In simple terms, blockchain will help you get started

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simple terms blockchain help started

Compared with the popularity of blockchain concept , Blockchain technology and implementation is really a little bit unpopular , Even with high salaries , Technical personnel are still in short supply .


Novices want to learn blockchain , But I don't know where to start , I don't know what concept I need to understand . There are plenty of information about blockchain on the Internet ,

But it also means clutter , Insufficient system .


Chen Hao shares his system knowledge in the blockchain industry with you , From... In plain language 0 Start talking about , To pave the way for you to learn the basic knowledge of blockchain ;

Explain the core technology of blockchain step by step , Improve the knowledge architecture .



haohappy , Domestic open source public blockchain project Metaverse Yuan Jie CTO.

After learning, I get : The necessary basic knowledge points for getting started with blockchain ; Blockchain core technology analysis and detailed explanation ; Case analysis of practical application scenarios of blockchain .


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