As bitcoin heats up , Blockchain technology has been Finance 、 negotiable securities And other industries and different applications . Blockchain is a hot new concept , Contains Technology and finance . from From a technical point of view Look at , This is a distributed database that sacrifices consistency efficiency and guarantees final consistency , Of course, this is a relatively one-sided understanding . from From the perspective of Economics Look at , This kind of fault-tolerant peer-to-peer network , It just meets a necessary requirement of the sharing economy , It's a low-cost, trusted environment .

      Blockchain technology is changing from a single infrastructure supporting digital currency to a comprehensive digital platform , Smart contract and blockchain are currently focused on and explored in all walks of life ( The application status of blockchain is shown in the figure below ).


      in the light of Blockchain Technology 、 Application and value The volume of the introduction articles is huge 、 Full of beautiful things in eyes , But most articles stay on the surface of application , I'm still confused after reading , It's hard to go deep into technical details and product design . that , Those who develop or will be engaged in blockchain Technology , How to learn effectively and quickly 、 Master this technology ? Personal advice can be obtained from Blockchain cognition 、 Technology application and In depth technical training Step by step , To be quick 、 Effectively become a blockchain technology development expert .

What is a blockchain ?

  • Blockchain (Block Chain) It's a kind of Distributed database

  • Blockchain , Initially, it was widely used in The currency (Bitcoin)

  • Blockchain , Maintain a continuous Transaction records

  • Each data is called a block (Block), Each block can contain More than one deal

  • Each block is connected to another block , produce Connect (Linking)

  • Each block will contain Of the last block Hash value , All the connected blocks are called , chain (Chain). Blockchain , It's a chain of blocks .

How blockchain works ?

  • The process of producing blocks goes through complex Cryptography Computing (Cryptography)

  • Complex cryptographic computation can be effective Eradicate Record tampering

  • After each block is successfully generated yes Can't modify Of

  • The process of producing blocks is also called dig (Mining)

  • The person responsible for producing the block is also called The miners (Miner)

  • The machine responsible for producing blocks is also called A digger

      Every data can be found through the connection all Reliable historical data , Because it's a distributed database , therefore , have “ De centralization ” characteristic .“ De centralization ” signify Data is distributed across multiple nodes , All nodes will Jointly maintain Entire database .

  • Maintaining the entire database together means No one can say My own block Is the legal and effective block

  • Maintaining the entire database together means Most people have verified Block of Is the legal and effective block

  • Maintaining the entire database together means exceed 50% I've been certified Of Is the legal and effective block

  • Every node All blocks must be stored ( But there is a new design that allows nodes to store only part of the block )

  • Every node can Help verify the validity of the block

  • Any data Be tampered with Will destroy the integrity of the block

  • Any data that has been tampered with probability very little

      Take digital currency as an example Blockchain operations include :  Transactions and blocks . The deal is The complete content of the transfer process ; The block contains A collection of transactions .

      A block is a record The data structure of the transaction . Each block consists of block head and block main body , The main body of the block is only responsible for recording all the transaction information in the previous period of time , Most of the functions of blockchain are implemented by blockheads .

  • The connection between blocks is a Account book (Ledger) 

  • The basic principle of blockchain is to let All the people Jointly maintain A Book of accounts

  • This jointly maintained account book Must be We are all certified together , Take bitcoin transfer transactions as an example .

      1、 In the bitcoin ecosystem , There are many computers in operation ( node ), Every node is A mining machine , That is to create a new block and add it to the ledger .

      When A Want to transfer money to B when , The first reason B Set up an address ( anonymous ), Give the address to A after , Again by A Set up a transaction and broadcast it to the bitcoin network system .

      2、 The bitcoin system will automatically Select different nodes to verify the reliability of the transaction , Usually, a trade fair needs to obtain several different nodes to confirm . The selected node will verify at least one block ( That is, all the blocks needed for this transaction ) To calculate the legal block generated by this transaction .

      3、 Basically Each node can generate blocks , And they will verify each other's effectiveness , When more than 50% All of the nodes say that this block is legal and valid , This new block will be written into the ledger , Finally, these blocks will be broadcast back to the bitcoin system . When the bitcoin system verifies that the transaction is actually completed ,A and B You can see that this is a “ Legal and effective ” Transactions , And the transaction is recorded in a specific block , And you can get how much money you have in your account .

      4、 in fact , Not at all A and B With this book , But the whole bitcoin network system has only one ledger ( Everyone's transactions are recorded here ), And distributed storage in different nodes , Each node has a complete ledger .

      therefore , This account book is a Completely distributed 、 Decentralized management 、 Open and transparent 、 Cannot tamper with 、 An account book that can trade anonymously . Last , Summarize the five characteristics of blockchain technology :

  1. Completely to open up Technology

  2. De centralization Distributed architecture of

  3. All nodes are represented by Anonymity exists , Verify the whole account book together

  4. Anyone wants to Tampering with the books costs a lot , You have to have all the blocks on the network containing your deal modified at the same time to be considered valid .

  5. Completely Automatic conflict handling mechanism . For example, the same transaction is completed at different nodes, resulting in two transfers .

      Gartner forecast , Blockchain technology is developing from The basic technology architecture supporting digital currency is changing to a comprehensive digital platform , The current focus and exploration field of smart contract and blockchain has gradually shifted from a single financial field to government departments 、 Health care 、 manufacturing 、 Media release 、 Identity recognition 、 Ownership registration services, etc .

      Blockchain technology is developing in a new mode of thinking 、 The technological structure impacts the whole economy and society , With it , Blockchain solutions from all walks of life emerge as the times require .


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