Ethereum will surpass bitcoin and become the first blockchain to settle $1 trillion in a year

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ethereum surpass bitcoin blockchain settle

Ethereum is processing more than twice the volume of bitcoin transactions , And this year it's expected to deal with 1 Trillions of dollars .

The decentralised financial boom in the third quarter led to Ethereum (ETH) Bitcoin for network processing (BTC) More than twice the daily volume .

According to the encryption market, data aggregators Messari The data of , Ethereal 30 The average daily rolling trading volume is 70 Billion dollars , And bitcoin can't handle 30 Billion dollars . If the current trend continues , MESARI forecast Ethereum will be the first to settle in one calendar year 1 A trillion dollar public blockchain . Ethereum's previous strongest calendar year relative to bitcoin was 2018 year , At the time, it handled a billion bitcoin transactions , It's the equivalent of bitcoin 8.49 $ 59%. Bitcoin in 2018 The second strong year after is expected to go ahead as scheduled , It is expected that 8 Billion dollars .

however , This is not a direct comparison between two blockchains . With DeFi The bubble mainly occurs in the intelligent contract driven by the ether shop , Ethereum now handles the volume of transactions across the industry , Bitcoin is mainly represented by BTC Value transfer of valuation .

A large increase in trading volume is due to ERC-20 Stabilize the increase in currency trading , Now most of them Tether(USDT) The deals are all in Ethereum , And take Farming Driven by demand MakerDAO Of Dai The supply of stable currency grew more than 600%. Liquidity on the chain of decentralized exchanges is growing rapidly ,Uniswap and Curve stay 9 The total trading volume of the month exceeded 200 Billion dollars .DEX Now it accounts for... Of the total trading volume 13.6% above .

Ethereum's continuous high charges are the problems that competitors' blockchain will seek to solve , Parallel at the same time DeFi Ecosystem will rise .

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