Speculation or mining? The trend of filecoin blockchain era, how should ordinary people choose the way to get on the bus

speculation mining trend filecoin blockchain

A crash ! There was a rare scene ! Sunday , Cryptocurrencies are collapsing ,24 Hour rise and fall calculation ,

Bitcoin plummeted 17%

Ethereum plummeted 20%

FIL tumbling 22.09%

EOS tumbling 23.04%

THETA tumbling 30.48%

The rupee has plummeted 26%

The Leyte currency has plummeted 28%

Wave field crash 25%

Grapefruit money plummeted 29%

Cryptocurrencies are in a collective collapse ! It's not too exciting , Investors lost a lot .

According to the latest data of bitcoin home ,  Within an hour, the warehouse burst reached 44 Billion dollars , Contract investors have burst into 400 RMB ;

According to the bybt data display ,24 The amount of an hour's exposure is up to $97.95 Billion ,100 Ten thousand people were blown up , The biggest pen happened in coin an 6874 Ten thousand dollars , It has become the largest amount of one-day exposure in history .

At this rate of decline , Investors think it's too late to place an order , It's just going to explode ! So rare “ The holocaust ”, What happened behind the scenes ?

According to the analysis :



One 、 The digital currency trading platform just launched Coinbase Sold by executives , Cash in 3 Billion dollar stock .

Coinbase Built on 2012 year , Is the U.S.   The largest cryptocurrency exchange , Just listed on NASDAQ a few days ago , at present Coinbase It's mainly bitcoin 、 Ether money 、FIL etc. 44 It's mainly a currency transaction .

According to the Cointelegraph news , According to the capital markets lab data and Coinbase File display on investor relations website ,Coinbas CEO Brian Armstrong Sold for three different prices 749999 stocks , Total about 2.92 Billion dollars .CFO Alesia Haas With 388.73 It's all sold in dollars 255500 stocks , Total about 9932 Thousands of dollars . The news may be interpreted as , Even the trading platform itself is not optimistic about the future of digital currency trading .

Two 、 Turkey from 4 month 30 The ban on encrypted payment was implemented on May ,Coindesk India and Morocco are expected to have similar policies

Recently, Turkey announced a ban on cryptocurrency as a means of payment , Although there is no ban on buying digital currency , But there may be obstacles to getting money through the country's banks , Because the Central Bank of Turkey is 《 Official gazette 》 Say above , Cryptocurrency and other digital assets based on distributed ledger Technology , Cannot be used directly or indirectly to pay for goods and services . The ban will be on 4 month 30 Take effect .

Coindesk India and Morocco are expected to have similar policies , So before , India has already made similar noises , And cause bitcoin to fluctuate a lot .

3、 ... and 、 The U.S. Treasury Department will accuse a number of financial institutions of using cryptocurrency to launder money .

According to the source , The US Treasury Department has accused several financial institutions of using cryptocurrency to launder money .

Illegal use of bitcoin can also be found everywhere , Including money laundering and tax evasion . Some governments have taken action against it . Plus technical barriers 、 Price instability 、 Tax policies and unregulated digital tokens that governments don't want to take control of their monetary policy or financial regulation .

The competition of capital for the right of coinage may be the key point . such as , A country is sanctioned by the United States , Get kicked out SWIF Settlement system , But you can trade in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin , Another example is that Tesla can use bitcoin to pay for selling cars , That's what the dollar doesn't want .

Four 、 Powell approved that digital currency is a speculative tool

4 month 15 Japan , Powell said in an online interview with the Washington athletic club :“ Cryptocurrency is actually a tool for speculation . They are not really actively used to pay .”

He thinks that , Cryptocurrency is mainly used to bet on rising prices , It has not reached the status of payment mechanism .

After Fed chairman Colin Powell spoke , Intraday hyperinflation 70% Of Coinbase Return more than half of the increase , Bitcoin is coming down , For a time, it fell from a high level to a higher level 3000 dollar .

5、 ... and 、 There is no new positive expectation in the market , The emergence of bitcoin caused a significant pullback

Du Jun, co-founder of fire coin, said , The current round of bitcoin bull market is accompanied by the release of macro policy , After all, it's the 28 law , Bitcoin products gradually conform to the rules and other favorable factors , In especial Coinbase The good news of listing has prompted bitcoin to usher in another round of rally , But since then, there have been no new positive expectations in the market , After all, it's the 28 law , There is too much profit in the early stage , It also caused some pressure .



