CFX, which has risen 10 times in two months, is it the light of domestic blockchain?

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cfx risen times months light

This article was first shared on my knowledge planet .


It's driven out ...

You know, I like to make money from research , Making money is not only the need to survive , It's also a very interesting thing , I even created a planet called 《 Just talk to earn money 》.

But this article was completely urged by the readers ...

since 2019 Year begins , Some readers left messages on my official account : The blockchain project led by Professor Yao Conflux Get to know .

At that time, I had a brief understanding and didn't care too much , And so I put it down .

The climax is this year's 4 month , At the beginning, some netizens kept commenting under my article Conflux, And I found that some people left messages several times .

I don't know what their purpose is , But it did get my attention , So I did some research and wrote this article , Earliest 4 Month priority on my planet .


The light of domestic public chain Conflux?

I don't know , After understanding it, I found that it was really good .

Just a quick note Conflux Why is it so hot ?

1、 The team members are luxurious .

Conflux The founder, long Fanzeng 2 He won the gold medal of the international informatics Olympics for the first time , And MIT (MIT) Doctor's degree in Computer Science , He's one of the world's top computer scientists .

Computer scientists 、 Academician Yao Qizhi, the only Chinese Turing prize winner, is the chief scientist ; Chief technology officer Wu Ming holds a doctorate in computer science from the Chinese Academy of Sciences , He was a senior researcher at Microsoft Asia Research Institute .

The rest of the team came from Tsinghua “ Yao ban ” And MIT 、 Carnegie Mellon University 、 Tsinghua University 、 University of Toronto 、 Shanghai Jiaotong University and other famous universities . Team members have won good terms in many international competitions .

2、 All kinds of investment tycoons have used their money to look forward to .

Less than half a year has passed since the establishment of the project ,Conflux It is supported by a number of traditional investment institutions and Internet enterprises , And got it. 3500 $10000 financing .

This includes Sequoia Capital China 、 Feng Shui capital 、 Baidu venture capital 、IMO Ventures Other well-known organizations , It's worth more than $400 million after financing .

3、 Claiming to be a Chinese blockchain project Conflux.

Conflux At present, it is the only public chain in China that can compete with Ethereum in technology , But the blockchain that does not belong to the Chinese people still needs a question mark ?

Maybe to avoid risk ,Conflux The foundation is registered in Singapore , There are also entity companies in China , Beijing Qinghong Weigu Technology Development Co., Ltd .


People are so excited ?

that Conflux What did you do , It's exciting ?

First of all , It's fast , Strong concurrency .

According to the data published on the official website ,Conflux Actually measured TPS exceed 3000, And Ethereum is just 20, It's Ethereum 150 times .

There is a consensus in the technology circle of the coin circle , be called : Impossible Triangle , That is, it is very difficult to achieve both good “ De centralization ”, There is a good system “ Security ”, At the same time, there can be very high “ Transaction processing performance ”.

Conflux We did some algorithm optimization on this triangle , Better performance .

Bitcoin has the lowest payment efficiency , Ethereum has upgraded to bitcoin , But the payment efficiency is still not ideal ,Conflux At present, it can support per second 3000 transaction .

second , The increase is gratifying !

2021 Since then ,Conflux Issue currency ( CFX) The price jumped in two months 10 times , Never less than RMB 1 When the yuan reached its peak, it broke through 10 Yuan , Let a lot of people make money .

So these are CFX   Friends who make money on the Internet , Naturally become CFX A loyal supporter of , After all, nothing is more important than this .

second , To encourage community development , Take out the real gold and silver .

Conflux The plan rewards more than 24 Billion CFX Tokens, , The funding targets include those who can make Conflux Network easy to access and combine development tools and infrastructure 、 Can be found in Conflux Driving user adoption on the web 、 Decentralized application of liquidity and composability .

Now one CFX value 6.5 element , You can convert a lot .


There is a risk in speculation

That's about it , I'm also learning something about coin circles , A focus on Defi On , Although we don't have to fry money , But at this stage , It's also necessary to get to know the coin ring .

Now the development of bitcoin , It has already gone through the stage of simple currency speculation , The coin circle has really developed into a big ecosystem , Building a big financial system based on virtual currency .

Like Ethereum as DeFi The largest payment currency , Give it a lot of financial status , At present, the price of Ethereum has reached 1.8 Thousands of yuan .

So in the future CFX Can prices continue to rise , Want to see CFX Whether the construction of ecology can create success , If you rely on CFX And if the ecology is rich enough , CFX Future period .

Finally, let me sigh !

The currency exchange is really making money , It has made a lot of people rich and free ; But it also makes more people Burst warehouse 、 bankruptcy 、 Destroy life ...

The exchange is at the top of the food chain of the coin circle , The second is, after all, the powerful coin issuing team , Most ordinary people are cut leeks ...

< END >

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