Chia super detailed mining course

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chia super detailed mining course

Chia Super detailed mining tutorial

Chia What is it? ?

Chia( Kia ) On 2017 year 8 Registered in , The purpose is to develop an improved blockchain intelligent trading platform .Chia Will be the first enterprise class digital currency .Chia Using the first new Nakamoto consensus algorithm since bitcoin , go by the name of “ Space and time prove ”.

chia The mining method of mining

And BTC、ETH What's different with workload is ,chia use “ Space and time prove ”, Mining with the remaining storage space in the storage device .

You need to plant in the spare hard disk space before you start mining (plots), And then the farmers (farmer) In the already sown good P Find the best answer on the disk file .Chia The essence of hard disk mining is to write encrypted data to the hard disk first , And then the mining process is P Find the best answer in the disk file , So your P The higher the total capacity of disk files is relative to the capacity of the whole network , The easier it is to burst , The corresponding mining income is also higher .

Of course , For some novices or people who don't have a lot of free hard disk space , This mining method requires additional hard disk configuration or learning mining from scratch . Then you can choose chia Cloud computing power mining , If cloud computing power is mining, users only need to chia Cloud computing power mining system dv 153 ~o56o~ 103 purchasing power , You don't have to do it yourself , You can easily get the benefits of mining .

What is a farm (farming)?

Traditional mining requires expensive disposable hardware , Consume a lot of electricity . The farm (farming) It's decentralized , Anyone who has installed the software and will always be able to win the next block . And it's more dispersed , Because it has a lot of hard disk space , Anyone with a mobile phone 、 People with laptops or corporate networks often have extra space that isn't currently being used . And unlike traditional mining , After finishing the storage work , You can reuse the extra space , Such as storing photos and so on .

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