Introduction to hyperledger fabric for blockchain development

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introduction hyperledger fabric blockchain development
There are few open source blockchain projects that have Hyperledger Fabric As diverse and large development communities . When choosing an open source platform , You have to think about supporting communities and ecosystems , To ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform .

Besides , Modularization of the platform , Implement a variety of consensus algorithms , Privacy enforcement mechanism , Policy implementation and smart contract language support , Provides greater flexibility for a variety of enterprise use cases .

Hyperledger Fabric In its documentation, it provides users with a comprehensive set of tutorials , So that users can complete the network settings , The steps to write applications and smart contracts , namely Fabric So-called “ Chain code ”.

In this autumn's 1.3 Released in version Java and EVM( Ethereum virtual machine ) Experimental version of chain code function .

Hyperledger Fabric Has a unique way to handle transactions . Most blockchain platforms implement “ The order - perform ” Model , Where transactions are initially validated and sorted into transaction blocks , And then broadcast to other nodes in the network , Each node then performs a transaction to update the local copy . Ledger .

This method directly affects the overall performance of the platform and the confirmation delay , Because in order to confirm , The deal needs to be dealt with > 51% Network of .Fabric The implementation of transaction processing “ perform - The order - verification ” Model ,a) Support various consistency algorithms ,b) Than “ The order - perform ” More effective , Because a transaction can be confirmed to a single node as soon as it is committed , Because the verification steps are deterministic - Or verify the transaction across the network .

There is a lot of support Hyperledger Fabric Tools for .Hyperledger Explorer Can be used to provide users with visibility of the ledger , To monitor all aspects of the platform .Hyperledger Composer Provides a model driven approach for application developers , Used to Hyperledger Fabric Developing applications , Including generating smart contract code .

Hyperledger Cello Can be used to help users from bare metal to Kubernetes On our infrastructure Hyperledger Fabric( And others Hyperledger DLT platform ) The Internet . Last ,Hyperledger Caliper It's a system that runs all kinds of DLT A framework for platform performance benchmarking - Hyperledger Fabric It's one of these support platforms .

Can be Hyperledger Fabric As Apache Web Server.

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