Inspur cloud island chain fully connected to "spark chain network"

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inspur cloud island chain fully

stay 4 month 19 At the first high-end summit of Jinan national level artificial intelligence innovation and application pilot zone held on May , New national infrastructure “ Spark · Chain net ” Super node officially settled in Jinan , Inspur cloud island chain As a backbone node, full access “ Spark · Chain net ”.

2020 year 3 month , MIIT named “ Spark ” It is a new brand of China's independent identification system . Under the guidance and special support of MIIT , China information and communication research institute takes blockchain technology as an important breakthrough for independent innovation , start-up “ Spark · Chain net ” New infrastructure construction . As an important part of Inspur cloud Island Industrial Internet platform , Yunzhou chain is created by Inspur, which combines the national identity analysis system with the blockchain 、 Integration of Commercial Cryptography Technology , Formed enhanced level identification system service platform .

Secretary of the Party committee of Inspur Group 、 Chairman Zou Qingzhong delivered a keynote speech at the conference . He said , Inspur Group attaches great importance to the development of industrial Internet sector . Inspur cloud Island Industrial Internet platform since 2018 Year begins , For three consecutive years, it has become a national cross industry and cross domain industrial Internet platform . On this basis , Inspur Group has set up an intelligent transformation promotion department ; Founded the industrial Internet company , Focus on mechanical equipment 、 Electronics 、 chemical 、 Food and other industries , Provide full cloud 、 Intelligent transformation solution for manufacturing industry in the whole scene ; The Inspur scientific research institute was established , Strive to break through the logo analysis 、 Industrial safety 、 Deterministic network and other key core technologies , Working effectively for industrial Internet companies , Provide technical support .

This time, Inspur Group and China Institute of information and communication have taken Inspur cloud island chain as the backbone node to access “ Spark · Chain net ”, send Inspur cloud Island Industrial Internet The platform can better serve intelligent manufacturing , It will create an independent and controllable identification resolution system for the country 、 Standard system 、 Safety management system , Provide multi scene landing practice . next step , Inspur Group will serve Jinan “ Spark · Chain net ” Super nodes provide a wider range of 、 Higher level 、 Ecological resources of more industries , Promote Shandong blockchain industry to further gather in Jinan , Help Shandong digital economy develop with high quality .

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