Standing on the roof to protect rights? China Auto Association puts forward "big move" based on blockchain!

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In the near future , The rights protection incident of Tesla female car owners in Shanghai station keeps fermenting , Cause a heated discussion .


Several twists and turns , Safeguarding rights is not easy


2021 The first day of Shanghai International Auto Show , One is wearing “ brake failure ” word T T-shirt female car owners stand on the roof of Tesla show car “ Safeguarding rights ”. The owner was subsequently placed in administrative detention for disturbing public order 5 Japan .


Why does this car mainly use such an extreme way to protect its rights ? It's going to start in January .


This Tesla owner's surname is Zhang , January , Ms. Zhang and her family in the afternoon 6 Go out for a visit , Tesla, driven by his father Model 3 Drive to 341 The south section of the national highway is in the village section , Suddenly out of control , After two cars hit the rear end one after another, they hit the concrete guardrail on the side of the road and then stopped .


Because the rear airbags didn't pop out , Ms. Zhang's parents were injured to varying degrees .


After the accident , Car owners negotiate with Tesla on vehicle issues , But there has been no satisfactory response .3 month 9 Japan , Ms. Zhang drove to Tesla experience center to protect her rights , The car body is covered with white cloth and black words read “ Tesla's brakes don't work , Cause a serious accident ”, At the same time, hold the loudspeaker to play “ tesla Model 3 The brakes failed during the Spring Festival , Cause a traffic accident , A family of four nearly died ” Recording of , But it's still fruitless , And then there was ” Shanghai auto show roof protection “ A scene of .


Mr. li ( The rights car advocates women's husbands ) Said in an interview , At first, Ms. Zhang didn't want to do anything drastic , I just heard that Tao Lin, Tesla's vice president of foreign affairs, might attend the auto show , I'd like to take this opportunity to meet Tao Lin and reflect on the situation , Ask for a statement , It's a helpless move to get on the top of the car .


However , Ms. Zhang's fierce advocacy of rights did not have much impact on Tesla . The day of the Shanghai auto show , Tesla said it would not compromise on unreasonable demands . Tao Lin said in an interview that ,“ She has contributed to all the negative things in the near future ”、“ We can't compromise , It is a necessary process for the development of a new product ”.


Then, including Xinhua news agency 、 CCTV news 、 People's daily and the Municipal Administration of Supervision 、 Commissar of politics and law 、 China Consumer Association and other media departments have criticized Tesla by name .

The picture shows a screenshot of Xinhua Daily Telegraph's comment article


Public pressure from all sides forced Tesla to bow down ” Haughty “ My head , Send an apology late at night .

Screenshot of Tesla Weibo

4 month 21 Japan , The market supervision bureau of Zhengdong New Area ordered Tesla auto sales service ( zhengzhou ) Ltd. unconditionally provided Ms. Zhang with the complete driving data half an hour before the accident . Tesla said the next morning that it would try its best to cooperate with the investigation , And released the pre incident report that night 1 Minutes of driving data .


23 Japan , Ms. Zhang issued an apology for her extreme behavior of safeguarding rights , He also questioned Tesla's attitude towards handling the incident and the published data . After Ms. Zhang's article , Late last night, Tesla responded again via Weibo , She said she had contacted the family of Ms. Zhang , And made a phone call . meanwhile , Tesla will actively communicate with authorities at all levels , Try to start the next mediation as soon as possible under the guidance and supervision of the government , And promote third-party testing , Do your best to solve the problem . 


Screenshot of Tesla Weibo


After three months , Ms. Zhang's long road to rights protection is finally consuming a lot of time and energy , At the expense of self-esteem , There is a turning point . Under the pressure of public opinion , Tesla finally bowed his head , Have a good conversation with its users .


It's hard to protect rights ? Blockchain might help


Although the event has finally been effectively promoted , But what's left for us to think about is : Is it really necessary for reasonable and legal rights protection to do this ? After the consumer nearly suffered misfortune , Is it necessary to win attention in public through self sacrifice , In order to get a reasonable explanation and treatment ?


meanwhile , After Tesla released the driving data , What netizens talk about most is the authenticity of data , One netizen said “ In the case that the vehicle driving data is completely managed by Tesla , It is difficult to guarantee the authenticity of data ”.


In response to this question , The China Automobile Industry Association has worked hand in hand with blockchain to come up with a solution ——“ Automotive big data interactive blockchain platform ”.


According to Wang Yao, assistant secretary general and Minister of Technology Department of China Automobile Industry Association , The solution considered by the platform is , The enterprise uploads the data fingerprint to the blockchain platform , The data will be processed by a one-way encryption algorithm , No tampering after uploading . If auto companies encounter data trust problems , You can call up the packets at that time , Compare with the fingerprint uploaded to the platform , You can come to the real conclusion .


This represents the data generated by car owners using the car , While uploading to the manufacturer , It also needs to be uploaded to the blockchain platform for backup through one-way encryption synchronization , In case of an accident , Car owners can obtain authentic and credible raw data through the platform . After the legislation on data ownership is clarified , Users are also expected to , Apply to a third party to use your own data . This can ensure the reliability of the data , It can also ensure the safety of driving data .


in other words , If there is a problem of safeguarding rights , At least no manufacturer is needed for key data “ A big family ” To embarrass consumers .


at present , The platform is still in trial operation , This year 6 This month will be officially released .“ Automotive big data interactive blockchain platform ” Can we bridge the communication gap between automobile enterprises and consumers , Time to test , At least blockchain makes it possible to be solved .

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