Hot to seize the market, hundreds of millions of wealth waiting for you to take

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hot seize market hundreds millions

be based on MJSEX The underlying technology settings of “ Debt transfer Incubation Platform ”, With supply chain financial services as the core , Take the creditor's rights certificate as the carrier , Help the suppliers to revitalize their assets , Reduce financing costs , Increase financial returns , Solve the issue of creditor's rights certificate 、 Transfer the possession of 、 And suppliers' external payment and upstream and downstream financing needs , In order to help core enterprises build their own supply chain financial system .

One of the first DFYL The combination of housing supply chain and decentralized Finance , Build a fuel mechanism for mining pool , Use blockchain technology to build a centralized housing source , Release housing information on the chain , No longer worry about the ranking rules of the real estate website, resulting in customers can not see the housing information . Centralized data can provide highly integrated services for the market , Use DFYL Global housing chain , Have an independent node of your own , The future of losers is waiting for you !

The central platform and decentralization are combined into one , Information synchronization market price of the underlying architecture , The material and financial resources wasted in independent management are saved , It also greatly improves work efficiency . It will be an important development trend to spread through blockchain technology ,DFYL Global housing chain , So that customers can query the housing information through the data source on the chain , Gradually realize the effect of housing supply chain reform on the main network chain .

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