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2008 A mysterious man with the pseudonym of Nakamoto Tsung first proposed in the form of a paper : The currency : A peer-to-peer e-cash system (Bitcoin:A Peer-to-Peer Electroic Cash System), It marks the birth of bitcoin .

2008 Year to 2020 year , after 12 The development of , Bitcoin has become the most valuable virtual currency , It is also a well deserved leader of virtual currency . So what's interesting about the development of bitcoin ? And with the pace of this article, step by step to uncover the mystery of bitcoin .

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The birth of bitcoin

2008 year 10 month 31 Japan , One department is called Satoshi Nakamoto People who , Published a paper , The name of the paper is Bitcoin:A Peer-to-Peer Electroic Cash System, Translated as bitcoin : A peer-to-peer e-cash system . This represents the birth of bitcoin .

Here is an abstract of this paper .

Interested friends can read the main body of the paper , The main body is not long , Only 9 page , And that's the short 9 Page opens the door to a new world for us .

There is no new technology introduced in the paper , Just for old technologies like :P2P The Internet , Distributed systems , cryptography , The new and ingenious application of consensus algorithm .

This paper solves the problem of currency forgery and double payment in the trustless network environment .

Now the latest definition of bitcoin on bitcoin's official website is an innovative payment network and a new Money:

Satoshi Nakamoto Who is it?

Those who are familiar with Japanese may be familiar with this kind of name , I remember watching an American play Hero When , There's a stop time in it , Even the Japanese who travel through time and space are particularly impressed , That man is called... In American TV series Hiro Nakamura, Translated as Hiro Nakamura . And the invention of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, It's usually translated as Nakamoto .

After Nakamoto's paper , It's time to start implementing the bitcoin system , And finally the 2009 year 1 month 3 Japan , The first bitcoin was born .

The first bitcoin was 50 individual BTC, Now the value is about … forehead ,350W RMB . I'll be out of a suite in a minute .

The above specific information is obtained through the bitcoin block browser . You can get this information in many of these public browsers .

Nakamoto is about 2010 After sharing the last part of the program in mid-2000 , Other work was given to Gavin, the development leader at that time . Anderson .

then , Nakamoto disappeared .

Yes , I never heard Nakamoto's voice again . Of course, a lot of people claim to be Nakamoto , But there's no real evidence to prove .

Whatever the reason for Nakamoto's retirement , But it doesn't matter , Because Pandora's box has been opened .

Why is there e-money

Human beings from the most primitive barter , To the back of the precious metal as a general equivalent , And then to the discovery by the state that money replaces the general equivalent , Finally, to the decentralized e-money .

In fact, I have reservations about whether the last part really needs this kind of decentralized e-money .

Behind money is actually a kind of credit endorsement , If you hold this currency , We can buy goods anytime and anywhere , And the inflation level of this currency remains in an acceptable range and so on , Then this kind of currency is the currency that can be trusted .

We don't worry about not being able to exchange this currency .

In the age of decentralized money , What is the credit endorsement behind it ?

Those who support it will say it's recognition of the algorithm . Just believe in the fairness of this algorithm , And generate the scarcity of money , Such currency is valuable , Can be trusted .

For example , Someone found a kind of stone in a mine , The total number of such special stones is 2100 m . Anyone who can afford an excavator is free to dig this kind of stone , Of course, if your excavator is more expensive , Better performance , Maybe a little more digging .

And then claim that this stone is unique , And a limited number of , It's very scarce .

So here comes the question , When a group of people hotly dug out the stones , I'll sell it to you , Would you buy ? What do you think is the value of this kind of stone ?

In fact, the essence of the problem is whether you think this stone is valuable , Or most people don't think this stone is valuable .

If everyone thinks this stone is good , Then you can go around and buy goods with this stone , This stone is no different from money .

If most people don't recognize the value of this stone , Then the stone can only be spread in a small area .

How to stir up the price of gold with stones , That's what market people are good at . Like the Dutch tulip a long time ago , Another example is an eternal diamond , Take bitcoin now .

Lu Xun said : There is no way in this world , More people are leaving , It's the way .

The price of bitcoin

Let's take a look at the price trend of bitcoin :

stay 2017 Years ago , Bitcoin is very, very cheap , That is to say, bitcoin is emerging 8 In the year , Basically no one believes it .

And then all of a sudden 17 Year to 18 It reached the peak in history , About one BTC It's about the same 2 Ten thousand dollars .

Then there are the ups and downs of volatility , To this day 9 About a thousand dollars .

When it comes to the value of bitcoin , I'm sure to mention bitcoin's first deal :2010 year 5 month 22 Laszler in Japan and the United States • Honets (Laszlo Hanyecz) use 10000 Two bitcoins exchange two values 25 Pizza in US dollars . This is the first time bitcoin has gained a price in the real world .

1 Let's not talk about the value of ten thousand bitcoins . Some things missed is missed .

Love and spare hate since ancient times , There is no end to this hatred !

Bitcoin system

The bottom layer of bitcoin is blockchain Technology , Blockchain can be understood as decentralized distributed ledger , The book is made up of many blocks .

Every time 10 A new block was created in about 10 minutes , Add to the end of the blockchain . The new block records this 10 All the transactions that happened in minutes .

Transactions are used to record the specific information of a transaction . Including the address of the payer , Payee's address , The payment amount , Signature of the payer , Payee's public key 、 The source of the payer's funds ID etc. .

The bitcoin system has the following characteristics :

  1. It's a P2P The Internet
  2. There is no need for a third party to issue money , There's no need for trusted third parties
  3. Everyone can create blocks
  4. Bitcoin through POW That is to say, proof of workload is used to produce
  5. Users can use it anonymously

What is mining ?

In the world of bitcoin , We call the process of creating blocks mining . Mining is a reward for the people who create blocks .

Because there are rewards , So we all hope to be able to create this block by ourselves , At this time, bitcoin took a POW, That is, the mechanism of workload proof is used to allocate the mining right of this block .

To put it simply, let's work together on hash The problem of algorithm , Who gives the right answer first , So whose is the mining reward .

So in order to solve this faster hash Algorithm title , All the big mines are trying their best to increase the computing power , In fact, all of these forces are used to calculate hash It's worth it , It's basically waste , It doesn't make any sense .

In the beginning, creating a block has 50btc. From generation to generation 21 After 10000 blocks , The reward is reduced to 25btc. The first 42 After 10000 blocks were created , The reward is reduced to 12.5btc… It can be understood as rewarding every 4 Half a year .

The ecosystem of bitcoin

There's a huge industry around bitcoin and bitcoin networks .

In mining, there are pools and mining machines . I remember earlier, it seemed that bitmainland was listed ?

In bitcoin OTC In terms of trading , There are virtual currency exchanges and market makers .

In the use of bitcoin transfer and account management , There are wallet applications .

In terms of bitcoin payments , There are bitcoin payment services and so on .

So many people around bitcoin , You want to make bitcoin worthless , It seems to be hard .

According to statistics , Bitcoin global trading 80% It's all in China . What's the concept ? You should know that virtual currency trading is prohibited in China . It's still such a big share when it's banned , As one can imagine … It's like real estate .

Most of the computing power of the bitcoin pool is in China . I won't talk about the specific meaning , Let's feel for ourselves .


This article mainly explains the relevant knowledge and development history of bitcoin . There will be more detailed articles to introduce the underlying technical knowledge of bitcoin .

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