Blockchain will play a role in the initiatives of the mobile authentication working group , To help consumers create an identity with a password for all their mobile phone applications .


This week, ,AT&T、Sprint、T-Mobile、Verizon Mobile authentication working group of four operators , The working group revealed some details of its work on the mobile authentication platform .

The working group said , The phone number and personal data of password verification will be provided to the user with the consent of the authorized user . Multifactor authentication will be implemented based on unique attributes , For example, the mobile phone number for network authentication 、IP Address 、SIM Card properties 、 The right to use the phone number and the type of phone account . Besides , Advanced analysis and machine learning capabilities will be used to assess fraud risk and protect customers .

For the working group , Registered application developers will be able to submit their applications using private and licensed blockchain technology systems , To help ensure the integrity of the application .

These four wireless operators are 2017 year 9 The mobile authentication working group was established in June , To help protect businesses and consumers from identity theft 、 Bank fraud 、 Fraudulent consumption and data theft . In addition to hoping to reduce fraud and theft , Operators also recognize that consumers are at a loss to record all user name and password credentials .

The mobile authentication working group plans to integrate its web-based mobile software with GSMA Of Mobile Connect Secure universal login software interoperability .GSMA Chief technical officer Alex Sinclair He said in a statement. :“ Mobile identity makes consumers more single 、 The key to more security .GSMA Has been working with operators around the world , To provide consistent and interoperable secure identity services , The mobile authentication working group will enhance this effort by quickly and easily implementing a simple user experience in the U.S. market .”

The work of the four operators in the United States also follows that of the Korean operators SK Telecom A similar program , The operator deployed a mobile connection authentication platform T-Auth.

The mobile authentication working group will start internal testing as soon as possible , To test the solution . Plan in 2018 New authentication capabilities will be available to consumers by the end of the year , The group will launch a website later this year , So that service providers and application developers can learn more about the solution .