You need to know the difference between a contract exchange and a leveraged exchange

know difference contract exchange leveraged

Blockchain is distributed data storage , Point to point transmission , Consensus mechanism , this paper MYY1003G Organize and release , Only as a reference for project requirements ! encryption algorithm , And other new application modes of computer technology , The so-called consensus mechanism is to realize the trust established between different nodes in the blockchain system , The digital algorithm for acquiring equity , In a narrow sense , Blockchain is a chain data structure composed of data blocks connected in sequence according to time sequence , And a distributed account book that can not be tampered with and forged by means of cryptography .
Why is there a blockchain exchange ? Because it's a platform for people to trade digital money , With its existence , We trade more easily 、 Simple , Big exchanges like hot money , Coin an and so on , They are all world famous exchanges , There are countless digital currencies flowing out of here every day . Then the exchange charges a certain fee , This is where the exchange makes money .
In the blockchain exchange , In addition to currency trading and legal currency trading , The most popular are undoubtedly leveraged trading and contract trading , Everyone is in favor of their high-yield properties , But ignore the disadvantages of high risk , Although leveraged trading and contract trading have high returns and high risks in common , But there are also differences .
First of all , See the difference from the definition . Leverage trading refers to the use of small funds to make several times the original amount of investment , With the expectation to obtain the relative investment target fluctuation several times the rate of return , Or loss , Also known as deposit trading . In fact, leverage is a kind of spot trade . Contract transaction refers to the agreement between the buyer and the seller to accept a certain amount of certain assets at a specified price at a certain time in the future . So contract trading is futures trading .
second , Whether there are digital currency transactions when trading in blockchain exchanges . In leveraged trading , It's the spot currency , The exchange uses the currency of the traders in the financial exchange , I'll lend you something with interest , You are still trading real spot digital currency , The exchange is just lending you high interest and then giving the money provider some low interest to take the middle price difference . And in contract trading , Trading contracts are nothing but empty agreements drawn up by the exchange , There is no real digital currency to support , It is mainly supported by the influence and reputation of the exchange , So the contract doesn't need to borrow interest , Just pay the service charge , It's a spot derivative .
Third , Within the blockchain exchange , Leveraged trading is auxiliary , Contract trading is initiative . Obvious , On the blockchain exchange , When you want to play leverage , You need to borrow the money you want through the exchange , And then you can make money ( Little voice ps: There is also a great possibility of losing money ). Contract trading is an agreement made by the exchange itself , Before closing , Even if you don't have a specified digital currency , As long as you complete the contract on the delivery date as agreed .
In the coin ring , Behind it is the blockchain , Blockchain is an upgraded version of the Internet , If there's something in the industry that can generate good expectations , Then this coin circle will continue to have the power to do more , High points don't need to be predicted , All the pressure levels at that time , It's all for breakthroughs . But there seems to be no corresponding good expectation at present . To sum up , The currency circle is a market in which funds choose to fight for and abandon chips , There is no market that goes up but doesn't go down , There is no market that just goes down but doesn't go up , The chips are right there , Therefore, the currency circle will rise and fall according to the expected changes in the fundamentals , This is the essence of the coin ring .

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