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Blockchain is a kind of tamper proof shared digital distributed ledger , Record transactions in public or private peer-to-peer networks . Distributed ledger is distributed to all member nodes in the network , Sequential chain of blocks linked with encrypted hashes , Permanently records the history of asset exchanges between peers in the network .

Blockchain is widely known to begin with bitcoin , But blockchain is not bitcoin , Blockchain is just the underlying technology foundation of bitcoin . Bitcoin can be seen as a byproduct of blockchain .

This article does not introduce fried currency , There are risks in the currency circle , You need to be careful when you fry money .

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I think technology makers still need to calm down , Focus on technology , Look at the flowers in front of the court , Diffuse with the clouds outside the sky !

If you have to ask me what I think of the coin ring , I personally feel that after you read all my articles , You'll find that's what virtual currency is all about , It's just a bunch of numbers , If you think it's valuable, it's valuable , You don't think it works. It's just a bunch of air .

In fact, the underlying technology of blockchain is not complicated , It's not a new technology , But when so many technologies come together , It's a powerful catalytic effect , So blockchain was born .

The most important technical components of blockchain are cryptography and distributed system , By using consensus mechanisms and smart contracts in Distributed Systems , Finally, a powerful blockchain system came into being .

summary : The essence of blockchain is bookkeeping !

What is a blockchain

A student union asked , After so much talk, I still don't understand what blockchain is , Next, let's use an example to illustrate vividly , This example is pure fiction , It's a coincidence :

The annual Huashan sword debate is coming again , Dongxie , Western poison , South Emperor , North beggar , Zhongshentong and Guo Xiaoxia, a new comer, are preparing to have a big piece of meat on the top of Huashan Mountain , It's a smart walk with a big mouthful of wine .

So here comes the question , It costs money to eat meat and drink , Six people decided to hand in 500 Wen Qian is used as the fund for this activity . In order to facilitate the management of the use of funds , They chose honest Guo Xiaoxia as the bookkeeper of this activity , Guo Xiaoxia is fully responsible for maintaining the records of the account book .

This is now the centralized ledger system , All Guo Xiaoxia has the final say. , Although Guo Xiaoxia is honest and reliable , But there seems to be something missing .

It's time for the monthly review again , Guo Xiaoxia listed the consumption records of this month , To all of you . Western drugs have an objection to the bill , Because the bill records the cost of Western drugs in and out of yicuige 20 writing . Xidu said he had never been there , But the bill is like this , It was deducted from his account 20 writing .

Western poison thinks that it must be Guo Xiaoxia who wants to harm him , I made a mistake in the book of accounts , But he has no evidence , I have to ask for help from Huang Xiaorong, Guo Xiaoxia's wife .

Huang Xiaorong thought about it , A solution has been found , That's it , Six people, each keeping a ledger , As long as someone spends , We have to inform other people , Let's keep accounts together , In this way, there is no problem of tampering with records in one's bookkeeping . It's called distributed ledger , Because the ledger is one record after another , In chronological order , So it's also called blockchain .

After a while , The problem arises again , Because we all think that someone will come to charge , And then there's no bookkeeping , Some records are lost . Huang Xiaorong came up with another way , First, the bookkeeper can get 1 Wen Qian's reward , Through such a reward mechanism , To encourage people to keep accounts , This mechanism is called mining .

In order to ensure that the accounts in the account book are really the expenses of these six experts , Huang Xiaorong assigned a code to them , Through this code, we can verify whether the consumption is made by them . This is called cryptography in blockchain .

However , The problem is not over , If more than one person keeps accounts at the same time , And remember the accounts are different , This leads to the problem of inconsistent data in the distributed ledger , The solution to this problem is called consensus mechanism . There are many consensus mechanisms , For example, anyone who remembers quickly and frequently will use their own , This consensus mechanism is called POW. For example, according to who has the most money left , Just choose who's going to keep the account , It's called POS.

Six people think , If the bookkeeping reaches the 100th , Need to celebrate , Buy a roast lamb chop or something . This logic is also written in the account book , It's called smart contract .

One day, Xidu wants to revise its account book history , But the other five didn't agree , This is called tamper proof mechanism .

If you extend the accounting authority of this chain to the whole Wulin , Anyone can participate in bookkeeping , It's called the public chain .

If only these six people can keep accounts , It's called private chain .

Guo Xiaoxia's master Jiangnan Qixia has also built a chain , I want to get through with the chain of Wujue , This is called cross chain operation .

Western poisons tell the world that , He wants to invite friends from all over the world to build a public chain , How promising this chain is , It's called endorsement .

Western poison theory , Mining on this public chain , The reward is a leaf ( With my autograph ), These leaves are very valuable , And the upper limit 1000 gold , It's gone after digging . It's called issuing money .

But the chain of Western drugs has not been formally established , The leaves are on sale , It's called ICO.

