Blockchain weekly: coonbase CEO and other insiders have sold more than $4.6 billion of its shares; Snowden's first NFT work was successfully auctioned at $5.47 million; NVIDIA's support for encryption Mining Department expects Q1 sales to reach $150 milli

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blockchain weekly coonbase ceo insiders
{"type":"doc","content":[{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"> Blockchain weekly news column from the industry trends 、 Digital currency 、 Authoritative point of view 、 Regulatory and technical aspects , Summarize the headlines in blockchain this week , Let you know the latest trends of the industry more quickly . More information on official account : Blockchain outpost (ID:blockchain-666)"}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":2},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" This week's headlines "}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"BTC Short dive , Once upon a time it fell through 51000 The U.S. dollar rebounded after the crisis "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" according to huobi The market shows ,BTC For a short time, it fell below 51000 dollar , Minimum to 50880 dollar , The day's decline widened to 14.96%. According to the currency coin The market statistics report shows that : In the past 1 Total positions of the whole network in hourly contract market 39.6 Billion dollars , In the past 24 It's going to explode in an hour 52.5 Billion dollars , Number of people who broke out 465486 people . As of this article , Bitcoin 55380.23 dollar ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"Coinbase After listing , Insiders have sold over 46 $100 million stock "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"4 month 15 Japan , Cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase Official landing on NASDAQ , Opening price 381 dollar , Ascending contract 52%, As of closing ,Coinbase Closing up 31.31%, newspaper 328.28 dollar , Market value 610.56 Billion dollars . In terms of user scale , The company disclosed , It has a 5600 Ten thousand authentication transaction users . First quarter of this year , Its trading platform has 610 10000 monthly active users ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"4 month 14 Japan ,Coinbase cofounder Fred·Ehrsam In social media review Coinbase from 2012 The price of bitcoin is only 6 The dollar began to be created , So far, the price of bitcoin 63000 Dollars and Coinbase The course of going public and the current situation of the industry .Fred I'm lucky to be a small part of this grand journey . Last , He shouts Nakamoto across the air : Thank you , No matter who you are .2011 year , Bitcoin founder Nakamoto's mailbox is closed , Never again ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" According to the Capital Market Laboratories And Coinbase Documents from the investor relations website confirm ,Coinbase Insiders have sold 12965079 Stock . according to Coinbase At Friday's close 344.38 The price in US dollars , Worth more than 46 Billion dollars ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":2},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Industry trends "}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Jianan technology released its annual report , At the end of the fourth quarter, the advance payment exceeded 4 A hundred million yuan increase 8 become "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Beijing time. 4 month 12 Japan , Jianan technology (NASDAQ:CAN) Release 2020 Annual and fourth quarter financial reports . Results show that , In the second half of the year, the company's orders increased significantly , Orders exceeded in the fourth quarter 9.2 Ten thousand units . end 2020 end of the year , The company has reached an order with a total contract amount of 11.31 One hundred million yuan , Among them, sales advance collection 4.29 One hundred million yuan , It's up from the third quarter 3.51 One hundred million yuan , Growth of 81.8%. By 2021 End of the first quarter of , More than 15.6 Ten thousand units , The amount received in advance exceeds 15.47 One hundred million yuan ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Jianan technology's total net revenue in the fourth quarter 3820 Ten thousand yuan , Revenue cost from 2019 In the same period of 11.4 Million dollars 2020 In the third quarter of 1.8 Billion yuan down to 2920 Ten thousand yuan . The gross profit of the company in the current quarter is from 2019 Loss in the same period of the year 6.734 Million dollars 2020 In third-quarter loss 1700 Ten thousand yuan turned losses into profits 910 Ten thousand yuan , The gross profit rate turned to 23%."