Recently, something big happened in Ivory mountain village , Liu Neng and Zhao Si are fighting , The happy couple , It's common for people to connect with each other , But when it comes to hands , This is the first time .


Why does Liu Neng and Zhao Si fight ? It's all credit !

Liu Neng and Zhao Si both like to patronize Dajiao supermarket , And they all have one thing in common , On credit !

Xie Dajiao thinks that the villagers , You can't lose face , I acquiesced in this kind of credit behavior , But a good memory is better than a bad pen , No one can remember the daily credit .

therefore , Big foot has prepared an account book , All the credit records above .


At first it was on the little blackboard , Later, there were too many people on credit , It's written down in the book , Bigfoot calls it “ Supermarket central ledger ”.


At the end of each month, according to the records in the account book , Ask the debtor for money , After a few years, it's all right , The villagers are very well behaved .

But , This month, something happened ——


The account book is soaked in water , There are a few pages I can't see clearly , I only know that Liu Neng and Zhao Si are on credit , But what did you buy , How much money is owed , It's all muddled up .


Bigfoot asked them for a debt , Liu Neng and Zhao Si have an argument , A word doesn't agree with me and I move .

It's a big deal , Big foot is worried too , No more money , But no more credit .


● Xie Yongqiang's trick , Instead, all the villagers keep accounts

“ No credit ” Although this sentence has been said , But the actual situation of the villagers is a little special , Let's go up the mountain and herd sheep , Work in the field , I don't usually carry any money with me , Sometimes I pass by Dajiao supermarket and want to take something home , No credit, no way .

As a result, Dajiao supermarket has lost a lot of business , I'm worried .

After all, Xie Yongqiang is a university student , Brain work , I have an idea for Auntie foot , Let all the villagers keep accounts together , Everyone has an account book .


But Bigfoot has questions : Although everyone keeps an account , No longer afraid of the loss or damage of the account book , But how can we mobilize everyone to keep accounts together ?

Yongqiang's accounting method is like this , He first pulled the villagers into a wechat group ↓


All the villagers involved in the bookkeeping are in the group , Once there's credit , We will synchronize the accounting information in the group , Keep accounts together .

But the cultural level of the villagers is different , Someone keeps accounts fast , Some people are slow to keep accounts , The first to finish the account , I'm going to synchronize the books with you .


such , Everyone has a copy of the ledger of Dajiao supermarket , Even if you lose a few copies, it won't be affected , Bigfoot felt relieved , The villagers are also very happy .

To encourage people to keep accounts , Bigfoot gives a supermarket voucher to the first person to finish the account , The villagers' enthusiasm for bookkeeping is unprecedented .

In order to earn a voucher , Not even the crops in the field , I think about keeping accounts every day , As a career “ Plucking wool ” The party , It's a pity that IQ is too urgent , It's an account 、 Few coupons were collected .


Dajiao supermarket's distributed accounting system works smoothly , It was well received by the villagers , There will be no more credit disputes , All's well that ends well .

Xu accountant in the village also learned this bookkeeping method , Use the same method for the accounts of the village committee , All the villagers keep accounts together , Solved a lot of disputes , No one will suspect that he embezzled the demolition money in the village any more .


● Ivory mountain village “ Blockchain ”, It's a big explosion

Actually , This distributed accounting method of Dajiao supermarket , It is the embryonic application of blockchain .

Blockchain is a kind of distributed ledger , It's a decentralized database , Every node ( villager ) It's all stored in full records ( account ). It was originally designed , It's a public account book for trading bitcoin , Record every bitcoin transaction .

In the big foot supermarket above , The fastest bookkeeper gets a voucher , And in the bitcoin trade , The fastest bookkeeper , You'll get an extra bitcoin reward . Those legendary bitcoin miners , It's just a competition for computing power , Faster than anyone else , Successful bookkeeping will “ Dig to ” The currency .

As bitcoin hits the world , Its underlying support technology —— Blockchain , And then there was a fire . People find any storage ( Bookkeeping ) The needs of , We can apply the mechanism of blockchain , And this advantage is epoch-making ——


Blockchain is very popular , All walks of life in Ivory village began to use this method to keep accounts .

Guangkun I think this account book is interesting , It's within the family , I made a set of small accounts , To manage the daily income and expenses of the Xie family . For blockchain Technology , If you can control 51% Of “ bookkeeper ”, So you can tamper with the data . And Guangkun is the head of the domineering family , He knows that , Just a family meeting , Can turn the book into a muddle  picture


In small organizations , We must guard against the majority of nodes being controlled and tampered with

Liu big head There's also his little abacus , The ivory mountain hot spring resort he manages also uses blockchain to manage its accounts , Liu Da's head keeps a close eye on the villa , I don't want any dog or cat involved in the bookkeeping , Especially against song Xiaofeng  picture .


In distributed private ledgers , Permission and access control are important !

Zhao si And keep up with the fashion , Set up Zhao's family account book , But Yutian and Liu Ying saved some private money , I don't want to be in charge of , Otherwise, they will all be given by Zhao Si “ As a whole ” 了 . This part is “ sensitive data ”, Additional encryption is required  picture .


Blockchain requires additional key distribution and management , Come on Shield sensitive data

The villagers keep practicing , And we're constantly having problems 、 solve the problem .
Wang Dana, who came to invest in Ivory mountain, heard about it , Very concerned , He would like to use blockchain to manage investment funds , Make sure the money is transparent 、 Safe to use on the right path .

Final , The villagers of ivory mountain , It's all chained up