Blockchain can be developed in a variety of languages , Many developers use go Language , Because of its concurrency . So here's right go Language makes a summary , Save everyone's time .

First , We may just know go It's a good language , And then we want to learn , So we need to look for introductory materials . For introductory materials , It's better to be systematic . Here are some introductory materials for the system .

Introduction recommendation
1.Go Language course

2.Go Getting started

3.Go Language Bible ( Chinese version )

Chapter content

It's all here txt Version of , So you can download it directly , But it's better to start with github Read on

gitgub Address :

Online disk download :
link : password : uaub

4. Study go Language

This book currently contains :

Installation and overview

Demonstrates how to install Go Language , And through the line by line analysis of the source code example shows Go The basic characteristics of language .

type , Variables and control processes

Function writing and use

Packages and projects

Functions and data are organized by packages . Here you'll see how to write packages . How to use unit test in package is also introduced ;

How to treat a Go Language project directory design , And how to use it go Ordered vendor The dependency of the feature management pack .


Learn how to create custom data types , And define functions on it ( That is the method ).


Go It doesn't support object orientation in the traditional sense . stay Go The core concept is interface .


By keyword go, You can run functions in a separate schedule , This parallel function is called goroutine;

adopt channel Can be in goroutine Secure data communication between .

Documents and communications

How to set up / Read / Write as a document . And network related content .

Each chapter contains several exercises that provide answers to help you improve .

link : password : j8ww

git Address :

Some students don't like reading books , I like watching videos, and there are also some

link :

password : gvkw
It's best to choose Netease cloud course when watching , No advertising

Go Programming basics video :
There are various platforms in it , There are too many advertisements for potatoes , You can choose Netease cloud platform

The Syllabus

Class hours

Class title

Online play

The first 1 course

Go Development environment construction Netease cloud classroom

The first 2 course

Go Basic knowledge of Netease cloud classroom

The first 3 course

Types and variables Netease cloud classroom

The first 4 course

Constants and operators Netease cloud classroom

The first 5 course

Control statement Netease cloud classroom

The first 6 course

Array array Netease cloud classroom

The first 7 course

section slice Netease cloud classroom

The first 8 course

map Netease cloud classroom

The first 9 course

function function Netease cloud classroom

The first 10 course

structure struct Netease cloud classroom

The first 11 course

Method method Netease cloud classroom

The first 12 course

Interface interface Netease cloud classroom

The first 13 course

Reflection reflection Netease cloud classroom

The first 14 course

Concurrent concurrency Netease cloud classroom

The first 15 course

Projects and pits Netease cloud classroom

We learned about books , Watched the video , Let's start with the actual part of the code :
Let's start with small examples

When we read books , We want to make a few examples , Here is a summary of an example :
The first, of course hell word Ha ha ha

Hello World












Multiple Return Values

Variadic Functions










Channel Buffering

Channel Synchronization

Channel Directions



Non-Blocking Channel Operations

Closing Channels

Range over Channels



Worker Pools

Rate Limiting

Atomic Counters


Stateful Goroutines


Sorting by Functions



Collection Functions

String Functions

String Formatting

Regular Expressions




Time Formatting / Parsing

Random Numbers

Number Parsing

URL Parsing

SHA1 Hashes

Base64 Encoding

Reading Files

Writing Files

Line Filters

Command-Line Arguments

Command-Line Flags

Environment Variables

Spawning Processes

Exec’ing Processes



The above example may remove the link due to wechat , See the link (
Original address :

Project Senior

We'll give you examples , Maybe you need some project code , Let's recommend some

Use beego Framework can develop your Web perhaps API application

Address :

Learn about distributed

Address :

distributed application

Address :

author :asta thank
link :

Go Name library explanation
《Go Name library explanation 》 It's a set for Google Produced Go Language of the third-party library for evaluation and interpretation of the set blog 、 Examples and audio and video integrated tutorial , It's suitable for learning to complete 《Go Programming based 》 Learners of the course .
Courseware download :
link : password : 68tf


Course title


Class hours

Online play

Course learning guidance


1/1 Netease cloud classroom

goconfig - INI Parser

goconfig Use parsing

1/1 Netease cloud classroom

xorm - Go Language ORM

Directions for common usage

1/2 Netease cloud classroom

Advanced usage
2/2 Netease cloud classroom

goconvey - Unit test library

Elegant unit testing

1/1 Netease cloud classroom

Macaron - modularization Web frame

First time to know Macaron

1/? Netease cloud classroom

The use of core services
2/? Netease cloud classroom

Custom service
3/? Netease cloud classroom

Address :

Other books recommend

go Learning notes
182 page

Go Language course
103 page
Download link :
link : password : c2te

More books 25 file :

link : password : mi5z

Other :
Of course, other learning materials are also collected here , You can refer to :

Above are some of the more systematic
go Community :

Go official

Go Code

Go Language Chinese translation project

Go Language Chinese Forum

go Of eclipse plug-in unit

go Code hinting

dependent blog:

Wind and cloud blog go Learning notes :


beego(beego The author of the framework ):

Blog :

Official resources

Version installed

Website home page ( Release weekly)

Development route ( Release weekly)

Go1 Version information ( post plan Feedback post The issue needs to be solved )

Installation instructions ( Release weekly translate 1 translate 2)

Weekly edition ( Source code history Release 2012-01-20 Announcement post )

Release edition ( Source code history Release 2011-10-17 r60.3)

Windows edition ( The current download History Download )

Build state ( see )

Reference manual

Standard package ( Release weekly translate )

Command tool ( Release weekly translate 1 translate 2)

language norm ( Release weekly translate 1 translate 2)

Community projects ( Category view Installation Statistics ) You can use goinstall install

Learning materials

The official blog ( website )

Community Wiki ( website )

common problem ( Release weekly translate )

Go The online operation ( Run share Example code chrome plug-in unit )

Go Language journey ( English version Source code translate 1 translate 2 Chinese version )

Go Language course ( Release weekly translate 1 translate 2 translate 3)

Three day tutorial ( The first day : Basics PDF download )

( the second day : type 、 Method 、 Interface PDF download )

( On the third day : Concurrency and communication PDF download )

Go Language efficient programming ( Release weekly translate 1 translate 2 translate 3)

How to write Go Program ( Release weekly translate 1 translate 2)

Language memory model ( Release weekly translate )

C++ Programmer's guide ( Release weekly translate )

Use GDB debugging Go Code ( Release weekly)

Codewalks: Code walk ( Release weekly)

Codelab: To write Web Program ( Release weekly translate )

Project development

Go project ( home page Build state Source browsing Submission log Contribution criteria )

Go problem ( Submit all Windows Need outside help Go1 The issue needs to be resolved )

GAE Support ( summary translate Runtime environment )

gccgo front end ( home page Install and use Contribution statement )


university Go Training courses

Go Other implementations of the language

Go Supported by CPU framework

Go Supported operating systems

The installation package under each operating system


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Liu Hongqing Beta bears Linxs Science and Technology Expo Chen Gang Wang Yi Crane No heart cloud

be familiar with API

API: See more official GO Package class , Familiar with the interface of each function module .

GITHUB Recommended items on :

1.GO And MYSQL Combined use of ( As a beginner, be familiar with )