New hdao projects launched, driving a new round of blockchain bull market

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new hdao projects launched driving

HDAO It's a one-stop decentralized financial services ecosystem .HDAO Our goal is to provide users with a complete decentralized financial infrastructure .DeFi namely “ Decentralized Finance ”, Its core is openness and fairness , Interconnection .HDAO It will be based on distributed ledger and blockchain Technology , Create a decentralized stable currency 、 Decentralized community crowdfunding 、 Decentralized wallets 、 Cloud exchange 、 market prediction 、 Asset management 、 Inclusive Finance and e-citizen information system as one of the financial service ecological platform .

In the years after its establishment ,HDAO Continuous improvement and innovation of new services , To promote the development of the blockchain industry .HDAO Many achievements have been made in the past , for example :

A year ago. , namely 2 month 26 Japan ,HDAO Of IEO Is in OKEX Jumpstart The first project launched on . And won the Chinese Academy of Economics (CBERI) The highest growth potential award and the most competitive Award . 2020 year ,HDAO The market leading Chainlink World class decentralization Oracle Integration is the default Oracle, To enable DeFi Products and provide high security and high quality market data .HDAO Committed to creating efficient , Transparent and realizable digital asset financial ecosystem , To meet the financial needs of users , And provide them with a complete one-stop decentralized financial infrastructure .

stay 2020 year 7 month ,HDAO Launched its first product HDAO Mobile applications , Make investment 、 transaction 、 It's easier to borrow and share information .HDAO The plan starts right Platform upgrade , To provide decentralized IDO And community crowdfunding Services . Let's take a look at IDO And the concept of community crowdfunding .

IDO And its benefits

The original DEX Product or IDO It's a new fundraising model , Can provide better encryption asset liquidity , faster , Open and fair trading . IDO The model is ICO,STO and IDO And the successor of the fundraising model .IDO It's a way to raise money , among IDO Coins are issued through a decentralized liquidity exchange . Decentralized liquidity exchange is a way of encrypting asset transactions , It depends on the pool of liquidity that traders can exchange tokens . The liquidity pool is a pair of encrypted assets and stable coins . for example ,USDT / ETH It's liquidity, right . Traders can exchange encrypted assets and stable coins according to market conditions . Because the volatility of the stable currency is negligible , It provides a safe choice for traders , You can manage the high volatility of crypto tokens and assets by exchanging them with each other . result , Decentralized liquidity exchange enables companies to start tokens and get instant liquidity .

Community crowdfunding

HDAO Start with a successful blockchain crowdfunding platform , HDAO Committed to solving the financing problem of excellent blockchain projects , Have been more than 70 Block chain projects provide financing services . After upgrading ,HDAO Further upgrade the original crowdfunding function to a decentralized community crowdfunding service .HDAO Platform currency HDAO Will be rated as a crowdfunding platform 、 vote 、 Recommended projects and other governance certificates , It can also be used for crowdfunding projects .

Upgrade to

forthcoming HDAO The upgrade will be similar to, But there will still be differences in the execution of services and operational processes . Played a pivotal role , because HDAO Can be hosted for other platforms IDO, And help them raise money for their projects . The main difference between the two projects is , What is going on HDAO The project will operate in a completely decentralized way . It's similar to full community governance , The community can learn more about the details of the project ( For example, the amount of money raised and the time to raise and unlock ) Vote . In the original in , The conditions of the project are determined by hdao.Io Negotiation between the platform and the project itself , And the community has no say in that . The implementation of this decentralization allows the community to direct the direction of development . Zhengzhou vulva leukoplakia Hospital :

With the successful upgrade of the platform to HDAO,LEEKCOIN The function originally envisaged will be in HDAO The new platform is embodied .

LEEKCOIN Originally intended to be used as LEEK Platform currency of crowdfunding platform , however , because LEEK Integrated into HDAO in , And the new platform has created a thriving ecosystem , These include cryptocurrency wallets , Lending services , Community forums and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) The mechanism of ,LEEK The current token Design is not suitable for HDAO System on use .HDAO The team of 2020 year 2 month 25 in OKEx on IDO after , Reserved for the team HDAO Will be in 2021 Linear unlocking began in . HDAO There is also a risk that token prices will fluctuate in the future . at present ,LEEK and HDAO The exchange rate between them is 1:1.

In order to provide users with a smoother mapping experience ,HDAO It's on line with the main HDAO We're working together , It is recommended that the holder map through the wallet . This way, you don't need to know the technical details of the mapping , Principle and operation of blockchain technology such as signature . Users can directly send ERC20 LEEK Convert to ERC20 HDAO. Once the mapping is successful , Reverse conversion is not supported , It is suggested that members of the community bring LEEK Recharge to the exchange or wallet that supports mapping .

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