Prospect of blockchain DAPP game development

prospect blockchain dapp game development
  • What is? DAPP( distributed application )? DAPP yes Decentralized Application Abbreviation , It's called distributed application in Chinese / Decentralized applications . Generally speaking , Different DAPP Different underlying blockchain development platforms and consensus mechanisms will be adopted , Or issue your own token ( Common tokens based on the same blockchain platform can also be used ). DAPP Different underlying blockchain development platforms are like mobile phones IOS Systems and Android System , It's all DAPP The underlying ecological environment .DAPP It is all kinds of distributed applications derived from the underlying blockchain platform ecology , It is also the basic service provider in the blockchain world .DAPP In blockchain , like APP To IOS and Android.. this paper ​ from qkljys123 Organize and release .


Blockchain game data is stored on the blockchain

The first is that the data is stored on the blockchain . Games driven by blockchain , All data is open and transparent , No one can do anything about it , Even developers can't modify the game mechanism at will , This avoids cheating . The game on the chain is to make use of the open and tamperable features of the blockchain transaction account book , Open all the data online , Solve the problem of traditional game data opacity , Let players have evidence to check .

Realize the decentralized operation of the game

The second is to realize decentralized operation of games . Traditional games are highly centralized , Game developers are in full control of the game , Players only have virtual assets “ Right to use ”, You don't have full control of the game . By contrast , The game operators of blockchain games cannot distribute game goods and props indiscriminately , Even if the game company goes out of business , The props purchased by players are still stored on the blockchain , It won't go away . Online games to decentralize social and trading 、 The protection mechanism of virtual assets is to protect the virtual assets of players , Let the player be the real master of the game .

What is a blockchain game ? Blockchain game , It's a new type of game that integrates blockchain technology and ideas . The reason why we combine blockchain technology in the game , Because blockchain can solve some problems in traditional games , Make the game industry develop better .

1、 By chaining virtual assets and rules , Enhance user trust

Traditional game centralization is serious , The rules of the game can be changed by developers at will , It makes the players not adapt or even disgusted . After the introduction of blockchain Technology , Rules on the chain , Open and transparent ; In addition, the virtual currency and various props in the game are also recorded in the chain , It can increase users' sense of security and trust .

2、 Community incentives , Help attract traffic

Blockchain is decentralized , In the blockchain game , Players as part of the community , You can also participate in the construction of the community , And through these, you can get the token reward in the community . This token reward can also attract more players to join in to a certain extent , That is to say, it helps to attract traffic .

3、 It can reshape the game Ecology

Tongzheng in blockchain , In addition to attracting users , It is also beneficial to the construction of game ecology , If we can make good use of the token economy , Can make game community and community user can have very good harvest . Another blockchain game , It needs to be developed based on the underlying public chain , And games based on the same public chain or even different public chains can consider breaking the barriers , Make the pass in the game more widely circulated , Truly realize the value of blockchain and the role of Internet .

4、 Promote the circulation of assets

Virtual assets such as tokens in the game are regarded as digital assets and circulated based on blockchain , The advantage is that the circulation is more convenient 、 A lower cost . For example, some big game companies , It has 10 A game , The game currency of these games is connected through blockchain technology , game A It's time to play B Still useful , such , If the game A Most users don't want to play A game , He might be because of the game A The gold coin in it is more inclined to choose other games of the company .

So for game companies , Can better circle users ; For users , Can ensure that their virtual assets are not devalued , So as to stimulate the trade in the game . Second, for small game companies , Their user diversion is a very expensive thing , If we unite , Share the virtual assets in the game , To attract users of other games .

. this paper ​ from qkljys123 Organize and release .

summary : Blockchain is the underlying technology ,DApp Is to use this technology to derive all kinds of software on the market (App). It can be from games to reading , music , Video and other kinds of software ​ Should be ​ use . At present, it is still an emerging industry , But it is very possible for future development , So we can know in advance and expect .

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