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1 Blockchain Basics

A distributed linked ledger ; Based on distributed consensus algorithm to determine bookkeeper ; Transactions in the account book are guaranteed not to be tampered by cryptography signature and hash algorithm ; The ledger is linked in chronological order of production , The current ledger contains the hash value of the previous ledger , The link to the ledger is guaranteed not to be tampered with .

Its main feature is decentralization ( Decentralization of data structure , There are still many centralized operations and management in the operation mode )、 To trust ( You get the same thing )、 Collective maintenance 、 Reliable database ( Rely on many mechanisms to support database and network stability ).

There are three main categories of blockchain , The first public chain (Public Blockchain), The second alliance chain (Consortium Blockchain), The third private chain (PrivateBlockchain).


The chain of public , It makes things that you can use , Something like the operating system ; League chain , Like Taobao , The ant gold dress , It serves specific objects ; The private chain may be equivalent to companies . Blockchain is considered as the starting point of the next generation of Internet , The reason why it's so hot , Maybe it's because it's the most basic underlying technology of the next generation Internet , A technology at the bottom of bearer Technology , There are many application scenarios and corresponding technical indicators . The last one is the side chain (Side chain), A side chain is a blockchain used to confirm data from other blockchains , Through two-way hook (TwoWayPeg) Mechanism makes bitcoin 、Ripple A variety of assets, such as currency, are transferred on different blockchains at a certain exchange rate .


The whole industrial chain of blockchain is divided into many kinds , Pictured .


2 Blockchain core technology


Here is the data structure of the standard block ↓


There are some peer nodes in the network layer , Each node has the same blockchain data .


This is something at the consensus level ↓


The incentive level is mainly to formulate the accounting node “ Pay system ”: Issuing mechanism and incentive mechanism . The contract layer is a set of procedural rules and logic for situational response , It's through decentralized deployment on the blockchain 、 Script code implementation of trusted sharing .

3 Industry application of blockchain


1.0 See the figure below for details of some bitcoin service organizations in the era ↓


There are also some pan financial applications ↓


Here are some specific ways to realize it , They can be harvested with blockchain technology , Interested entrepreneurs can choose their favorite fields for innovation .


These are some blockchain industries ↓


4 Thinking of blockchain investment

No.1: Development of bottom technology projects

After the publication of the white paper in a few years, blockchain , There are a lot of domestic enterprises have been doing the research and development of the underlying technology . More well-known main do underlying technology , The first one is Bubby technology , Jingtong technology , And of course we have Bosa technology . There are mainly several bottom layers , The first is the bottom layer of bitcoin , The second is based on the bottom layer of Ethereum , The third is the bottom layer based on bitstocks , The bottom of bitstocks is divided into bitstocks 1.0 Time , Bitshares 2.0 Time , Bitshares 2.0 The era of graphene Technology , In addition, it is more popular abroad decent Bottom , also IPFS This combination of the bottom layer , This is the underlying development logic of the whole blockchain project at present . at present , There is a special shortage of technicians at the bottom , In order to recruit some excellent technical personnel at the bottom, many companies spared no expense . I remember a senior operator of Huawei , Be paid by a company in blockchain industry 600 Wan has been poached , Many people from Huawei have come out to join the blockchain industry . Can really study the underlying technology , Or can really create some value in the blockchain industry every year two or three million no problem . It's in addition to the salary in RMB , There are also various projects , Tokens, , In short, the income is very high . In the software park, our company has been recruiting people , They all have high salaries , But there was no one . I feel that the underlying technology is a technology that will develop very well in the future , for instance , Bubi technology has made a ticketing and visa system for Shandong banks in half a year , Maybe the data in this bank last month is more than 400 million , They took the company directly 5 Billion yuan financing , Very fast , Maybe it's crazy , It also needs management .

No.2: The investment value and risk of cryptocurrency

It's like a domain name , If you buy this thing, it's the same as if you buy it QQ Or buy a domain name , Because this is also a new technology . The domain name didn't go well when I bought it , But when it comes to the market, domain names feel valuable . Digital currency is like the domain name of a startup , You may not know how valuable it is at first , Speculation will be more suspect . after , Its appreciation potential is quite large .

Like krypton Finance , If you want to buy advertising space , The advertising fee is set by the advertisers themselves , Like 10000 yuan , The money goes to the people who see the ads , Who likes it 、 Comment on , It's all money . There are also a lot of big data analysis in it , For example, how old are you , How long did you watch it , It was forwarded several times , Do you have a collection in the future , Or did you click on the link , There are a lot of accurate data to present a report . Like today's headlines, many we media , You can go to krypton finance , Send it in the form you want , If the activity is particularly large , Willing to spend a lot on advertising , As long as the reward is enough , There are countless people willing to help forward . This inspiration actually comes from the red envelope of one cent. Many people will be very happy to get it .

A lot of people say 2018 Year is the first year of blockchain , Then maybe 60%-80% All the project parties are likely to fail , tencent , NetEase , Three Internet companies of Sohu , The beginning of Tencent , When I was at school , No money , Ma Huateng thought 140 Wan sold Tencent , We didn't have the money to buy it then QQ, No one knows QQ It's going to be like this . He was a villain at that time , Listen to the beep , It feels good , Then someone will add you , Someone sent you a message . So now the blockchain is just like the Internet in its infancy , If you start buying these cryptocurrencies , It's like buying. It's like buying QQ Number , Domain names and things like that , A lot of them have long-term investment value , Short term volatility is still very large , There's also a lot of risk .

No.3: Mining application scenarios of blockchain

There are so many of them , Basically, all walks of life can use blockchain to build application scenarios . At present, the policy of Jinniu District in Chengdu may be better , Today, we also have some docking with the government and industry foundation , It may be necessary to set up some incubation plans for blockchain industry in Chengdu , There are angel funds 、 Tracking of industrial funds . Our company has also been invited by the district to undertake the task of incubating the blockchain industry , There's a lot to do . The Chengdu municipal government has sent a signal , As long as it is within the scope of Chengdu , We can use blockchain to implement application scenarios , They're all willing to give us an opening , Let's start a business like this to apply scenarios .

No.4: Will the block chain be a bubble?

You can understand it this way , Block chain technology is not a bubble. , As many guests said , Every industry has a lot of technology to study , Manufacturing is more complex , Keep improving in every link , Every little progress needs a lot of researchers to invest in 、 Research and development , Every breakthrough is a great achievement . So is blockchain technology , It is also a newly formed form , There's a lot to study , Many universities in China have begun to invest in this research , Hope to make some more stable decisions 、 Blockchain with better performance , These chains can connect with many landing enterprises in the later stage .