With “ Blockchain + government affairs ” Further development of ,“ The pipes suit ” The reform of our country is also being implemented , With the development of electronic license application , Promoting cross level 、 Cross department 、 Data sharing across regions .

Electronic license can not only reduce the use of paper materials , And it can break through the limitation of time and space , Convenient for enterprises and the public . For example, in the past services, there were duplicate submissions 、 A lot of information 、 Forget to bring your license 、 Certificate verification is difficult 、 Manual inspection is inefficient 、 Difficulties in supervision 、 The power and responsibility of cross-border data sharing are not clear, and the security of privacy is not clear .

Blockchain + Advantages of e-license application platform :

1、 Guarantee the use process : Blockchain technology can effectively protect data security , The user has to go through “ Intelligent contract ” And authorized by the agent to use the data specified by other departments . Avoid using other departments to query information , Prevent the risk of data transmission being leaked .

2、 Cross departmental collaboration :“ Blockchain + Electronic license ” The application platform connects the business systems of various departments , It integrates a series of approval processes , Do not change the approval authority of each department and the operation of the system , Save business processing time .

3、 Window service efficiency : Smart contracts allow departments to share information in real time and accurately , Effectively assist auditors to verify the authenticity of information , So as to greatly improve the efficiency of examination and approval , Reduce the risk of window staff performing their duties .

4、 Efficiency of the masses : All kinds of administrative information shall be directly verified by the license issuing department , Responsible for the validity of data , Reduce the amount of administrative information that people need to submit , The process is simple and convenient , It subverts the previous impression of the administrative masses on examination and approval .

Blockchain + E-license application platform , Realized “ More data runs , The masses run less ”, The clerk moved his finger , You can handle the business , Reduce the inconvenience of people carrying paper certificates , It protects the privacy of citizens .