The successful listing of coinbasec may promote the common prosperity of cefi and defi

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successful listing coinbasec promote common

In the spotlight ,Coinbase exchange , The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States has finally been successfully listed .

The stock that people have been waiting for a long time is soaring at the beginning of the market , It went up for a time 52%. It is worth noting that , If calculated according to the number of fully diluted shares , Its initial market value is close to 100 billion US dollars . And then Coinbase Stock prices on the stock exchange soared , The total market value once exceeded 100 billion US dollars . however , Since then, due to the negative remarks of Fed chairman Powell , Its share price has gone down all the way , The total market value is back to 645 Around $100 million .

Although on the first day of listing, the stock price went up and down , But for the whole blockchain market , It's a very significant thing . It's received from the coin ring 、 Highly praised by investors in the mining circle and people in the industry .



The main reason for the fall of its stock price is , On the day of its listing on the stock exchange , Powell is also doing an online interview . He said , The main function of cryptocurrency is to bet on price rise , In fact, it does not occupy the position of payment mechanism . Therefore , Cryptocurrency is essentially a speculative tool .

Because of Powell's negative comments , Make the just listed Coinbase Stock prices have plummeted , And returned most of the gains in the day . meanwhile , It also led to the decline of most digital currencies in the whole currency circle .

Despite a brief market decline , But it didn't make investors lose confidence , On the contrary, some people in the industry think that Powell wants to enter the market at a low price .


Besides , Some insiders said ,Coinbase The successful listing of the exchange will have multiple impacts on the digital asset industry :



First of all, from the perspective of compliance , It will promote the standardization of the whole digital asset trading platform . because “ compliance ” Will be the key to determine the future development of digital asset trading platform .

secondly , It will greatly enhance the mainstream capital's acceptance of digital assets , And drive more traditional investors and funds into the cryptocurrency market .

in addition , It will also promote the improvement of laws and regulations of digital asset industry in various countries , Promote the sound operation of the encryption industry .

most important of all , Some insiders said ,Coinbase Can promote CeFi And DeFi Our common prosperity . all the time ,CeFi And DeFi They all love each other and kill each other . However ,Coinbase The successful listing of the exchange , It means that it will make CeFi In the short term, it's suppressed ,DeFi Better development , such , We can promote the common progress of both .


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