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" From the whole year ,2020 Total net revenue of the company in 4.477 One hundred million yuan , Annual revenue cost from 2019 Year of 19.4 Billion yuan down to 4.099 One hundred million yuan , A drop of 78.9%.2020 Annual gross profit 3780 Ten thousand yuan , and 2019 The gross loss for the whole year of was 5.16 One hundred million yuan ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" The company's main financial report highlights include a big increase in orders 、 Advance receipts have risen sharply 、 Cost reduction 、 Gross profit turns positive 、 R & D increases 、 There's plenty of cash 、AI Chip shipment increased year on year 3 times ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" White House Press Secretary : Biden agrees with US Treasury Secretary John Yellen's anti cryptocurrency view "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Thursday , White House press secretary Jen Psaki In a press conference , In terms of regulation of cryptocurrency , Biden agrees with US Treasury Secretary John Yellen on the regulation of cryptocurrency . Yellen was in 1 At the nomination hearing last month, legislators were called on to “ Reduce ” The use of cryptocurrency . She said :“ I think we really need to look at ways to reduce the use of cryptocurrency , And make sure that money laundering doesn't happen through these channels .”"}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" NVIDIA's division, which supports intensive mining, expects first quarter sales to reach 1.5 Billion dollars "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Monday , Ying Wei Da (Nvidia) Express , The company's first quarter revenue will exceed its previous forecast 53 Billion dollars , This is due to strong market demand for data centers and cryptocurrency mining chips . Nvida said , The company's cryptocurrency mining arm expects first quarter sales to reach 1.5 Billion dollars , Higher than previously expected 5000 Thousands of dollars . Chief financial officer of NVIDIA Colette Kress Express , Demand is expected to continue to outpace supply for most of the year ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Digital RMB has been tested in Hong Kong , It involves cross-border payment and other application scenarios "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" A spokesman for the Hong Kong Monetary Authority said , Digital RMB has been tested in Hong Kong , It involves cross-border payment and other application scenarios . The technical testing process of cross-border payment with digital RMB in Hong Kong is smooth , The test involves the Bank of China designated by the people's Bank of China ( Hong Kong ) With the bank staff invited to participate in the test ( about 200 name ) And merchants , The main scope includes testing related applications 、 System connection and application scenarios of digital RMB for cross-border payment ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" The authority is now discussing with the people's Bank of China the next phase of the test plan , Technical tests will be conducted to further expand and deepen the application of digital RMB for cross-border payment ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Open source blockchain infrastructure projects Orbs With Microsoft Azure Integrate "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Planet Daily News Open source blockchain infrastructure projects without license Orbs Recently, it has been fully integrated into Amazon AMI. from now on , Users can also Microsoft Azure Upper use Orbs Mirror image . take Orbs Integrated into Microsoft Azure and AWS It can ensure that most developers can set up a virtual machine image , It includes starting at Orbs Everything you need to develop on the Internet ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Bitmainland releases Ethereum new ASIC mill E9, The performance and price have not been announced yet "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Bitcontinental announces new mining machine of Ethereum E9, Price 、 Performance and capacity have not been announced yet . Bitland Ethereum ASIC The miner is E series ,18 year E3 Because of design failure and bear market , Has led to a large number of piles of goods . follow-up E The series of products are basically not sold to the public .2020 year 7 On this day, the monitoring data of ant sentinel website appeared a website named “E7” Our miner is digging , The Ethereum mining machine of bitcontinent E7 From this exposure , The highest computing power of a single computer is 800M about , The scraps are 500-700M about . There are rumors. E9 In theory, the performance of E7 Of 2 times , The delivery time may be at the end of this year or even later , Because the production capacity of the industry is generally insufficient ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Russia's central bank plans to allow digital rubles to integrate with private payment platforms "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" The Central Bank of Russia has issued a comprehensive strategy for the development of payments in the next three years , One of the highlights of its strategy is its emphasis on the digital ruble . In addition to repeating the previous statement , That is, any potential digital ruble needs to have “ Cash and non cash attributes ” outside ,CBR It also plans to develop open API, To allow the digital ruble to integrate with any other private payment platform . The initial pilot is scheduled for 2022 year ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" The Central Bank of Sweden announces the central bank's digital currency E-Krona A five-year timetable for "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" The governor of the Swedish central bank Stefan Ingves For the planned digital currency E-Krona There's a tentative