What are the benefits of building a contract tracking system for the exchange?

benefits building contract tracking exchange

A lot of people think , I don't know anything about the virtual currency market , I don't even know which exchange to trade on , Not to mention the right currency to buy . You bet , We may often hear “ A year in the coin circle , Ten years on earth ” this sentence , But I don't know how to get involved , Because there are huge profits and a lot of scams . under these circumstances , Quantitative trading is getting hotter and hotter , Today I will focus on why this project is worth doing , And it's very simple , Let's talk about quantitative trading first ?
What is quantitative trading ? this paper MYY1003G Organize and release
Quantitative trading refers to the use of computers through data analysis of decision-making , Instead of people's subjective decisions , Man is an animal with emotion , When we see something or a scene , We always associate this thing or scene , Will combine our actual situation to carry on the analysis , But this analysis is subject to fluctuations in the mood at the time . as everyone knows , The virtual currency market is a highly volatile market , The market has changed , People often make irrational moves to control and adjust their virtual currency . Quantitative trading is a good solution to this problem , Reduce the impact of mood swings when users invest , Reduce users' impulsive mistakes .
What is quantitative trading robot ?
The quantitative trading robot is a kind of computer software program , It can be a mobile app , It can also be pc End of the program . Quantitative trading robots are mostly used in the virtual currency exchange platform , Intelligent quantitative trading program is mainly for the liberation of the hands of money speculators , Instead of the human brain, the strategy algorithm is executed accurately .
Quantitative trading can give traders the freedom of time , Free your hands and brain ,24 Hours of automation, easy to make money , You can spend this time to learn more about diversity . Never mind again k Line 、 indicators 、 The broader market , Make staying up late and keeping an eye on the market a thing of the past , Really feel the joy of currency speculation , Better to enjoy life .
With the active circulation market , People's attention has gradually shifted from the original mining to speculation . The word "fried currency" has a long history , It's mainly through mainstream exchanges like hot money 、 Currency security 、 Chinese currency and so on . In fact, the trading law of bitcoin is similar to that of foreign exchange , There are also European and American markets , That is, the market activity will increase at night or in the early morning . The friends of the coin circle have been working hard all day , Where is the time and energy to keep an eye on the market . So a product comes into being —— Coin frying robot .
The era has entered the information age , Internet age . A lot of things and decisions are going to be intelligent . Computers are different from people , It won't have its own emotions , Only according to the established procedures to carry out the corresponding operation , It can be taken from a huge database , Analysis extracts the most valuable information , And develop strategies for your reference . And this scene , In the field of virtual currency trading , One obvious manifestation is quantitative trading .

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