"Borrow money to default?" How to solve it? Second understand "blockchain" let you borrow more secure

borrow money default solve second

from 2019 Since the second half of the year till now, the circle of friends , Microblogging 、 The headlines are all over the place “ Blockchain ” The name .

It's just a book “ Blockchain ” Books , I feel so tall in a moment .

It should be a “ Decentralized ledger ” Blockchain is a way of accounting , Bitcoin is a digital asset . Blockchain is actually based on “ cryptography ”“ Consensus mechanism ” And so on . Forgive me, , What you said is so popular , I still don't understand .

wow , I read several books and said that , I felt for a moment that I was poor for a reason , Because I didn't understand what the author was saying ? ha-ha

however , One day someone told me a story , Ah , I understand . ha-ha

Next, my friends will come with me to have a look 《 The story of three men eating together 》 Study !

Xiaogang, please Xiaoqiang , Xiao Jia and I went to dinner together . But after dinner , I should have paid for it , He has no money with him .[ Tear rush ] This seems to be the rhythm of debt repudiation . So Xiaogang told Xiaoqiang :“ Why don't you borrow me 500 It's five yuan ? To pay for the meal .” Because Xiao Gang's reputation is not very good , therefore , Xiaoqiang said that he could borrow money from you , It's got to be guaranteed . Xiao gang said :“ Let Xiao Jia guarantee it !” Xiaoqiang thinks about , say :“ ok !” But he's still afraid of the guarantor , What will Xiao Jia do if he goes back ? Or what if he doesn't admit it ? So Xiaoqiang made a circle of friends , Tell all the friends who know the three of them that Xiaoqiang borrowed him 500 Yuan . So down , If Xiaoqiang wants to default , Then we have to weigh it up !

I suggest you take a look at the above story to understand

The behavior of xiaoqiangfa's circle of friends is actually to ask you to testify , Tell Xiaogang :“ See ? We all know , If you borrow money, you must return it to me in the future .” What's the advantage of doing this ? Is the person who is willing to lend money more willing to lend it to you ? Specifically, it could be “ Increase credit ”~ Increased credit ! Again ~ Blockchain technology has : No tampering , And information will be instant synchronization and other excellent features . And then it can be extended to multiple areas , Build and effectively enhance mutual trust between strangers , It can even further enhance the cooperation between us and the continuous enhancement of collective consciousness .

ha-ha , Here are some examples ! The advantage of it is , such as :

I am in China , You're in the South Pole , We are both strangers , Want to do business cooperation , But they don't know each other , You're a liar , What can I do ? So, blockchain Technology , You can easily solve this problem , Through smart contract ,“ I'll buy you a penguin , You'll be able to supply this with the money !” It's that “ A gentleman's words cannot be recalled ” It's back to the old days ! ha-ha and , After we trade , Non modifiable , It will leave a mark forever , It's like scars and birthmarks on your head are always there , I want to default , Hum, hum , impossible .

wow , So much for that ,“ Blockchain technology is so good ” What does it have to do with us ?

Of course it does , Because it will be used in the future, which is closely related to our people “ Health care ”“ social security ”“ Poverty alleviation ” And so on .

I believe everyone knows what blockchain is , Why does it exist ?

Because it's safe . Just like buying a house can make you feel more secure , Blockchain is a collection of multiple underlying technologies , It can make us feel more secure !

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