Blockchain product traceability system is a system developed based on blockchain technology . Using blockchain technology to produce products 、 Monitor the whole process of circulation and consumption , Transparent product development , Product inspection and tracking , Better prevent the production of fake and inferior products .

By applying blockchain Technology , Build a decentralized intelligent traceability platform , Provides a secure and traceable product solution . Through the combination of products and blockchain , The characteristics of the blockchain will not be tampered with , Can reflect permanent ownership , Improve user trust .

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The problems of traditional traceability :

1、 The data lacks authenticity , Easy to tamper with .

2、 Traditional traceability costs a lot , And it's not accurate .

3、 The phenomenon of information island is obvious , Traceability of product information is difficult .

The advantages of blockchain product traceability :

1、 All the way back 、 Go back to people

From production to circulation , Put it into practice , Record the circulation behavior of production process , Monitor each behavior of the process node .

2、 Fine management , Precise positioning

Through open standard interfaces , It supports the connection between traceability code and enterprise internal business process , Precise positioning of product behavior and circulation behavior , Promote the fine management within the enterprise .

3、 Production behavior records , Transparent production

Production personnel will produce behavior through parity APP Or wechat to the cloud , Users can understand the real-time process and history of product production by scanning product QR code or bar code , Monitor production anytime and anywhere .

4、 Product traceability anti-counterfeiting , control risk

Products in the market will appear different problems , Enterprises can identify through the source of production and user behavior , Achieve product security , Unqualified products can be recalled immediately .