Semi automatic intelligent contract Trading Robot

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semi automatic intelligent contract trading

Semi automatic intelligent contract Trading Robot

Semi automatic intelligent contract Trading Robot , The timing of admission is set independently , You can set your own departure time , Up the whole process management of robot , Don't miss any more quotes .

  • Track the profits

Track the profits : Common robust trading strategies , It's characterized by the fact that profits are guaranteed , Pursue greater profits . After the price reaches the initial profit stop condition , If the market continues to rise , The profit stop condition is automatically raised , Increasing power 153 tiny o56o 103 plus and lock in the profit margin , We have to fall back to the set ratio before opening .

Compared with ordinary profit stop , Ordinary profit stop , How much is how much ; Track the profits , We can enlarge the profits as much as possible , Get more profit margin .

  • According to the ratio, according to the value of free choice to build warehouse

Ordinary warehouse building , Buy at a specified price , The position is completely free to control . Tracking Jiancang , Buy as low as possible , After falling to the set buying price , If the market continues to fall , That is to delay the establishment of warehouse , You need to go back to the set ratio , Just build up the warehouse again .

  • Deep inspection , Precise order making

Semi automatic intelligent trading robot has the characteristics of multi-dimensional comprehensive big data intelligent analysis of the market , It can detect the depth of the market , In order to buy and sell at the best price , Avoid losses due to lack of depth .

  • Stop profit and stop loss

You can set the stop ratio , Like an order , You can set the amount of stop profit and the amount of decrease of tracking proportion . If you are worried about the wrong judgment and encounter a big market , You can also set the stop loss ratio .

  • Revenue query real time display

Visible benefits , The data is updated synchronously in real time on the platform , It's easier to see the revenue .

  • Compatible with mainstream trading platforms

  • Multiple pricing currencies are available

The ability to trade in multiple valuation currencies .


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