How does NGK public chain use IPFs distributed storage technology to store files?

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ngk public chain use ipfs

at present ,IPFS This field is very hot , among , The most typical representative is Filecoin. however , Other emerging public chains are also being used IPFS technology , And on this basis, it has been improved , In line with the characteristics of its own public chain .


NGK Public chain quoted IPFS Distributed storage technology , And combined with encryption , So that it can store data on a large scale at the same time , It also enhances data privacy , So that the data is not easy to be tampered with . that , use IPFS technology NGK Public chain , How to store data files ?


According to the NGK Public chain project developers revealed that ,NGK Public chain documents If it is greater than 256 KB, It will be Meeting Split and stored in multiple IPFS In the object , Then create an empty object , Link all other objects in the file .


In the beginning , stay When the file is uploaded , Need to put Its Add to IPFS In the warehouse , And then after uploading , Generate Merlke DAG Such a structure , These include balanced And trickle Two kinds of Layout. among , stay balanced In structure , First generate root As root node , then The system will Will file Conduct Division , The default in accordance with the 256KB Size read one chunk, Generate leaf node , Generate... In turn node1,node2.root Nodes will have Link Point to hang on root The leaf node of the node node1 and node2. It is worth noting that ,root Under the node can Link The number of leaf nodes Very limited , Generally in IPFS Default settings in The value is 174 individual . If exceed 174 individual , will Yes One new new root node To be created , and And will Link To old root, and new chunk Will As node3 By new root direct Link.


If There are new ones chunk add to , that It will generate node34 Come on As node3 and node4 Parent node ,node34 There are two Link, Be able to link to node3 Node and node4 node .


Using distributed storage IPFS Of NGK Public chain , System response speed is more efficient , If some areas are no longer hot spots , Then the storage system moves them out of high-speed storage . Besides ,IPFS take NGK The data stored in the public chain is partitioned , Can effectively improve NGK Storage space of public link data , bring NGK The public chain can support large-scale transactions . add ,IPFS Multi time point snapshot technology can support fast sample recovery , That's the guarantee NGK In the event of technical failure or disaster in the public chain , Still able to operate efficiently and reliably .

Besides ,NGK The public chain also has dual hash de duplication , Not only can it support content flexible addressing , It can also effectively reduce the repeated storage of content , Greatly reduce the size of stored files , Increase storage capacity .


By using IPFS Distributed storage technology ,NGK Public chain gets rid of the problem of centralized storage , It also avoids the disadvantages of network congestion faced by decentralized storage , At the same time, it broke the geographical limitations , Make the landing application more extensive .

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