haohappy | From blockchain as a service (BaaS) To the value Internet

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 haohappy | From blockchain as a service (BaaS) To the value Internet

author : haohappy , Yuan Jie CTO,Metaverse One of the founders of Yuanjie open source project

This paper attempts to explore how to combine public blockchain with existing Internet applications ;
The blockchain as a service here only refers to the public blockchain , For the classification of blockchains, please refer to : Blockchain (Blockchain) In depth introduction
 haohappy | From blockchain as a service (BaaS) To the value Internet

One 、 Information internet and value Internet

Information internet : It refers to today's huge and complex information internet , At present, the information internet has no financial attribute , It usually needs a strong third-party intermediary to provide reliable financial services , In the information internet , Technology and business can be decoupled through architecture layering ;

Value Internet : It refers to the construction of an Internet with its own financial attributes , In this network, the third party intermediary system is no longer necessary ( Can exist ), At present, it is feasible to realize value Internet through blockchain ; Blockchain usually comes with its own financial system , And it's exclusive , If the financial system is spun off , So it evolved into a classic distributed system ;

Under the information internet , The typical product of the separation of business and technology is —— Cloud computing ;

Now the development of cloud computing has gradually broken through this boundary , Try *** To provide better technical solutions in various vertical fields , The most typical is the financial cloud solution ;

But no matter what kind of financial cloud solution , All have the property of repeatable instantiation , namely ,A Factory to buy F programme ,B The factory also bought F programme , But when they run A-F and B-F It's two completely different examples , There is generally no direct relationship between them , Maybe in a third-party intermediary (O) There's a little bit of connection on the Internet , For example, banks or securities companies .
So in this case, it can not be called value Internet .

To achieve value, the Internet must be ,A-F and B-F It can be different subnets under the same instance , The connection between them can be direct , let me put it another way , Third party intermediaries O Some of the services provided are no longer necessary , For example, payment function ( Blockchain comes with its own payment system );
Two 、 We can talk BaaS And BTaaS

Blockchain as a service (BaaS) —— Blockchain as a Service
Blockchain technology services (BTaaS) —— Blockchain Technology as a Service
This kind of classification draws on the PaaS/SaaS The concept of ;
 haohappy | From blockchain as a service (BaaS) To the value Internet
( chart 1)

In the figure 1 I will BTaaS Put it in and PaaS At the same level ,BaaS Put it in SaaS At the same level ;
The reason for this classification is , One of the biggest things they have in common is that the users they are facing are the same .
I began to pay attention to BaaS The concept , I also wrote two articles to try to clarify this concept under the pattern of public chain and alliance chain :《 Degenerate alliance chain and BaaS》,《 On the limitation of alliance chain and public chain 》
 haohappy | From blockchain as a service (BaaS) To the value Internet
Degenerate alliance chain and BaaS

 haohappy | From blockchain as a service (BaaS) To the value Internet
On the limitation of alliance chain and public chain

These two articles mainly put forward two viewpoints :

The first is that the essence of alliance chain is not a technical problem , It's about business modeling , This kind of business modeling is often accompanied by the design of non cooperative game equilibrium problem , Whether there is an evolutionary stable strategy to satisfy all the people in the system becomes the key to the alliance chain , Trying to rely solely on systems with Byzantine fault tolerance is certainly not going to work ;

The second is that blockchain as a special system , Its financial attribute cannot be separated , Because of its financial characteristics, the system has vitality , When it divests itself of its financial attributes , It would degenerate into a Byzantine fault-tolerant system , The ecology it can support will also be greatly weakened ;

Suppose the reader agrees with the above two points , So we'll come to a conclusion :

BaaS It usually refers to the services provided by the public blockchain , and BTaaS It usually refers to the service provided by the alliance chain .

We also have the following inference :

  1. BaaS The ecology that can be supported is far greater than BTaaS What can support Ecology
  2. BaaS It is closer to the specific form of value Internet ,BTaaS Closer to enterprise software solutions ;

I just give you BaaS and BTaaS Next definition :

Blockchain as a service (BaaS) It refers to the data generated by using the public blockchain , Provide blockchain based search queries 、 Transaction submission , Data analysis and other operation services , The set of operational services may be centralized , It can also be decentralized . At present, in the field of blockchain , Block browser 、 Digital currency trading platform and public chain derivative applications : Syndrome type -Factom, Digital identity -uPort And so on can be called blockchain services .

