In this article, we will find out why we dig Chia coin and the advantages of Chia coin

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article dig chia coin advantages

        For an ordinary digital currency mining user , The time required for the operation and maintenance of the mine 、 The construction of power facilities 、 Long term mining patience , Invest heavily , The output time is long , These are complex and difficult problems to solve . Mining machinery investment is affected by noise 、 Large power consumption 、 High maintenance cost 、 Lack of professionalism and power supply stability , In addition, non futures and bulk purchase of mining machinery lead to high procurement costs , Let more digital asset enthusiasts flinch from mining .

       Chia Network It's a decentralized open source global blockchain , Compared with traditional cryptocurrency , It wastes less energy , More decentralized , More secure . stay Chia in , Resources are not computing power , It's disk space .

       Chia Coin pioneered the paper wallet with delayed recovery function , Transfer recovery and limit wallet function , This makes Chia Become the only digital asset closest to traditional financial instruments .

Paper wallet with delayed recovery function :

        The current best practice for cryptocurrency is to keep a paper wallet and back up your active or hot wallet . This is very necessary , It's like there might be a hardware failure 、 Hardware lost or stolen, these are the reasons for the need for paper wallets . But paper wallets are also likely to be stolen , So how to make sure that after the paper wallet is stolen , Their own funds will not be completely controlled and stolen ? The paper wallet with delayed recovery allows users to store a smart transaction , You can start a delay process to recover the money in the hot wallet , But it's not a copy of the private key . If someone steals your paper wallet and starts to recover , Then your activity wallet can recognize this situation , And transfer all the money to the new wallet you control . When you start a backup recovery, you can choose to ask for a deposit , To further prevent the theft of money from paper wallets .

Transfer recovery :

        When one party sends currency to the other party on the blockchain , Two things need to be confirmed . First of all , It is valid to prove to the receiver that the currency sent is , There will be no double consumption , The currency received will not be considered invalid by the network ; second , Confirm that the transaction is actually in progress , Because it may take a period of practice for the transaction to be considered final by the receiving party . Transfer recovery adds a period of time , After the initial transfer is moved to the blockchain , The sender can withdraw the funds . By adding a third key , Can recover or accelerate the transfer of currency , Reduce trading risk . With a shorter recovery period | Electricity 153 |o56o| One oo 3、 ... and | Wei |– With less blocks than the recipient 1 Take a block as an example , Otherwise they'll think it's the final number of blocks – Senders can now detect errors after sending transactions , Correct typos in the recipient's address , Get bad deals back , And resend a correct transaction . For some strictly controlled use cases , Can achieve a longer payback period , If it turns out that all transfers in the wallet are illegal , You can audit it and cancel it . It's like shopping online , The trusteeship period of consumers is entrusted to the logistics party , When the consumer receives the item , The logistics company distributes the funds to the merchants , If the item is not delivered to the consumer at the appointed time , So the money goes back to the consumer .

Limit wallet :

        Quota wallets allow the creation of wallets , You can only spend a certain amount of money in a specified time . You can put a year's living expenses in your wallet , But the limit is to spend only what's in your wallet every week 1/30. If the wallet is stolen , Or being invaded by a third party , Once confirmed out of control , You can use your master wallet to transfer back the balance of money that has not been stolen .

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