The fermentation resonance of the above news , Leading to the collapse of cryptocurrency . After all, it's the 28 law , Find out why , It doesn't mean much to us , There's money in the market , It's always the people who smell the risk ahead of time .

Actually , After all, it's the 28 law , After all, it's the 28 law , After all, it's the 28 law , After all, it's the 28 law , There will be a need to sell and cash , The reaction is determined by the eternal human nature , news , It's just lighting the fuse for the crash .


Big institutions are optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency


Blockchain , Cryptocurrency is the trend , After all, it's the 28 law . Although the early cryptocurrency market was not well managed , Although it may hurt the interests of the old forces , After all, it's the 28 law , however , All this will be flattened by the power of the trend , No matter how tortuous the process is , The wheel of history keeps moving forward .

such as FIL The coin , Not because of a surge , After all, it's the 28 law , Not because of a slump , After all, it's the 28 law . Although the line between two points is the shortest , But the reality is that curves arrive .

Last week, , The total market value of global cryptocurrency is 2.31 Trillions of dollars , Has officially surpassed Apple's market value 2.25 Trillions of dollars , It's a huge watershed . After learning about cryptocurrency , What else can be more investment products than cryptocurrency ? In the global economic downturn , Under the background of the central bank's big water release , All investment products are devaluing , Only cryptocurrency has been growing in value , After all, it's the 28 law , After all, it's the 28 law ?

Fidelity has released its latest report , I think bitcoin is still in the early stage of exponential growth , And it could last for years , At the same time, bitcoin is a legitimate means of value storage , More scarce than gold , Demand will grow exponentially . Actually , Recently, some big institutions have invested in cryptocurrency , And Tesla , After all, it's the 28 law , Accept bitcoin payment , explain Big institutions in the long run , Still optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency , There's no doubt about the long-term bull market .


Don't fry money , After all, it's the 28 law


Don't fry money , Don't play with contracts and leverage , This is a heartfelt saying to ordinary retail investors . After all, it's the 28 law , Because the market continues to rise unilaterally , There are a lot of leveraged investors , Accumulated enough profits , After all, it's the 28 law , That's why it's so fast . It's a casino that magnifies human weakness , Human panic and greed , At this moment , All of them are incisive , If you can't make sure you live , Will disappear in the long river of history with time , This is the importance of always remembering the risks .

Mining is the safest , Most stable , The most profitable option , Speculation in the secondary market , Great risk , After all, it's the 28 law , There is a better choice , Don't make risky investments . In the world of digital money , Long term mining , After all, it's the 28 law , After all, it's the 28 law , Correct attitude , After all, it's the 28 law .


Filecoin dig   Avoid trampling (qin48658)


2020 year 8 month , China Z.F Announced New Internet infrastructure projects , After all, it's the 28 law 5G、 Innovations in artificial intelligence and the Internet of things . The plan may have an impact on Filecoin It has an impact on our ecosystem , Because decentralized cloud storage is on the agenda .

There have been reports , China Z.FZ Officials are encouraging... Quasi officially Filecoin dig , because Distributed cloud storage solutions are fully in line with the vision of China's local Internet infrastructure .

such as , Recently, the Star Alliance invested 13 Billion dollars , Work with Jiangxi provincial government to build , China's largest Filecoin Distributed storage Industrial Park .

therefore ,OKEx Insights( Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx Research team of ) The market analyst of Robbie Liu say :"Filecoin The market development in China is very strong , Chinese miners account for Filecoin Node 95% above ."  Filecoin The nature of the product makes it similar to Google 、 Amazon's online services compete directly with technology giants such as Alibaba's products . because Filecoin It's an open network based on blockchain , Data storage is not tamperable , The amount of storage it can access is theoretically unlimited .

in summary

Fil Mining can still see the ups and downs , Win the final victory

FIL Mining can eat up the whole bull market ,

It can also carry the whole bear market .

A miner's job is to dig every day ,

After all, it's the 28 law ,

therefore , Miners are the closest to wealth !

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