Developer activities | algorand borderless financial blockchain hackers

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developer activities algorand borderless financial

 Developer activities | Algorand Borderless financial blockchain hackers

from Algorand The blockchain hacksong jointly sponsored by the foundation and Likou is officially online !

 Developer activities | Algorand Borderless financial blockchain hackers

Although blockchain technology has been developed for more than a decade , But it's still an emerging area of Technology . For many developers , The ranking of blockchain is still strange . What is blockchain , What can it be used for , These two problems prevent many developers who are interested in new technology from entering this field .

This competition aims to provide more domestic developers with an opportunity to understand and learn blockchain technology , So that more people can enter the emerging field of blockchain Technology .

The competition was held by Algorand The blockchain hacking competition jointly sponsored by the foundation and Likou ,Algorand The foundation will provide competition prizes and free technical training , Help developers learn blockchain Technology , In the form of competition, developers can play their creativity , Stepping into the field of blockchain .

Competition schedule

  • 05/01 Competition Registration starts
  • 05/16 Registration deadline ; Works submitted open
  • 05/22-05/23 Algorand Blockchain technology training 1-2
  • 05/29-05/30 Algorand Blockchain technology training 3-4
  • 06/16 Deadline for submission
  • 06/20 The result of the competition was announced

Prize settings

  • The first 1 name :5,000 ALGO
  • 2-3 name :3,000 ALGO
  • 4-6 name :1,000 ALGO
  • 7-10 name :250 ALGO

All of the above winners will receive additional awards Algorand Investment opportunities of foundation venture capital and internship opportunities of overseas start-ups .

Participation Award : All other teams that have completed the work but have not won the prize will also be awarded Algorand Gift package provided by the foundation .

Sign up for the competition

The hacker song competition Form of team match Conduct . Each team needs to have 3-5 Members of the team Sign up for , And the team leader provides information about the team and team members .

Click on here You can go to the registration page of Likou official website .

Want to subscribe to the schedule , Join the competition community , Or get training information and technical support , Please pay attention to “Algorand chinese ” The official account and reply “ Hacker song ”.

Work submission

Submission time

The team needs to 6 month 17 Japan 00:00 Before through the force buckle website ( Drop down to read the original text for links ) To complete the submission of works

Content requirements for submission of works

  • Project code : Team members are required to submit the Github Project warehouse link ; Projects need to have Readme file , The content includes : Team Name , Project name and necessary introduction and description for project deployment and operation
  • Project introduction document : The participating team should be able to fully display the link of project introduction document of creativity and design realization ; The project introduction file can be in the form of video , file , Presentation one or more of the three ; Project introduction files need to be uploaded to Github Or other network storage services , And submit relevant links when submitting works

Integrity of works

Please guarantee the integrity of the submitted works , Such as whether the project code can run normally , Or can the project introduction file be read or downloaded normally

feedback mechanism

The organizer will give feedback to the teams after receiving the submitted works , However, it will not verify the integrity of the work and provide information related to the review of the work

Hacker song challenge theme

Three challenge themes for teams to choose from :

  1. Digital currency and social network
  2. Virtual goods trading platform based on blockchain
  3. Decentralized financial products

Learn more about the challenge theme , Please pay attention to "Algorand chinese “ official account , Backstage reply key words “ Hacker song ” obtain

Competition rules

Competition schedule

Competition from 5 month 1 Registration will be open from the next day ,5 month 16 Daily name closed and submission channel open ;6 month 16 The channel for submission of Japanese works is closed and reviewed by the organizer ;6 month 20 The final winners will be announced around the next day

Registration notice

After successful registration, the team information cannot be changed ; Teams that have not signed up at the designated time can still submit their works to participate in the selection , But we can't get the information about the contest pushed by the organizer ; Please pay attention to the sponsor's official account and join the community to learn about the latest developments.

Proposition selection

This time Algorand China hacking competition , The team needs to choose one of the three competition themes to design and develop the project

Technical training

The organizer of the competition will provide free online games for the participants Algorand Blockchain technology training , Relevant information will be provided after the registration , Send training information to all participants , Participants are also invited to pay attention to the sponsor's official account and to join the community to learn about the latest developments.

Platforms and tools

Entries should be based on Algorand Official test network ; Works using other blockchain technology platforms will not be included in the review ;Algorand Provided by the platform Java,Javascript,Python,Golang And other languages SDK And development tools for contestants , In the training, we will also introduce how to use these development tools , A complete project example is given

Evaluation criteria

There is no fixed score for work evaluation , The organizer will be based on the creativity of the work , To complete the degree , Does the work fit the theme , And whether it has been fully utilized Algorand Review the features and tools of the platform

Additional explanation

This competition is a technical and creative competition , The development platform used is Algorand Test net , All the digital currencies on the network are virtual goods for development and testing with no real value

The prize of the competition is Algorand Basic digital currency on the main network ALGO, The reference value of RMB can be calculated based on the market price , The organizer does not guarantee the actual value of the prize , And do not assume any responsibility .

The prize will be awarded at the end of the competition 15 It will be distributed to the wallet address filled in when the team submits the work within working days ; The reward distribution of cases is decided by the team , The organizer will not interfere ; The team can decide how to use the reward , The organizer will not interfere , And do not assume any responsibility .

The organizer will deal with the violations in the competition , And the team should take the responsibility ; Violations include but are not limited to :

  • Submit error message
  • Submit the same information more than once
  • Plagiarize others' works
  • One person participates in multiple teams

The competition was held by Algorand Jointly sponsored by the foundation and Likou , The right of final interpretation rests Algorand Foundation (HK) Limited It's officially owned by helikou .



 Developer activities | Algorand Borderless financial blockchain hackers