considering or have begun to deploy blockchain Technology . In the face of many vacant posts and few qualified candidates , Companies don't have time to wait for college graduates to fill this demand . They need help right now , So a lot of people are turning to the so-called “ New jobs ”, This proper term refers to the working class who do not need a university degree but need training .

In this way, companies combine traditional university recruitment with cooperative education , Desperate approach .

By offering generous rewards and limited training content , Companies can ensure that some of the talent they need . More and more higher education institutions are offering online blockchain training courses . Stanford University Professor Dan Boneh The computer security and encryption course received more than one million Applicants .

The strong demand of blockchain developers has brought high rewards for this technology . A recent report from computer world shows that , In some areas ,“ Software developers who are competent in creating and managing blockchain technologies can get extra 1.8 Ten thousand dollars a year .” The news is no longer secret , The computer science courses of high schools and college students will soon send students in the direction of technology to the market .

But before that day comes , Companies need to continue to work hard to find enough talent . Bitcoin and other tokens have become increasingly embedded in mainstream financial systems , And the functions and uses of blockchain are growing . A search for top talent , The competition to develop the most creative technology has begun .

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