Refuse fakes! LVMH, Prada and Cartier jointly launched aura, a blockchain platform

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refuse fakes lvmh prada cartier

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This Tuesday , Global luxury leader LVMH、 Cartier and Prada of the Swiss Richemont group issued a joint statement saying , Plan to work together to create a solution supported by blockchain Technology , Provide additional proof of authenticity for the goods sold .


Luxury is hard to tell , Consumers are worried


In the wave of consumerism , There is a growing demand for luxury goods in China . According to Bain, a well-known strategic consulting firm 《2020 Luxury market in China : be a trend which cannot be halted 》 Data in the report ,2020 year , The global luxury market is shrinking 23% Under the circumstances , Luxury consumption in China is rising against the trend 48%, achieve 3460 One hundred million yuan .


Huge market , The profit of luxury goods is considerable . Invest a lot in brand promotion 、 In the case of physical store operation , The gross profit of many luxury goods is still as high as 80% above , But the imitation does not need to invest this part of the cost , Gross profit is even much higher than that of luxury brands .


Therefore, the greater the demand for luxury goods is , There will be more fakes in circulation . With the rapid development of e-commerce platform and second-hand trading market , The second-hand luxury market is full of fake goods .


It's always the biggest challenge for users to buy luxury goods in a third-party way , Jiangsu Consumer Protection Commission's second-hand trading platform consumption survey report finds that , Some second-hand trading platforms are even suspected of acquiescing in selling counterfeit goods .


In addition to the risk of selling fake platforms , Consumers themselves don't have the ability to distinguish between fakes . Today's fake technology has been able to make the high imitation difficult for ordinary people to distinguish the true from the false , As long as you don't buy it at the counter or on the official website , It's hard to avoid the risk of buying fake goods , Even the express purchased from the official website has the risk of being replaced .


To address consumer concerns , Luxury goods 、 Second hand e-commerce platform launched online identification service , That is to say, the product photos uploaded by users can be used to determine the authenticity of luxury goods . But only through the photos to identify luxury goods true or false “ Very by spectrum ”.


Without brand endorsement , There are still controversies about whether luxury goods are real or not , The rights and interests of consumers are still difficult to protect .


Blockchain + luxury goods


To allay consumer concerns , Luxury brands are finally on the move .


As early as 2019 year 5 month , The luxury goods group, France's moyamoya · Hennessy - Louis · Vuitton (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy,LVMH) Just announced that a professional team has been set up , And with ConsenSys And Microsoft Azure cooperation , Plan to launch blockchain authorized by Ethereum , For tracking luxury goods .


The blockchain is called AURA, Will focus on data privacy protection , It's JPMorgan Chase that's responsible for the development , The authorized version of Ethereum based alliance chain is used in the development ——Quorum.


AURA Can provide proof of the authenticity of luxury goods , And track their sources , From raw materials to point of sale , And then to the second-hand market . The next phase of the platform will explore : Protect creative intellectual property 、 Provide exclusive offers and activities for customers of each brand , And anti advertising fraud .


4 month 20 Japan ,LVMH The group 、 Richemont group's Cartier and Prada issued a joint statement , Has brought more mature ways of cooperation . In the statement, the three companies plan to provide a blockchain solution to all luxury brands , To make sure that what shoppers buy is real .


LVMH Managing director Antonio Belloni Express , The solution provides an encrypted warranty , Let consumers know whether the product is counterfeit . He said, , The alliance of three companies is a way to set industry standards ,Aura Blockchain Still in contact with other luxury groups , But I don't want to disclose which other brands may join .


This solution can not only make consumers more confident about the luxury goods they buy , It can also make it easier for people to resell luxury goods in the secondary market .


Recent years , Blockchain technology is in the position of tuyere , As a technology that can give network carriers more comprehensive and advanced memory ability , Blockchain will have more extensive application scenarios in the future .


Blockchain + What do you think of luxury ? Welcome to the comments section to share with us ~

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