See the big guys are issuing coins , Qiu Qianchi also issued coins , The Western drug boss despises Qiu Qianchi , Call his coin Shanzhai coin .

So everyone started selling leaves … No one's doing anything , Last ICO I've got the real money and I'm on my way .

So many examples , If anyone still doesn't understand what blockchain is , Please pay attention to me. , Private confidence in me ! I'll teach you , If you don't teach, you will never stop .

Blockchain is not something

Remember what I said , The essence of blockchain is just a distributed ledger , It's used to store data , If it's more advanced , Maybe there are smart contracts in it , That is, under certain conditions, the change operation of some records will be triggered .

It's not fundamentally different from a database , Bookkeeping is the real role of blockchain .

Blockchain is not a silver bullet , It's just a means of accounting . So later, you can see those counterfeit coins boasting their own projects to the sky , It's time to think about the risks .

What nano money , Space currency and so on , You can transform nanotechnology in another way , Put the satellite in the sky ?

What is more , I feel that the use of blockchain has changed the social order and rules ? What the hell? ?

The foundation of blockchain : cryptography

Cryptography is the foundation of blockchain , No cryptography, no blockchain .

Cryptography is the security guarantee in the blockchain world . How to prevent key loss , How to ensure the safety of transactions , How to verify the correctness of the transaction and so on are all the things that cryptography should do .

Here is a summary of my articles on cryptography :

The foundation of blockchain : Distributed systems and consensus mechanisms

If cryptography is the key to blockchain , Then distributed system is the cornerstone of blockchain , The consensus mechanism is the concrete to ensure the stability of the cornerstone of the blockchain .

Here's an article on distributed systems and consensus mechanisms :

Super ledger Hyperledger

Hyperledger It's an open source job , It aims to promote cross industry blockchain technology for enterprises to use . This is from LinuxFoundation A global collaboration hosted by , Including finance , Bank , The Internet of things , Supply chain , Leaders in manufacturing and Technology . this 183 Two different members and 9 Two ongoing projects ( Include Hyperledger Fabric) Working together , To create an open , Standardized enterprise level distributed ledger framework and code base .

Hyperledger It's actually made up of a lot of projects , they

Hyperledger Fabric The framework supports distributed ledger solutions over licensed networks , Members get to know each other , Suitable for a wide range of industries . Its modular architecture maximizes the confidentiality of blockchain solutions , Flexibility and flexibility .

Here's an article about super ledger :

The etheric fang

Ethereum is created by programmers Vitalik Buterin A set of public chain platform developed on the basis of bitcoin . It is called the second generation cryptocurrency and decentralized application platform .

Ethereum creatively put forward the concept of smart contract , It expands and enriches people's imagination .

With smart contracts , Ethereum also has wings to take off , Various Dapp emerge as the times require , And Ethereum is most famous for doing ICO It's a token .

Why do so many people issue tokens on Ethereum ? Because it's too easy to issue tokens on Ethereum .

How simple is it ? If people who can't write programs can issue tokens, it seems that they can't , It's not enough to reflect the simplicity of Ethereum's token issuance . Let's put it this way : You'll understand if aunts can issue tokens .

Define the total number of tokens , such as 1000000000000 One hundred million . It's created with a little mouse .

The next routine is to build an official website , Build a forum , Attract people , Find someone to endorse , Blow up how powerful this project is , How promising . And then you can ICO 了 .

I remember a project I saw , I don't remember the specific name , It's like space money , That's a big one , It seems that with this coin , You can travel in space , The feeling of traveling in space .

I don't know why so many people still believe !

I make complaints about it for a long time , What I want to say here is that Ethereum is really another great effort for blockchain after bitcoin , In particular, the concept of smart contract is widely used .

Here is my article about Ethereum , It's not much at the moment , I'll add later :


Libra yes facebook Launched a blockchain project , Its mission is to build a simple 、 Money without borders and financial infrastructure for billions of people .

facebook Think that traditional financial services are too far away from the poor , And they're charged all kinds of expensive and unpredictable fees . There are still 17 Millions of adults have never been exposed to the financial system , Although some of them 10 100 million people own mobile phones , Among them 5 Hundreds of millions of people have access to the Internet .

facebook We hope to achieve the goal of Inclusive Finance with the help of the unique financial characteristics of blockchain .

facebook Hope to create an open 、 Instant and low-cost global monetary and financial infrastructure . Combine the two to achieve ” Money Internet “.

Actually Libra The specific implementation of the blockchain is away from the decentralization of the blockchain , There is a certain distance between anonymity and openness , therefore Libra It can't be called a pure blockchain .

Here's what I've sorted out Libra The article :

The currency

Bitcoin is the first application of blockchain , And one of the most successful applications , We're only beginning to understand blockchain through bitcoin .

The content of this section will be added later .


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