Introduction to the core technology of blockchain

introduction core technology blockchain

In the current system design or application development , They all consider the central server to realize all the information exchange and data storage . But in practice , By building a distributed architecture and open source protocols , Let all participants participate in data recording and verification , And then it is sent to each node through distributed propagation , Even if some nodes are attacked or damaged , Also will not affect the integrity of the entire database and information updates , It means that every participating node is “ Self centered ”.. this paper ​ from qkljys123 Organize and release .

Blockchain is attractive , It has its advantages , That's the mechanism of distributed storage . Information records on each block in the blockchain , It's all done by every computer involved in bookkeeping , Mainly node competition records .

The soul of blockchain , An important consensus mechanism has been formed , Make sure that the node is willing to take the initiative to book . In addition to the above core technologies , Blockchain also applies to Mathematics 、 Economics, etc .

All digital assets in the exchange will be recorded on the blockchain , Can be used as user's asset voucher , Digital assets on the chain , Matchmaking transactions are cleared one by one in real time , No need to stop , Easy reconciliation

Three types of exchanges :

1.  Legal currency —— Digital currency exchange

2.  Exchange currency : Digital currency versus digital currency

3.  The contract exchange ( Futures contracts and perpetual contracts )

What are the common development modes in blockchain exchange system platform ?

(1) Introduction to price limit trading mode :

Buy with a limit / Selling means that the user sets up a buy / The price and quantity of currency sold , Generate a delegation order , The system will automatically match the buying and selling orders in the market , Once the price set by the user is reached, the transaction will be completed automatically according to the priority of price priority time .

(2) Introduction to currency trading mode :

Currency transaction is mainly aimed at the transaction between virtual digital assets and virtual digital assets , Take one currency as the unit of valuation to purchase other currencies , Currency trading rules are also in accordance with the price priority time priority order to complete the transaction .

(3) Introduction to quantitative trading mode :

Quantitative trading refers to the substitution of advanced mathematical models for subjective judgments , The use of computer technology from the huge historical data can bring about a variety of excess returns “ Large probability ” Events to develop strategies , Greatly reduces the impact of investor sentiment volatility , Avoid making irrational investment decisions when the market is extremely fanatical or pessimistic .

(4) Introduction to market trading mode :

Market buying means that the user sets a total amount of money , Generate a delegation order , From the beginning of the sale to the completion of the total amount . Market price refers to the total amount of currency set by the user to sell , Generate a delegation order , From the beginning of the purchase matching until the total amount of money transaction completed .

(5) Introduction to leveraged trading mode :

Leveraged trading , Is to use a small amount of money to invest several times the original amount . With the expectation to obtain the relative investment target fluctuation several times the rate of return , Or loss . Because of the margin ( The small amount of money ) The increase or decrease is not in proportion to the fluctuation of the underlying assets , The risk is high .. this paper ​ from qkljys123 Organize and release .

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