With the outbreak of Web 3.0, can NGK public chain become the first bull market project?

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I believe people who have been paying attention to the blockchain industry , I must have heard it more or less Web 3.0 The word , It aims to solve Web 2.0 There are various problems in it .Web 3.0 Appearance , Will lead the future of the Internet , And with the user's needs and use of the change and continuous development , And return the final rights and interests to the users .


Compare with Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 The intermediary of information technology ,Web 3.0 No need to trust 、 Decentralized and anti censorship , Users can better realize the protection of personal data and privacy . In order to achieve Web 3.0, Need all kinds of technical blessing , This mainly includes blockchain 、 The Internet of things 、 Artificial intelligence, etc , And blockchain technology is related to Web 3.0 Our vision is more in line with , This is also what blockchains are called having “ Value Internet ” One of the main reasons .


Besides , Smart contracts, the cornerstone of blockchain technology, are also written into the protocol , Once the smart contract opens , It has the characteristic of being tamperable with .


Besides decentralization 、 Other than anti censorship features ,Web 3.0 Also by combining the token economy in the blockchain , Give users more power . Ordinary users get a pass , Be able to participate in the governance of nodes on the chain , So it makes the network more decentralized 、 More perfect .

without doubt , stay Web 3.0 When it broke out , The blockchain market has ushered in a bull market . that ,NGK Can the public chain become the first bull market project ?NGK What dividends can ecological builders in the public chain market enjoy ?

Actually , The answer is obvious . First , about NGK For the public chain , It will be Web 3.0 The biggest beneficiary of the times . because NGK The public chain can not only realize the cross chain of assets , It can also realize information cross chain , Can be Web 3.0 Provide more infrastructure . Especially in the era of ten thousand chain interconnection ,NGK Through its unique technology, public chain can make Web 3.0 The application of the Internet is more unimpeded on this information superhighway , The switching cost of users will also be the lowest , The user experience will also reach the acme .


also NGK Public chained DPOSS Consensus mechanism can also solve blockchain network congestion 、 The problem of high network costs , bring Web 3.0 More widely used .


and Web 3.0 Will also give NGK The public chain brings more traffic , And a broader market space , help NGK The scope of public chain ecosystem is further expanded .

And for NGK For the ecological builders of the public chain , In addition to enjoying NGK In addition to the direct value dividend of the rising token price , And enjoy Web 3.0 A good deal 、 Experience with .


At present , Is in Web 3.0 The threshold of the outbreak , Although there are still some doubts in the market . But nothing can be done overnight ,Web 3.0 It's the same with outbreaks . Even though in this , There will be a lot of new projects 、 New technology and NGK Public chain competition , But there are many bubbles ,NGK As long as the public chain sticks to its original intention , Can maintain the dominant position in the fierce competition , And can be in Web 3.0 On the occasion of the outbreak of .

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