How to dig / mine fil currency, and how long can cloud computing power dig / mine get back to the original?

dig fil currency long cloud

In the near future FIL Currency prices bottomed out , end 2021-4-14 16:10,FIL The quotation is about 164 dollar .2020 year 10 month 15 Japan ,FIL The main network of coin is online , Issue price 26.73 dollar , The price of the currency rose by more than 600%.FIL The rapid rise of the currency has attracted a lot of attention in the currency circle , But a lot of shots / Investors don't know much about FIL How to dig a coin / mine , How long can I get back to my capital and make profits , Look at this article .

One 、FIL Money digging / It's very demanding , Mining machines need to be deployed at the national level IDC Computer room FIL Money digging / Mine is different from bitcoin , Bitcoin mainly relies on computer computing power / mine , By doing something similar to solving equations together / mine , Who gets the results first , Who can get the corresponding reward , So the requirement of computing power is very high , It's a huge loss of power . 

and FIL Money is based on distributed storage IPFS dig / mine , It mainly depends on the storage capacity / mine , That is to say, the more memory the miner has , dig / The stronger the mining capacity is , Low power consumption . But digging / In the process of mining, we should constantly respond to the questions of network nodes , It needs to be stable IP Address and power supply , Usually, mining machines are deployed at the national level with constant temperature and humidity IDC Computer room , Only in this way can we guarantee the highest level of digging / Mining efficiency . Click on me to join , Free experience of digging money

Two 、FIL Money digging / The mine needs pledge money and gas fee , The pledge money is refundable ,GAS Fees will be consumed by the system FIL The original miner has no calculation power , Miners need to prepare a certain amount of FIL Currency is used for pledge currency and GAS fee . The pledge money will be returned to the miners after a certain period of time ,GAS The fee will be destroyed by the system as the consumption of data uploaded to the network node . When the currency price is higher , Pledge money and GAS The cost of investment will also increase significantly , cast / Investors can use circular pledge to encapsulate , That is to say, we should first package part of the calculation force , Let the miner have part of the calculation power that can be used to dig / mine , The mined coins continue to be sealed . Until the packaging is complete , The miner has the most computing power , Can dig the most FIL The coin . 3、 ... and 、FIL Money digging / Mine income / How to calculate FIL I'll take the money / Yihe FIL The economic model of currency is related to . According to the original settings ,FIL The total circulation of coins is 20 The distribution pattern is as follows :a) Reward storage miners ——55%, about 11 Million pieces b) Reward the search miners ——15%, about 3 Million pieces c) Protocol lab ——5%, about 1 Million pieces d) The private sector is the public sector ——7.5%, about 1.5 Million pieces e) Filecoin fund ——5%, about 1 Million pieces f) Market liquidity ——2.5%, about 5000 Ten thousand miners are digging / The main reward for the mine is the storage miner , There are about 11 Million pieces FIL Money can be dug , There may be retrieval in the future / benefit , Six year decay mechanism . Current every 24 Hours to release FIL The total number of coins is basically stable at 36.8 About ten thousand . Every miner has a total of T Count ×24 Hour list T All the money that can be dug by Suan li × Lucky value ( With 1 Benchmarking )=24 Hours to dig / Mine income / Benefit from 24 Hour list T It's hard to count / benefit =36.8 over FIL( Cut in 24 The amount of money released per hour )÷ The effective computing power of the whole network is displayed according to the flying fox browser : end 2021-4-10 18:25 Cut in 24 Average digging per hour / Mine income / It's about 0.0857FIL/TiB. That is, we don't consider the lucky value , At present 1T The effective computing power can reach about 0.0857 gold FIL according to 180 In dollar terms ,1T Effective computing power can be collected in one day / Yiwei 0.0857( gold FIL)×180( dollar )×6.5( exchange rate )≈100( element ) According to the relevant data, the effective computing power of the whole network is increasing rapidly , signify 24 Hour list T It's hard to count / Benefits are being diluted , The earlier the miners enter, the more money they can get .

Four 、FIL Money digging / Note: at present, some computing power companies in the market will use the pledged currency and GAS Cost is packaged into all costs , And then sell it to the miners . Miners dig in a similar way / mine , The term is usually 540 Heaven or 180 God , In fact, the pledge money is refundable , In this mode, the main purpose of dealers is to earn miners' pledge money . Once the currency goes up , Manufacturer's pledge currency and GAS The cost of fees will skyrocket , Miners' upfront payment is not enough to cover this part of the cost , Maybe it's going to work with / The investor rescinds the contract , At present, there are actual cases . Or some manufacturers take free mining machines as the reason , Let the miners pay the pledge money and GAS fee , The pledge money is also returned , But the money we found was fifty fifty cents from the manufacturer , In fact, in this mode , Miners bear the cost of packaging for manufacturers . But I got half of the harvest / benefit , And packaging is digging / The biggest cost of mining . So far ,FIL The online time of coin owners is no more than half a year , Still in the first mine dividend period . On the one hand, it means that it is best to dig at present / The stage of mining , On the other hand, it shows that the currency price is still in its early stage , The prospect of appreciation is immeasurable . The sooner you dig / The more the mine can enjoy the first mine bonus , According to the current market , It's normal / mine , A miner digs for five years , Generally, it can be realized within one year , The rest of the four years can be spent sitting and sleeping / benefit . Click on me to join , Free experience of digging money

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