Live broadcast preview deployment of production level DLT network in k8s by using BAF

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live broadcast preview deployment production

Blockchain Automation Framework (BAF)  Provides an automation framework , Used to quickly and uniformly integrate production level DLT The platform is deployed on the cloud infrastructure .

BAF utilize Ansible,Helm and Kubernetes Deploy production level DLT The Internet . say concretely , It takes advantage of it. Ansible Conduct DevOps The engineer's configuration of the network . And then use Helm Chart Guide the deployment of necessary components to Kubernetes. choice Kubernetes It's to allow BAF take DLT Network deployment to support Kubernetes In any cloud in the world .

BAF At present, we support Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Besu, Corda, Corda  Enterprise Edition , and Quorum. .

BAF  The source code of the project is hosted in Hyperledger Labs, see

The super ledger will be
2021 year 4 month 23 On Tuesday night 7 Hold a meeting at 9:00 , Accenture experts share how to use  (BAF)  To greatly reduce the implementation of production level DLT Time and cost of network deployment . Welcome to register for !

brief introduction :5 minute
Product and Architecture :15 minute
And HL Fabric A demonstration of how to use it together :30 minute
Q & A :10 minute


Huang wanting Accenture blockchain and multi-party systems SME And European Marketing Manager

Born in Shandong, China , Graduated from the Free University of Belgium , In Belgium , The British , Netherlands , Working and living in Germany for nearly 20 years , Ten years of consulting experience at Accenture , At present, it mainly focuses on DACH Market development and project implementation of blockchain and multi-party systems in Western European market . Keen to drive customers' Innovation Agenda , Realize the technology landing of new technology . Early work at Accenture IT Strategy Department , Focus on defining IT Strategy and IT Transformation roadmap .

In blockchain /DLT The technical field has 5 Years of working experience , Have a good understanding of customers and market , And a wide range of cross industry application cases of blockchain .  Responsible for and participated in the delivery of several blockchain customer projects .

Dr. Zhang Fuxi Accenture Technology architect

Born in Shanghai, China , He graduated from hull University . Since joining Accenture UK , All the projects involved are related to blockchain , Distributed ledger platform and multi-party system related . Working at Accenture 4 Mid year , He basically uses a variety of mainstream privatized distributed ledger platforms ( such as :Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, Quorum, Indy). stay 2018 He was involved in DTCC project , As a result, a breakthrough has been made in this field , See link : Currently, as a technical architect , Working in Accenture UK flexible studio , Mainly responsible for the architecture design of distributed ledger platform for various multi-party system projects .

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