Zero time technology | Deng Yongkai: is the ecological application of blockchain mining really safe?

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​4 month 21 Japan ,“2021 Tianfu miners Conference ” The first Marriott Hotel in Chengdu, Sichuan 5 A grand banquet hall was held on the third floor . This conference invites 100 A number of industry leaders share cutting-edge views ,50 A number of blockchain mining ecological enterprises participated in ,100 A number of investment institutions participate in , Dozens of authoritative media reported and supported the whole process , Through online “ picture ”, Offline “ Forum + The exhibition ” In the form of .

Zero time technology CEO Deng Yongkai was invited by the organizer koala finance to publish 《 Is the mining ecology of blockchain really safe ?》 Keynote speech of .

Zero time technology , It is a practical and innovative network security enterprise focusing on the ecological security of blockchain , Team rooted in blockchain security technology research , With rich experience in network security attack and defense, combined with artificial intelligence and big data analysis and processing , To provide users with professional blockchain applications and security solutions .

Currently, the security services provided cover many core businesses in the blockchain security ecosystem , Including exchange security audit 、 Smart contract security audit 、 Chain security audit 、 Wallet security audit 、 Blockchain security consulting 、 Enterprise network security training 、 Digital asset tracking monitoring 、 Assets and transactions, anti money laundering, etc . Insert picture description here

Here's zero time technology CEO The main content of Deng Yongkai's speech is abstract :

First , Zero time technology CEO Mr. Deng Yongkai introduced the ecological application security of blockchain, including the security of trading platform 、 Digital wallet security 、 Smart contract security, etc ; In these blockchain ecological applications, security events occur from time to time , However, few security incidents have been heard about the application of blockchain mining ecology . Insert picture description here

So what is blockchain mining Ecology ? Which application modules are included ? What about their security situation ?

General manager Deng introduced , Blockchain mining ecology includes : dig 、 mill 、 Hardware security 、 Mine safety 、 Mining management software security , And digital asset security management issues . Insert picture description here

So is the mining ecology of blockchain really safe ?

The answer is No . Insert picture description here

When the white hat safety team of zero time technology conducted a safety assessment on some partners in the mining ecosystem, it was found that , A lot of miner hardware 、 Miner control panel 、 Pool interface 、 There is a security risk that mine pool accounts are maliciously used by hackers ; Zero time technology safety white hat team has synchronized the security risks found to the corresponding manufacturers and partners for the first time , And help repair .

Next, Mr. Deng demonstrated on the spot that if you click the unknown link , The miner is controlled 、 Private key stolen 、 A series of problems, such as the address of the mine pool has been tampered with , It attracted the attention of the audience . Insert picture description here

Because of the particularity of encrypted digital assets , Although a large number of users can safely mine , But it's not necessarily safe to keep your digital assets , Digital wallet and private key are often stolen .

therefore , President Deng stressed at the meeting that : Everyone must strengthen their awareness of network security , Form good online and social habits , Don't store the private key on the Internet .

meanwhile , General manager Deng also recommended the encryption digital asset monitoring traceability platform of zero time technology , Strengthen the safety monitoring and abnormal early warning of assets , Keep track of your assets in real time , And now it's free to use . Insert picture description here

Zero time technology focuses on providing customers with a full range of blockchain security solutions and audit services , Is a professional blockchain security vulnerability risk detection and security defense 、 Enterprise level blockchain application innovation solution provider .

The company passed the safety audit 、 Active defense 、 Threat intelligence monitoring product system , Establish a complete safety closed loop , Real security risks are discovered before hackers , Reduce customer safety losses . Insert picture description here

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