What has xiong'an New District done by taking the express train of blockchain?

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xiong new district taking express

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“ I hope blockchain is like the Internet , Become the bottom facilities of production and life .”—— Li Jun, director of block chain laboratory in xiong'an new district


On the way to the future


2020 year 12 month 14 Japan , The underlying system of xiong'an blockchain 1.0 Release . This means that the first city level blockchain underlying operating system in China has been developed and put into use . The underlying system of xiong'an blockchain 1.0 Self control , Adopt independent intellectual property technology , Built a “ Core chain + Application chain ” A new underlying architecture of blockchain with multi-layer chain network integration , In throughput 、 Cross chain collaboration 、 Data trusted exchange 、 Safety and other pain points have achieved innovative breakthroughs .


Li Jun pointed out that , Research blockchain as a city level digital infrastructure , Xiong'an is the first in China .


Information age , In any industry , Data security 、 Efficient processing and interaction is one of the core links . In the process of building a smart city , There are two difficulties in data interaction : How to realize the real efficient flow of data ? In circulation , How to protect citizens' data privacy ?


The blockchain itself has multiple centers 、 tamper-proof 、 Traceable and so on , Fusion of privacy computing and other cutting-edge technologies , It provides excellent solutions to the above problems .


Get on the blockchain express , Xiong'an new district is on the way to the future .


2018 year 8 month , Xiong'an launched the first domestic construction project fund management platform based on blockchain technology —— Project construction blockchain information management system . All fund applications related to the project construction in xiong'an new area 、 The examination and approval 、 Allocation and other work are completed through the blockchain platform . The platform has served thousands of enterprises 、196 Projects 、14 Ten thousand migrant workers , The total amount of funds allocated is about 200 One hundred million yuan .


The platform using blockchain technology can ensure the authenticity of information 、 accuracy 、 Integrity and consistency , Once the data is linked, it cannot be tampered with , The data modification process and results will be accurately recorded , Shared data containing process changes , More credibility . Through this platform , Between the enterprise and the general contractor , Between the general contractor and the subcontractor 、 All contracts between subcontractors and construction units 、 Tickets, etc. are uploaded to the blockchain system , All actions leave a mark , To be supervised .


1 month 23 Japan , The block chain information system for financial construction fund management of xiong'an new area is online , The system has successfully completed the penetrating payment of constructor's salary and supplier's material payment .


The first builder's salary , After the completion of all the information on the chain , Through the general contractor's account 、 Labor subcontracting company account and builder's salary account , Inter bank penetration payment ,10 Within minutes ,36 Ten thousand yuan salary to 29 In a builder's pay card . The second 5 Ten thousand yuan for engineering materials , Also through multi-level inter-bank account penetration payment , stay 15 Within minutes to the account of the material supplier .


From the applicable scenarios of the two cases , We can see the grand blueprint of the future smart city of xiong'an New District from it .


Li Jun said , In xiong'an new area , Blockchain is not just “ Blockchain +” This kind of icing on the cake application , It is really integrated into the bottom layer of smart city construction and governance , Become an integral part of new infrastructure , And big data 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Cloud computing and other technologies work together , Let the city of the future come true .


The city of the future , It's not just xiong'an new district


The development of blockchain is a revolutionary paradigm , In technology 、 All levels of society will have a profound impact , Although the blockchain has not been applied as the underlying technology , But many cities have made a lot of attempts .


2018 year , The cooperation between Shenzhen Taxation Bureau and Tencent has opened “ Blockchain + Taxation ” For the first time , Online blockchain electronic invoice system , And issued the country's first blockchain electronic invoice . During the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak , Shenzhen also launched the blockchain electronic invoice ‘ Extreme Edition ’, Implementation from registration 、 Collect tickets 、 The whole process from invoice to reimbursement is online , Realization ‘ No contact ’ Deal with . By 2020 end of the year , Shenzhen blockchain electronic invoice volume reached 3300 Thousands of copies , The invoiced amount exceeds 390 One hundred million yuan , Application scenarios cover more than 100 industries .


Wuhan registered more than 500 Wanzong , The transaction volume of new and old real estate is close to 30 Wanzong , The total size of the real estate market exceeds 4000 One hundred million yuan , The proportion of tax revenue is relatively large .2021 year 3 month 26 Japan , Wuhan is online " Chain tax link "——" Blockchain + The real estate " Tax governance projects .


The project is in Wuhan city " Smart city " It's an important part of construction , By applying blockchain technology to real estate transactions of new commercial housing 、 The whole process of Taxation and registration , Solve the problem of natural person buying commercial housing in the past , There are many procedures 、 Department of more than 、 The process is complicated 、 Miscellaneous information and so on . The platform can effectively solve the data exchange and sharing problem of one network office , Realize the cross department of government data 、 Cross regional joint maintenance and utilization , Promote business cooperation .


Similarly, , Shenzhen Taxation Bureau and Tencent company opened “ Blockchain + Taxation ” For the first time , The first to experience the technological dividend brought by blockchain .2018 year 8 month 10 Japan , It has been approved by the State Administration of taxation , Shenzhen has launched a blockchain electronic invoice system , And issued the country's first blockchain electronic invoice . This is a “ Intellectual tax ” The first product incubated by Innovation Lab , It's also the first in China “ Blockchain + invoice ” Application research results of ecosystem . 


Weizhong bank provides Macao with a solution to realize user identity recognition and trusted exchange of certificate data ——WeIdentity, To solve data islands 、 Data abuse and so on . Enterprises through specific applications , You can accept the user's certificate and application information , Simple and easy 、 Quickly verify the authenticity of the user's certificate . 


Anonymity is stored on the blockchain ID And the information summary of the encrypted digital certificate , The user's real identity and the original data of the certificate content are stored under the chain , Ensure that there is no risk of user privacy leakage on the chain . secondly , Any disclosure of information needs to be authorized by the user , Institutions will not and cannot exchange data through blockchain , meanwhile WeIdentity Our encryption technology can prevent any third party from inferring the user's identity in the real world or other scenarios .


By virtue of its own core technical characteristics , Blockchain technology is Reshaping Social Trust , To maintain the orderly operation of the smart city 、 An important support for normal activities .


Cities of reinforced concrete structure , The new moon is changing .


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