What is a symbiotic agreement? Handshake and Ethereum

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symbiotic agreement handshake ethereum

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Handshake It's a decentralized domain name registration 、 authentication 、 Trading and parsing protocols , Now it has been connected to Ethereum network . Even if DeFi Great progress has been made this year , Users can really use decentralized financial services more smoothly , But still through the centralized domain name 、 Gateway access ,Handshake It's about solving this problem , Make the whole user process truly decentralized .

But there are difficulties in popularizing the agreement itself , Or the user takes the initiative to use , Or you need a widely used browser to accept the protocol , And behind the browser is a centralized organization . If there is a token mechanism to drive users to create use protocols spontaneously, it can really give them value .

There was one Immature ideas : The domain name itself can be charged according to the holding time 、 Tradable rigid demand virtual assets , And the marginal cost is 0, That is, its gross profit can be close to 100%. Then it is very suitable to build a multi-level distribution system to promote , In this way, participating users can get 3 It's a revenue possibility : The static income from promotion 、 Domain value added revenue 、 Token appreciation proceeds , This may speed up the spread of .

Handshake It's less than a year old , The market recognizes the benefits of decentralized networks , Any of them can have their own namespace , Without worrying about gateways and regulation . In parallel , Ethereum's decentralized financial agreement has gone from experiment to maturity .

The opportunities for cross chain collaboration are enormous ,DeFi and DWeb It's a complementary revolution .Handshake And Ethereum are still in the embryonic stage of symbiosis , The value is worth studying .

before , I talked about Handshake How to enhance the decentralized financial system by encrypting the front-end security .

DeFi The movement is competing to provide an open and unlicensed market system . however DeFi It doesn't work in vacuum . actually , Decentralized protocols are still supported by centralized front-end websites and Applications . Until the whole process is decentralized , Only in this way can we truly achieve decentralization .

Now let's explore the other side of the relationship ,DeFi How to strengthen the mechanism Handshake The economic mechanism of namespace . Decentralizing exchanges for HNS Brought more liquidity . meanwhile , Smart contracts bring openness and programmability to Handshake Register . These two aspects , All make Handshake Become a useful tool on Ethereum .

In Ethereum HNS

HNS yes Handshake Token of , It's also Handshake In the economy “ money ”, In order to realize this value ,HNS Need a highly liquid market . Liquidity can find price , The price discovery process leads to investment , All these are necessary to maintain the public chain .

Enclosed in their own chain system , We need to guide users to invest in the platform 、 Market makers to provide liquidity . although Namebase It's buying and trading HNS The famous interface of , But all centralized exchanges are plagued by friction between regulations and user experience ; And the classic chicken and egg problem , That is, the user base of new start-ups needs to grow . Large central exchanges may not even have enough liquidity to carry money HNS. Price discovery will be blocked by the need for its own exchange .

On the other hand , Such as Uniswap The decentralized exchange on Ethereum is very suitable to provide liquidity for the new encryption assets . Centralized regulation and order books have been replaced by an open pool of liquidity with incentives . Ethereum assets can be anywhere 、 Trading by anyone .Wrapped And distrust HNS yes Handshake Of the two ERC-20 Realization . Both versions behave like HNS File format , So that Ethereum can recognize them . Easy to identify by Ethereum HNS You can use what you have DeFi Infrastructure becomes a more liquid token . We see this early stage , Because the first one HNS Just passed this week Wrapply pack .

The name space on Ethereum

The Internet makes everyone a publisher . Ethereum makes everyone an investor . Now? ,Handshake It also enables everyone to be a namespace registrant .

for the first time , Anyone can have their own top-level domain and allocate sub domain space according to their own wishes . First of all, it's worth considering Handshake The namespace pattern that appears on . Top level domain names can represent market categories 、 Specific networks or individual brands . therefore , some TLD Subdomains will be open to the public , some TLD Assign its subdomains to users in its network , Others will keep subdomains for themselves .

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TLD The free market in China has destroyed ICANN The monopoly , This in itself is a feat of decentralization . however , We can go further . The tools provided by Ethereum will be eliminated “ legal ” Registered service providers . Smart contract registrants ( That is to manage the sub domain market of Ethereum Handshake TLD) Transparent 、 Autonomy and programmability .

Consider in Foundation On , A token T Part of the T-shirt can be resold , And salesmen and manufacturers get the right profit distribution . But I can't get what I want on top social networks T The name of the person in charge , Let alone believe that they will deliver the goods after receiving my payment .

The gap between the coin issuing and encryption markets has narrowed , You need to encrypt the application UX Fluency attracts more consumers to achieve .

Smart contract registrants can also manage domain name payments without trust . With this more secure foundation , Registering a service provider can add complexity . Dynamic pricing can be used to sell subdomains by the length of characters or the order of domain name registration . Or top-level domain name can provide domain name deletion service for users , To declare it permanent , Domain name without permission .

Ethereum can not only iterate the way that the registration service provider sells subdomains , It can also completely change the structure of registered service providers . TLD Ownership can be fragmented , And the domain name ( And the right of sub domain renewal fee ) Is owned by the user community *.* Just as the distribution of the management token is the ownership of the distributed network , You can similarly distribute domain name tokens to distribute ownership of the network front end .RealtyDAO It's a project , It's about the possibility of integrating the tokenized namespace with the programmability of Ethereum .

We have a deeper understanding of the namespace ( domain name ) The value of , Domain names are not only network readable , Or social status 、 A symbol of identity and brand . We haven't been able to realize this value and these ideas in a meaningful way .Handshake The interaction with Ethereum opens up infinite possibilities .

Symbiotic agreement

Handshake It's a symbiotic relationship with Ethereum , But more specifically, it's a reciprocal relationship . Both agreements benefit ,Handshake The decentralized namespace on Ethereum makes DeFi benefit , vice versa .

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