Blockchain exchange development content

blockchain exchange development content

Digital currency exchange / E-House is actually a platform for exchanging digital currency .

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Digital currency exchange / What are the models developed by Yi :

1. Exchange of money / easy

2. This is diplomacy / easy (OTC、C2C)

3. Contract to / easy

What are the functions of blockchain exchange software ?

1、 User registration : Having an exclusive account can make users feel more at ease , And you can watch assets in real time .

2、 Exclusive wallet : There is a very high emphasis on security , So the exchange wallet is very important .

3、 Trading board : Including currency transactions ,OTC/C2C transaction , Contractual transactions , Leveraged trading , And all kinds of trading patterns , Including the matchmaking system .

4、 Real time market : Real time quotes k Line chart and other visual icons let users see the real-time currency market .

5、 Contractual transactions : Select the available account number and double warehouse contract / Free contract , Using the power of leverage , Make a deal .

What are the benefits of blockchain digital currency exchanges ?

The advantage of exchange on the blockchain is that the exchange does not hold a large number of cryptocurrencies from users , All cryptocurrencies will be stored on the blockchain and controlled by users' wallets or smart contracts . An exchange that would have needed trust centralism , Now you just need to trust the blockchain and smart contracts . Most of the smart contracts used in exchanges will be open source so that everyone can confirm the details of the contract .

The central exchange usually does not disclose the source code of trading details , In fact, only its insiders can know how to operate . Open smart contracts maintain the transparency and security of the transaction process , Even if there is profit in the split, it will also be disclosed on the blockchain .

Strong dependence : Application software must be supported by computer hardware and system software to work , It can't exist and function independently ;  

Strong interaction : Even the simplest application software has certain interactive functions , For example, the operator's error prompt , This is a IT The most fundamental superiority of the industry products is embodied in ;

It's infinite in number : Digital assets are scarce as assets , But its supply can be unlimited . The tangible assets are limited by the property and storage space of the enterprise , It's always limited ;

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summary : Blockchain digital exchange is a transparent currency trading system , People can see the whole trading process , Data cannot be tampered with . Community management makes the centralized mode removed , Let everyone be the core and user of the transaction .

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