Blockchain technology services (BTaaS) Refers to the use of blockchain technology to build their own private distributed system , The system can be considered as a classic distributed system (Raft/Paxos/PBFT) Derivative and enhanced versions of . Combined with existing cloud computing technology , It can provide platform level blockchain technical services for developers and manufacturers .

 haohappy | From blockchain as a service (BaaS) To the value Internet
( chart 2)

chart 2 Is shown in BaaS And BTaaS The difference and application of ;
So far , Readers can have a question , Why is it so clear ? Because this determines the direction of the new business architecture mode of blockchain ;

3、 ... and 、 Value Internet ( Blockchain ) Application innovation under the new situation

There is a misunderstanding , I think it's completely decentralized DAPP That's the direction of the future , In fact, it's unrealistic ;

At the moment, all economic systems rely on big banks 、 The securities system , It's even more unrealistic to attempt to completely break away from the economic system of our own .

Using blockchain as the underlying financial infrastructure , With BaaS Provide in the form of tamper proof , An open and transparent application of financial services is a feasible solution ;

Blockchain is infrastructure , Represents the user channel , Blockchain applications are B End business , It's a service provider , They play a major role in the value Internet ;

There are two kinds of financial applications , High frequency use and low frequency use :

High frequency is usually paid 、 Loan and other functions ;

Low frequency is usually matchmaking 、 Futures and financial derivatives ;

We give priority to the function of high frequency use as blockchain infrastructure , The functions used in low frequency can be centralized first (BaaS) Provided in the form of , Gradually transition to blockchain .

In the process BaaS Will always play a major role ;

stay BaaS Next , The business model of blockchain is more like B2B2C The pattern of ,BaaS Provides 2B The concrete form of ,2C It is provided by the blockchain itself , Because the public chain itself has gathered a large number of users ;

And as an institution (B End ), There must be a charge for providing services , Centralization is also an inevitable choice , We don't have to be completely decentralized , In this process, blockchain is more likely to play an intermediary role with a strong evidence chain , everything B The end will be supervised by users ;

actually BaaS The mode has gradually emerged in the field of blockchain : Lots of digital currency trading platforms (P network 、B network ), Various block browsers (blockchain.info)、tokenmaster It's all centralized , But they still show great vitality ;

 haohappy | From blockchain as a service (BaaS) To the value Internet
( chart 3)

The author is Metaverse One of the founders of Yuanjie open source project , chart 3 It shows a public chain BaaS, Yuanjie is based on digital assets 、 Digital identity 、 The value of the intermediary three main elements to achieve BaaS.

BaaS It can be on the meta boundary ZenDao project (http://zendao.org/), It can be ZenGold project (http://zengold.org/), Any project surrounding Yuanjie as a blockchain financial infrastructure . So the author simply divided a BaaS Development Group ( flee ...
So anything around the public chain , With BaaS Applications providing services , It's all application innovation under the value Internet .

Four 、 Let's talk about the development of public chain

The systemic risk of blockchain

This issue is of particular concern , In fact, it is also a process of acceptance .
For example, many people criticize PoW Mining wastes energy and is not environmentally friendly , It's a bit like the problem with electric cars , It's a matter of energy structure , No PoW Its own problems .

For example, isn't the material consumed in the Bank Treasury also made by heavy industry ? Heavy industry also consumes a lot of energy .

Any public chain also faces a systemic risk , That is, the risk of Byzantine fault tolerance threshold being broken ;
In fact, this problem is a problem for beginners of blockchain , It only refers to seeing the technical consensus , And there's no community consensus , In fact, in real society , Community consensus is often more powerful than technical consensus , This systemic risk often comes down to community consensus , Community consensus, to some extent, oversees all behavior .

Identity issues

There's a hot issue these two days 《 What kind of users don't like wechat ?》
At present, we are still looking up the address , The stage of checking transactions , The future blockchain must be with identity , And it's the user's own identity control mechanism , For example, the digital identity of metaworld has a very good design to solve most of the Internet identity problems ( Um. , Although I haven't published the white paper on meta digital identity yet , I have to be cheeky , Escape in embarrassment ...)

Data privacy

In fact, this problem can be attributed to the problem of identity , But sometimes it's just data privacy , It's not necessarily identity , So I also have a hunch that it will become a hot research direction in the future .
Under this question , In fact, there is a problem of zero knowledge proof , There are two currencies in the block area (Zcash\ZCoin)t Provides an excellent case of payment privacy , But I don't think the great application of zero proof of knowledge is payment , It's digital identity ;

The data under the chain is imported into the data on the chain

The premise of data import from off chain to on chain is to solve data privacy , The second is identity , Finally, it's the application problem ;
This problem will be solved naturally after other problems are solved , It's a result in itself , It will not become the main technical problem of blockchain ;

Product form

The core competitiveness of blockchain products will be new applications optimized around the core wallet ;
BaaS At present, it will be the most competitive form to provide blockchain products , Can seamlessly connect to Internet applications ;