schedule .Ingves Express , In five years , The Swedish central bank has an operational digital currency “ It's a reasonable goal ”. Although this is the first time the bank has made such an estimate , But earlier on E-Krona The optimism of , It means that the schedule is not as fast as some might expect ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":2},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Encryption construction "}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Coin an launched equity token , Tesla became the first token product "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" In recent days, , The cryptocurrency trading platform, coin an, announced the launch of Binance Stock Tokens(BST) Zero Commission tradable equity token , Allow users to trade in fragmented stocks . tesla (TSLA.US) Will be the first equity token to go public , And plan to 4 month 12 Japan opens some transactions on the platform ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" The equity token of the platform is BUSD valuation , Settlement and mortgage . according to Decrypt The report of ,Binance 's equity token is supported by a portfolio of underlying securities . therefore , The holder of the token will be entitled to the return of the underlying stock . But the official announcement says , The Chinese mainland 、 Users in Turkey and other restricted jurisdictions are not allowed to trade the token ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" at present , Tesla is the only company supported by the coin on equity token program . however , The platform has said , If investors show full interest , There will probably be more equity tokens in the future ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Vice president of bitage : Because of the large-scale safety accident in Hutubi coal mine , Bitcoin's computing power plummeted 33%"}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" According to the Weibo account of vice president of bitage @ Mint mining 37 The news released by degree , Because of the large-scale safety accident in Hutubi coal mine , Bitcoin's computing power plummeted 33%, At present, almost all big data centers in Xinjiang are temporarily shut down , Cooperate with fire inspection , It is estimated that production will resume in about a week ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Besides , According to Wu, blockchain reports , Affected by Xinjiang's comprehensive blackout safety inspection , In the past 24 The computing power of the whole network of hourly bitcoin dropped sharply . The main mines 24 The average hourly computing power decreased by about 20%, among , The ant mine falls 24.5%、 fall 18.9%、 The coin seal fell 33%、 The coin an mine fell 20%."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Snowden was the first NFT The work is based on 547 Successful auction of US $10000 "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"“ Prism gate ” Edward, the Discloser · Snowden (Edward Snowden) One of the first NFT works Stay Free Has been in Foundation The platform completes the auction , Decentralized organization PleasrDAO With 2224 gold ETH( About us 547 Ten thousand dollars ) It's a great success ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" It is reported that , This piece NFT Use open source software to make , It was the photographer Platon A personal photo of Snowden , The background is that the court ruled that the national security agency violated the law through large-scale surveillance . All proceeds from the sale will go to the Press Freedom Foundation . since 2016 Since then , Snowden has been chairman of the foundation's board of Directors . An hour after the auction started , The auction price of the collection will reach 40 ETH( Slightly higher than the 10 Thousands of dollars )."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"image","attrs":{"src":"https:\/\/\/infoq\/47\/475123844779750299532c62494a8708.png","alt":null,"title":null,"style":[{"key":"width","value":"75%"},{"key":"bordertype","value":"none"}],"href":null,"fromPaste":true,"pastePass":true}},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"OpenEthereum Release v3.2.3 edition , Contains the upgrade fix for Berlin "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":"4 month 16 Japan ,OpenEthereum stay Github Publish on v3.2.3 edition , It's about “ Berlin upgrade ”Bug The fix for ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" According to the previous report , because OpenEthereum The consensus problem of the client after the upgrade of Ethereum Berlin hard fork cannot be synchronized , Include Coinbase A number of exchanges and Ledger、BitGo And other purses and data providers CoinMetrics And other encryption service companies are affected ."}]},{"type":"heading","attrs":{"align":null,"level":4},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" Turkey from 4 month 30 The use of cryptocurrency for payment is prohibited "}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null},"content":[{"type":"text","text":" According to the market , Turkey from 4 month 30 The use of cryptocurrency for payment is prohibited ."}]},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}},{"type":"paragraph","attrs":{"indent":0,"number":0,"align":null,"origin":null}}]}