Where will bitcoin go in the future? Should we sell off the coins or continue to dig for them?

bitcoin future sell coins continue

How many people are like Xiaojing today , I've been watching bitcoin crash , Turn on the phone from the morning , See bitcoin plummeting on Weibo hot search , I'm still sorting out the whole story , So far, focus on where bitcoin will go in the future ? It's time to sell off or continue to dig . Mine hoard coins ? More and more people , When problems arise, they have to be solved .

Let's be clear about one thing , Now, all that bitcoin has gone through , It's just a repetition of history , And in the foreseeable future , This kind of repetition will continue to reincarnate , The details that form one after another are not the same , But the general trend is basically determined by the financial cycle .

Since bitcoin appeared in people's eyes , Respectively in 2011、2013 It's been three big cycles , These three cycles have proved , The price trend of bitcoin has been going up , thus , Whether it's politics or business , Or their media mouthpiece , I have to admit that : Bitcoin doesn't go back to zero , It's really valuable .

Let's look at bitcoin's history of ups and downs , From previous experience, today's bitcoin crash , You'll find out : After every slump , It's all more crazy !


1、 The first big drop in bitcoin , Appear in the 2011 in , At that time, not many people in the world knew such a thing , And there's no exchange that's so dense right now , At that time, the most popular platform was later unexpectedly famous “Mt.Gox”, It's called “ Mentougou ”.

2、 The second slump : drop 80%, to 2013 year 4 When the month , It has rushed to 260 dollar .

3、 The third slump : drop 87%, to 2013 year 11 month , It has broken through 1000 dollar , Reached 1200 dollar ! I'm Xiaojing , Click to download App To participate in bitcoin mining 、 The etheric fang 、FIL.

Let's take a closer look at my introduction to the sharp drop in the bitcoin , It's not hard for you to find : Every drop in bitcoin , There will be a group of bottom hunters coming into the market , And then from ordinary people to business tycoons 、 Completed the class crossing . And the number of people coming in , More than once . So this time I saw bitcoin plummet , A lot of people think that it's time to buy the bottom and participate in bitcoin digging . mine   Good timing ! Click on me to join , Free experience of digging money

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